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Panasonic Telephone Systems Suppliers in the UK

This article will provide an overview of Panasonic Telephone Systems and provide cost, locations of premium suppliers, and specific models that we have reviewed for your convenience.

Panasonic Telephone Systems

Panasonic offers high quality and cost effective telephone systems to suit all needs. Their systems focus on being easy to use along with having excellent audio quality and reliability.

They are optimised for analogue, digital and IP trunks or extensions and they are configurable with voice mail and reporting. They also offer a wide range of handsets.

Panasonic telephone systems can also be set up in many different ways which enables them to provide for specific requirements. One of the best things about Panasonic systems is that the systems can be upgraded to handle more telephones.

Panasonic Systems & Telephone Suppliers in the UK

There are many suppliers of Panasonic telephone systems in the UK. Most electrical stores will sell Panasonic telephones for home use, but for business telephones it is often better to go to an office supply depot or a specialist company.

Some businesses are an advisory and consultancy as well as suppliers, others are just suppliers. Some offer both new and reconditioned systems. The latter, obviously being cheaper, might prove interesting to new businesses or those who don't have a large amount of capital to spend on a telephone system but who want to get a reliable one regardless.

Most companies will supply, install and maintain the telephone system and will advise on the choice of system to ensure that the most suitable one is supplied.


Prices vary hugely depending on the size of the unit required:

  • £370 you can expect a model which provides you with up to 8 lines and 24 extensions.
  • £480 will buy you a model that offers up to 12 lines and 52 extensions.
  • £640 will buy you a model providing up to 8 lines, 20 extensions, DECT telephones and a DECT cell station.
  • £930 will get you 64 lines and 64 extensions.
  • £980 will provide up to 64 lines and 128 extensions and £1,600 will give you up to 128 lines and 128 extensions.

For businesses requiring a much larger percentage of lines and extensions you can certainly expect to pay several thousand pounds, especially if you are intending to purchase all the handsets required as well, but the cost will generally cover installation and staff training on usage of the product and, in some cases, maintenance.

Telephone Systems for Small Business

KX-NCP1000KX-NCP1000Designed for a small to medium business applications, this phone system connects to digital, analogue or IP extensions, resulting in a truly versatile phone system. It has a maximum configuration of 74 trunks and 96 extensions (using digital, analogue and IP). Prices for the KX-NCP1000 starts from £915.

The system is configured to meet the current, daily requirements of the customer, together with the ability to expand as future needs dictate.


With a combination of PBX reliability and IP technology, the KX-TDA 15 offers an effective and flexible communication solution for the small business environment.

Applications include; voicemail, software for call management, DECT Cordless Telephony, CTI (Computer Technology Integration) and Remote Working capabilities. Prices start from £279.

Pansonic IP Telephone Systems


This phone system is an advanced solution ideal for up 64 users, complete with voicemail, digital and IP telephone support. It also has digital, IP network trunks and applications. It is designed to enable mid to large sized businesses to achieve unified communications by improving and streamlining office communications. Prices start from £710.

Hybrid Telephone Systems


Designed for a large business, serving up to 256 users, the KX-TDE200 is an advanced corporate communications system, delivering IP telephony capabilities over both local and IP broadband networks.

It provides SIP connectivity for desktops and networks and offers ultimate flexibility with configuration capabilities for digital and ISDN trunks in addition to standard and analogue extensions. Prices start from £1570.

KX-TDE One Net

For customers wishing to upgrade from an existing KX-TDA system, access to the integrated KX-TDE One Net could not be easier. By replacing the main processor card (IPCMPR), all of the advantages of the new converged system are available.

More Information

If you would like further information about Panasonic Telephone Systems, simply fill out the form above and a sales representative will get back to you shortly.