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ShoreTel Phone Systems Review 2018

Update May 2018: ShoreTel are now part of phone systems provider, Mitel. We recommend you read our Mitel review for the most up-to-date information.

ShoreTel have been providing IP telephony solutions to businesses since 1996. From their first installation, the company has grown rapidly. They are now a renowned provider of telephone systems in the UK. ShoreTel's business strategy matches the changing requirements of a modern day business. Their techology delivers communications solutions to all sizes and industries.

ShoreTel Phone Systems Review
Customer Service
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Products and Services

ShoreTel offer customers a variety of solutions and technologies to support the everyday business. Their goal is to eliminate unnecessary complexity in phone systems, and provide simple, workable solutions which are suitable for everyone. Their most recent product range has been named ShoreTel Connect- learn more below.

ShoreTel Connect

ShoreTel's Connect Systems combine managed and hosted VoIP. Their dedicated technology experts will work with each business owner to identify the best solution for their staffing levels and existing setup. New customers can benefit from expert training, face to face or online. Many clients appreciate ShoreTel’s advanced functionality, real time reporting of system status and high performance standards.

ShoreTel Connect Onsite

onsite phone systems icon

A unified communications network and business phone system delivered onsite using VoIP technology

ShoreTel Connect Cloud

onsite phone systems icon

A flexible and highly secure phone system which uses cloud and virtual technology.

ShoreTel Connect Hybrid

onsite phone systems icon

The best of both worlds combining both cloud and onsite features. An onsite phone system with the practicality and benefits of a managed cloud solution

ShoreTel SIP Trunking

All of ShoreTel's phone systems (above) are compatible with their SIP Trunking option for digital voice services. SIP Trunking with ShoreTel means you can add or remove resources to your systems as you need, and only pay for what you use. It's dynamic scalability- without infrastructure or maintenance costs. Whether your line demand is high or low you can rely on crystal clear call quality. It also gives the opportunity for businesses that want onsite systems to utilise some cloud-based features.

What Small Business Phone System do you Require?

Virtual or On Premise?

You may be struggling to decide between a cloud or onsite system. Be reassured in the knowledge that there is some overlap between these options. SIP supports a number of features for onsite business handsets, and virtual systems can provide features through codes and voice prompts on traditional handsets. The main differences are outlined below.

Onsite Solutions

cloud phones
Onsite solutions suit access-controlled, dedicated office spaces with uninterrupted power supplies Onsite systems are usually managed through Private Branch Exchanges with bus structures and proprietary operating systems Service requests may require additional, external technical support Calls may be of a higher and more consistent quality than a cloud system

Cloud Solutions

cloud phones
Cloud-based phone systems offer greater flexibility and reduced operational costs in comparison to an onsite solution No hardware installation is required and your infrastructure needs will all be managed by ShoreTel Cloud servers, auto attendants and dedicated VoIP technology means that you can make and receive calls using internet connectivity with ease Connectivity issues or distortion can affect calls, albeit rarely

If you still can't decide, perhaps ShoreTel's hybrid option is for you.

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Advantages of using ShoreTel

ShoreTel have a range of solutions which are suitable for every business owner, from a small enterprise to a large corporation. But what benefits can businesses get if they opt for ShoreTel?

Dependable Deployment

After cost, the way a system is installed can be the biggest consideration for a business. Solutions provided by ShoreTel are designed to offer simplicity and convenience to business owners. ShoreTel's unified Cloud services require only one central server and the software can be set up through a web browser. ShoreTel's VoIP phones can configure themselves making set up and launch very easy.


ShoreTel knows that every successful organisation will expand at some point and you need a phone system that will support this. ShoreTel systems are built with growing businesses in mind. Their Cloud Systems offer users the ability to scale up to as many as 10,000 users across 500 sites without making any significant changes. Growth is possible by simply adding additional switches to the network to boost capacity. Many competitors will require you to purchase an entirely new system before you can expand, which can be costly and disruptive.


System management is another key factor when deciding on a business telephone system. Many systems require detailed expertise, lengthy training, frequent upgrades and a dedicated support team. ShoreTel solutions use an integrated, controlled and browser based system. This means IT staff can easily manage the VoIP system from any location. The scalability, deployment and management of ShoreTel's phone systems make the company suitable for companies of all sizes.

Professional communications

A phone system shouldn’t be difficult to set up and use. ShoreTel understand this and they have worked hard to connect people and businesses. Whatever ShoreTel system you choose will be one you can count on. You will receive unrivalled quality and a system that makes interacting with your customers easy.

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What type of business is ShoreTel most suitable for?

small medium and large businesses
ShoreTel solutions are suitable for all types of company, though it must be said that call centre services would benefit the most. As there are multiple hosting options and a range of tools and features, ShoreTel has the capacity to serve any call centre or busy office very well.

ShoreTel Pricing

The ShoreTel pricing structure is based on the individual requirements of each business. Fortunately Expert Market have a special relationship with ShoreTel meaning you can now access free no obligation price quotes in minutes, via our form.


All in all, ShoreTel are one of the leading brands in the telecommunications industry. Their solutions are advanced, their features are extensive and their systems are fully scalable enabling you to implement a truly customised communications experience for your business.