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NEC is a Japanese multinational corporation and is one of the world’s leading and longest-running suppliers of phone systems and related networking and computing equipment and infrastructure. They are the single largest manufacturer of business phone systems and market their products in more than 80 countries.

NEC offer a huge array of phone systems and communication products, from traditional PBX systems to cutting edge VoIP and Unified Communications solutions, and everything in between with a variety of hybrid options.

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NEC SV Phone System

The NEC SV8100 phone system is particularly well-regarded as one of the top VoIP hybrid phone systems. The SL series phone system is another popular solution, designed specifically with small businesses in mind and focusing on modern but highly intuitive features and functionality.

Siemens Gigaset DE900 IP Pro Desk Phone
Find out more about the NEC SV8100 phone system here, designed specifically for small businesses, in our review here.

A Key Advantage Of Using NEC Phone Systems

One of the reasons for the popularity and longevity of NEC and it’s products in the telecommunications end user market is that they are designed and built with ease of use in mind, meaning very little training of employees is needed to use them.

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NEC VoIP Phone Systems

NEC offer a full range of VoIP telephone systems for small to medium sized businesses. Before the development of VoIP, small or newly established businesses could not justify the relatively large investment in a traditional PBX phone system: fortunately, VoIP and hybrid cloud / on-premise PBX systems such as the NEC SV and SL series solutions are a much more accessible and cost-effective option for smaller enterprises, and pack even more functionality and flexibility than traditional analogue phone systems could manage.

NEC G966 VoIP Phones

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and refers to a family of communication technologies that use the Internet, as opposed to the normal cable telephone network, for sending voice data and other operations. VoIP covers a whole range of telephony services, including voice, fax, SMS and email integration, and the convergence of these different methods of communication into one large network, that can be accessed from a variety of devices, is what is meant by the term Unified Communications.

NEC were one of the first global providers to offer VoIP services for business. One of their most popular products is the NEC Aspire S phone system for small businesses.
The NEC Aspire S phone system can be used by up to twenty-four users, making it ideal for businesses of a smaller scale. One of the big advantages of using a business phone system of this kind is the reduced operating cost, as VoIP phone systems make use of Internet networks to transmit call data rather than relying on traditional phone lines, which are historically more expensive to use and maintain and are far less flexible in terms of expanding and reconfiguring existing systems as businesses grow.

What Can I Expect From An NEC Phone System

NEC DT830DG Desk Phone

  • Low-cost, highly flexible phone system solutions with plenty of easy to use but advanced features
  • Reduced reliance on dedicated tech support staff
  • An auto-attendant function, that greets and routes callers by giving them key number options to be transferred to the appropriate department or extension, will minimize or even do away altogether with the need for a receptionist or call centre operator.
  • Call recording at any time with a single button means you’ll never have to worry about keeping track of details discussed with customers or suppliers.
  • Smarter management and easier decision-making: Easily accessible call logs and reports of every aspect of your phone system use mean you can manage your business communications admin quickly and efficiently. For example, being able to document the volume of calls made, received and dropped helps you to better understand where your business can further reduce costs and where to focus it’s efforts to maximise revenue.
  • An easily expandable, modular phone system: With essentially computer-based phone equipment it is easier than ever to keep your system up-to-date and with clear expansion and upgrade paths for future growth.

NEC SV8100 Phone System

Specifying An NEC Phone System: Top Suppliers

NEC phone systems are specified and installed by a number of suppliers in the UK. To get the best prices for an NEC phone system tailored to your exact requirements, simply fill in the essential details in the form at the top of this page, and based on the information you provide we’ll send you free quotes from up to four of the UK’s top phone system suppliers.
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