NFON UK Review

Founded in Germany in 2007, NFON now have branches in over 10 countries. They are the most well-known and used cloud telephony system in Europe. They opened their UK offices in 2013 where they are sometimes known as NCONNECT, sometimes as NFON UK.

NFON are partnered with BT in the UK, who they use for local number allocations and call terminations. They are consistently well-rated in their home country and abroad.

How could a VoIP system help you?

More and more businesses are making the switch to cloud-based solutions, and it’s not hard to see why. Some benefits include:

  • Big Savings
    Most importantly, lifetime costs are much lower than traditional phone lines. By moving to the cloud, upfront costs are slashed and maintenance cut to almost nothing.

  • No PBX Equipment In House
    As well as saving on equipment costs, not having to set up equipment in your offices means extra space for your business.

  • Painless Updates And Upgrades
    New updates and upgrades are rolled out through the cloud, with minimal impact to your daily operations.

  • Stay Connected Wherever You Are
    Use the same telephone system for different offices or with remote workers. Setting up new connections is quick and easy, regardless of location.

  • Flexible Capacity
    Pay-as-you-go monthly contracts, only paying for what you use without the need for redundancy or extra capacity.

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Free Internal Calls

Calls between offices and to remote workers are completely free over NFON VoIP systems, with flat rates to mobiles and landlines.

Outstanding Speech Quality

NFON telephone systems consistently lead the pack in speech quality and reliability. They are certified regularly by TÜV, Germany’s official testing and certification organisation.

Call Management

All the call management features you’d expect from a business telephone system including call recording, call forwarding and transfers. Devices can easily be registered or deregistered to workstations for hotseating or freedesking. All controlled at the click of a button from your web browser.

Fax And eFax

NFON phone systems have the most advanced fax integrations in Europe. Faxes can be received as PDFs and sent directly from the PC via the print driver. Some analogue fax devices also support direct connections with analogue adaptors.

Secure Encryption

With this optional add-on, secure SRTP encryption is applied to all of your calls from all of your devices, with a new code for every call.

Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC)

An FMC client easily links smartphone devices to your business number and make all NFON business phone functions available wherever you are. The FMC client automatically optimises your call costs, connecting via VoIP, Wireless or Mobile network.

NFON users

Who is it for?

NFON VoIP systems are suitable for a minimum of 2 users all the way up to a maximum capacity of 249,000. With the largest capacity in Europe, they’re an obvious pick for large enterprises but the per user pricing flexibility and low upfront costs makes them a great choice for small and medium businesses too.

The focus on security and encryption features make NFON VoIP ideal for sensitive industries like finance and security where the cost of a data breach is significant.


Flat-rate pricing is not available via the NFON website, although it is based on the industry-standard per-user/per-month model, with no hidden fees. Each user can connect up to three devices. The best way to get solid prices for a system that meets your requirements is to fill in our form at the top of this page – we can then send you free quotes from NFON and a range of other top suppliers.

Basic features such as IVR, call conferencing, voicemail and call management are included in the basic package while more advanced features like call centre monitoring and call encryption are subject to small extra fees. NFON VoIP systems are highly customisable and you can choose exactly which services are included.

Billing is month-to-month and the number of extensions can be increased or decreased quickly. A free trial is also available, and there are no cancellation fees.

NFON telephone hardware, handset options


NFON do not produce their own hardware but sell over 70 models of handsets and other devices for use with their phone system packages. NFON VoIP systems are compatible with major handset retailers like Cisco, Panasonic, Yealink and Snom.
If buying your devices directly from NFON as part of your phone system package, they can be pre-configured to allow you to get up and running very quickly.


NFON are a highly reliable and reputable choice for UK and European businesses of any size. Businesses where security or speech quality are particular priorities will do well with NFON.

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