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Office Telephone Headsets

What Are The Benefits Of Headsets In The Office?

Many studies have found that employees in an office environment who are heavily involved with telephone use can benefit greatly from the replacement of handsets with telephone headsets. This research discovered a common issue of neck and back pain that afflicts many individuals who use telephone systems over an extended period.

These benefits are partly introduced by the freedom of movement afforded by telephone headsets as opposed to fixed handsets. Lightweight headsets reduce the weight burdened by a user's shoulders in comparison to holding a handset for extended periods and leave the user's upper body and arms to move freely.

Increased movement given to those using a telephone headset improves and stimulates better blood circulation and exercises muscles. Furthermore, users are given a wider radius of movement and do not need to reach outside of their comfort zone to perform multiple tasks whilst holding a handset, which can increase strain on the muscles and tendons.

Sennheiser SC 660 VoIP Phone Headset

What Types Of Headset Are Available?

It is important to consider your office's needs and the benefits that come with each different kind of headset. The phone that it will be used with, the user and the work environment should all be taken into consideration too.

Headsets can be wired or wireless and the way in which they are worn can differ between sitting over the head or simply over one ear.

Wireless headsets offer benefits such as freedom of movement; this would be particularly suitable to somebody such as a call centre manager or field salesperson. However, they can benefit every employee within an office environment by simply offering less restriction to a single work space.

You can also choose between having one ear piece or two, and whether you want noise-cancellation or not, which can make a large difference in a busy and loud office.

Wireless headsets can vary between Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth. Though Bluetooth has a shorter range than the latter, these headsets typically have features that prevent interference with other office systems, a feature that their counterparts often do not have.

Wireless headsets usually operate from a fixed base unit which often acts as a charger. This ensures that the headset remains charged and fully operational, eliminating the chance of it cutting out in the middle of a conversation.

Wired headsets are the alternative, which can be connected to either a computer system or to a desk-mounted phone docking depending upon the communication method preferred. The main difference between the two is that the computer headsets can be used alongside specific software such as Skype to communicate with customers and clients.

Using this method can greatly reduce the cost of calls as opposed to using a telephone system and this can prove a large benefit to the company.

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How Much Do Headsets Cost?

Depending upon the type of headset desired, prices can range anywhere from £20 up to £1000, although the kind of headsets found at this upper range are generally beyond the requirements of a business.

Furthermore, it is important to contact numerous suppliers to obtain different quotes, as some suppliers will offer discounts for bulk purchases and specialise in providing such hardware to large businesses.

If using computer headsets and communication via the internet, a company may make further savings through the use of software such as Skype, which would allow mostly free calls. The drawback to this method is that both parties need to have Skype installed, otherwise there is a charge for each call.

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Top Office Telephone Headset Brands

There are quite a few different brands supplying telephone headsets in the UK. We have outlined the most popular below for your convenience:

  1. BT

    BT makes headsets that work best with it’s own telephone systems, but they can also be configured to fit any type of corded phone. These headsets include some of the best noise-cancelling and comfortable headsets in the industry. The Accord 20 telephone headset is the most popular option starting at £40 (ex VAT), with mute options, noise-cancellation and easy usability.
  2. Avalle

    Avalle are next generation headsets with some of the best sound quality and noise cancellation available. The Avalle Defero 1 Headset (AV-Defero1) is one of their newest and most feature heavy headset. At £26 (ex. VAT) that makes it a great option for small and medium sized businesses that want the features and usability without making an expensive investment.
  3. Plantronics

    Plantronics has just unveiled their newest headsets in October 2014, the Encore Pro 500 series. According to reports new models will be available for shipping in December 2014, and provide some of the lightest headsets with the best sound quality currently available. Their EncorePro 540 headset is a convertible model that allows customer service reps to modify whether they want to wear it over the head, over the ear or behind the neck, allowing for maximum comfort.

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