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Hands Free Telephones

Hands Free Phone Systems

There are a number of different hands free telephone systems and features each designed for different uses and scenarios. Each system has its benefits and the choice you make for your business in terms of hands free phone really depends on the type of tasks you complete on a day to day basis and where you need to make more efficient changes to your phone systems. For even more reading check out our guide on the best phones for hard of hearing. hands free phonesThis guide will cover some of the most popular and commonly available hands free systems and explain how they can each benefit your business.

Voice Recognition & Activation

To date, voice recognition remains the most common hands free system available. Systems set up for voice recognition are convenient and user friendly offering many benefits including aiding productivity by being so easy to use and simplifying a number of tasks. Voice-activated, hands free telephones can be operated without the need to manipulate any type of button or switch. One downside of voice recognition-based phone systems is their tendency to pick up too easily on external noise, be it from televisions, radios, medical equipment, air conditioning systems or speech from other people. However, this issue can be easily dealt with by using a wireless Bluetooth or wired headset, which will minimise any background noise.

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Switch Adapted Bluetooth Devices

This system works by connecting any standard ability switch into the speaker phone jack, then simply press your ability switch to make, answer or end calls from your Bluetooth cell phone. There is no need to press any tiny button on the Bluetooth accessory or any buttons on the phone. A single press of the ability switch is all that is required.

Headsets for Business

The technology you implement for your business can have a huge impact on your overall profits and customer satisfaction and by far the most popular type of hands free phone system is the headset. Headsets have a number of benefits that make them ideal for a number of everyday business scenarios, particular in call centres where employees are constantly offering customer service over the telephone and headsets aid both productivity and posture. There are a number of systems of office headsets including the single speaker which are designed for people who spend much of their time of the phone but also need to communicate with colleagues as well as the two speaker style for those who work in large and noisy offices but still require total concentration. Noise cancelling headsets are also available which are also designed for call centre environments when you may have a number of employees all communicating with customers at the same time. As well as call centres, business headsets are also effective for video conference calls where sound quality is hugely important and your laptop mic doesn't quite make the grade. Communication is key in business, especially for large multi-national organisations and ensuring you have the right technology for your business is important.

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The Use of Whistle Control

Another new technology that has been specifically designed for the disabled is the use of whistle control. The whistle detection system has been developed to accept a wide range of frequencies so that you do not need to hit a particular note in order for it to function. Through extensive research, it was discovered that a whistle is sufficiently different from the usual detected sounds to allow selective hands free telephone operation.

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