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Lily Comms Phone Systems Review

Lily Comms Phone Systems Review

Lily Comms was founded in the UK in 2009. Despite being a relative newcomer, over 2500 businesses have chosen Lily Comms for their business communication systems, including the NHS, Specsavers and Citroen. The Lily Comms philosophy is not to provide ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions, rather creating telecoms solutions tailored to the needs of each business, whatever the size. They offers a wide range of services from hardware to software, internet and phone lines to entire tailored systems.
Lily Comms Review
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Advantages of Choosing Lily Comms

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Tailored Phone Systems

Rather than offering one-size-fits-all plans, Lily Comms offer telephony solutions tailored to business needs. Tailored phone systems have already been made for the hospitality and healthcare sectors, among others, and have worked with Ericsson-LG to provide phone systems for micro (1-10), small (10-50) and medium (50-3500) businesses. These tailored phone systems can be a mix of in-house or cloud-hosted.


Lily Comms VoIP system, Horizon, allows businesses of all sizes to benefit from cost-saving cloud technology. With all the equipment taken care of on their side, calls can be made and managed from anywhere with an internet connection. Mobiles, computers and laptops can be included in the set-up as easily as handsets.

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Internet Connectivity

An independent provider, Lily Comms can provide internet connectivity. Broadband comes in fast or superfast, and they also offer the option of a private leased line, ideal for offices sharing bandwidth heavy applications.

Calls and Lines

As they are an independent provider, Lily Comms phone tariffs can be up to 70% less than the major networks. SIP trunks are available from £6.99 per month each, and available business phone numbers include freephone and local and national rate non-geographic numbers.


Not only a provider of broadband and telephone systems, Lily Comms have their own mobile tariffs as well. A smartphone handset with their ‘Diamond-One’ tariff and unlimited minutes is between £22-£45 a month.

What type of business is Lily Comms most suitable for?

lily comms for businessLily Comms telecommunications cover such a wide range it gives them a lot of flexibility with custom solutions. They have options for tailored phone systems, VoIP systems and even operate as an independent provider for broadband and phone lines. Small to medium sized business are well-supported however larger enterprises may be advised to look elsewhere. Startups who need an all-in-one solution including hardware or phone and internet lines would also be well served by Lily Comms rather than piecing together a system from multiple vendors. They also have phone systems tailored to small businesses with room for expansion, perfect for organisations with a growth strategy in place who's phone system needs are likely to change as they grow.

Lily Comms Pricing

Lily Comms’ website is particularly vague on their pricing, as they prefer to off custom tailored solutions. Lily Comms report than 86% of their customers cut their telecoms budget with them. SIP connectivity is from £6.99/user/month. Some reports state that when preparing a quote Lily Comms try and make an offer just below your current system rather than offering their best price - something to keep in mind for the savvy price checker. Contact one of their representatives for a quote tailored to your business.


The company do not manufacture telephones or sell them directly through their website, however they can provide pre-configured suitable devices for their all-in-one Lily Comms phone systems. Their IP systems are compatible with major device manufacturers.


If you’re looking for a custom solution or want to start entirely from scratch, Lily Comms is a great option for small and medium businesses with an impressive track record. Businesses up to 3500 people are well served by Lily Comms range of options, with particularly good options for startups who require an all-in-one solution. Businesses who prefer to get everything from the same provider - internet, devices, as well as the phone system itself - will find Lily Comms a great choice.