GoToConnect Review: Is it the Right Communication System for Your Business?

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We examine GoToConnect’s features, prices, add-ons, and pros and cons in this in-depth review of the VoIP communication system


  • Boasts more than 100 features for VoIP, plus audio and video conferencing
  • Free local and long distance calls
  • Excellent UC capabilities for remote teams
  • Super easy visual call routing
  • Robust add-ons available for call and contact centres
  • Compatible with over 180 desk phone models


  • Video meetings can only show up to 25 HD video feeds
  • Prices for add-ons aren’t advertised, so we can’t advise on how affordable they are

At a glance: GoToConnect is an intuitive VoIP phone system that also comes with video conferencing and instant messaging. Its competitive pricing and highly customisable calling make it an excellent choice for a variety of business types including small businesses, specially because you get great value for your money.

Part of the GoTo (formerly Logmein) suite of business solutions, GoToConnect is a cloud-based VoIP (voice over internet protocol) system. It’s a comprehensive, easy to use, and popular system that’s earned itself a raft of glowing customer reviews. But is it the right phone and communications system for your business?

To help you decide, we’ve put GoToConnect under our metaphorical microscope, examining its features, pros and cons, and price tag. We’ve also taken a look at what real-life GoToConnect users have to say about the system, to provide the most accurate and insightful review that we can.

So, what can GoToConnect offer your team, and where might it fall down? Let’s find out.

GoToConnect being used on a desk phone and laptop

What are GoToConnect’s key features and benefits?

Boasting all the functionality you’d expect from a business phone system, GoToConnect does plenty of things well. But these are the highlights you really ought to be aware of:

✓ Unified communications channels

Over the past couple of years, telephones system providers have shown a monumental shift in focus. Because now, phone calls on their own aren’t enough to cover the ever-diversifying communication demands of today’s businesses.

For teams to be able to communicate and collaborate efficiently, they need unified communications (UC) – that is, a system that lets them choose between multiple communication channels depending on the situation.

GoToConnect is one such system – as well as VoIP calling, it includes instant messaging and HD video meetings with every license. With video conferencing built directly into the GoToConnect app, you can jump into remote catch-ups, workshops, and presentations with one click. We particularly like the fact that meeting participants don’t need to download any apps to take part – simply send them a link to open in their browser, and they can go from there.

Now, GoToConnect’s video conferencing only supports HD video feed from up to 25 webcams at once, so if you ever want to run a meeting with more people than that, you won’t be able to see everyone. That said, you can still welcome up to 250 participants into a single meeting – they just won’t all be visible.

✓ Easy call customisation

All that said, we're fully aware that phone calls are still very much a used and useful avenue of communication – and as far as our research has found, so is GoTo. In fact, our favourite thing about the GoToConnect system is how easy it makes setting up and customising call flows and routing schedules. Features of this sort make it a great option for hotels. This is thanks to a colour-coded, drag-and-drop interface that GoToConnect calls the Dial Plan Editor.

From this interface, you can visualise and lay out call flows – telling your system where to direct calls when the business is open versus when it’s closed, how long to keep callers waiting before asking them to record a voicemail, which ‘sound clips’ to play to callers at which points, and more. With this, you can create tailored journeys that reflect your brand’s policies, and respect your employees’ time.

A screenshot of GoToConnect's call flow editor
GoToConnect’s drag-and-drop call flow editor

✓ Access from anywhere

Reviewing a business product in 2021 without talking about COVID-19 is like talking about Pisa without mentioning the Leaning Tower. But how does GoToConnect fit into that discourse? Essentially, it adapts well as a communication system during and post-pandemic (whenever that fabled time may come) because it is truly mobile.

In other words, it comes as both a mobile and desktop app that you can download onto any device, wherever you may be (internet connection permitting, of course). That means your team members can make and take business calls, join meetings, and send instant messages via their own smartphones or computers while working from home.

✓ A variety of integrations

In order to make your workflows more streamlined, GoToConnect can be integrated with a variety of other systems, many of which you may already be using. These systems include Salesforce, Zoho, Slack, Microsoft systems, G Suite, and more.

✓ Call and contact centre analytics

If your business has a call centre or a contact centre, GoToConnect offers some excellent functions and analytics that you should know about. These come in the form of two add-ons, which you can choose between: Support Center for call centres, and Contact Center Pro for contact centres.

Support Center is easy to set up – GoToConnect says it can be deployed in 24 hours – and easy to use as well. Its digestible analytics dashboards show how individual agents, as well as the team as a whole, are performing, plus real-time call queues, hold times, and abandon rates. This add-on also enables modes like whisper (listen in on calls and discreetly coach the agent as they talk with a caller) and barge (take over a call if the agent needs help).

Contact Center Pro, which is powered by inContact, integrates over 30 digital communication channels – from voice calls to web chats to social media messages – so you can more easily manage your customer communications, assigning agents to conversations based on their availability. You’ll also be able to quickly change contact routing, and interactive voice responses (IVR).

Bear in mind, though, that these two applications are add-ons, which means they don’t come with GoToConnect as standard. In other words, you’ll have to pay extra for them. We’ll discuss and review how much GoToConnect costs in the next section.

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How much does GoToConnect cost?

The first thing to note about GoToConnect’s pricing is that it’s based solely on user numbers.

This is a different approach to what we’re used to seeing in the telephones world, where most companies provide their product in tiers. For example, you'll usually find basic tiers that simply provide the system’s core functionalities, and so cost less, and more advanced tiers that come with added features and capabilities, and so are more expensive.

Instead of doing that, GoTo provides the same Connect product to all of its customers. The price you pay for it will simply depend on how many people will be using it at your business. 

So without further ado, these are the numbers in question:

PackageNumber of usersPrice (per user, per month)
Tier 1One to four£21.95
Tier 2Five to nine£18.95
Tier 310 to 24£17.95
Tier 424 to 49£15.95
Tier 550 or more£14.95
Bespoke100 or moreTailored to your business
Did You Know?

GoToConnect comes with free unlimited calls, both local and long distance.

Whether this pricing structure works out in your favour or not depends on the situation you’re in. For example, if you run a business with over 50 users, you’ll be paying just £14.95 per user, per month, which is a brilliant price for a comprehensive system like GoToConnect. By comparison, Vonage’s most sophisticated package costs £14.50, while RingCentral’s costs £24.99.

On the other hand, if you run a small team of one to nine users, you’ll pay more for GoToConnect than you probably would for a basic package from another provider (Vonage’s cheapest package, aimed at smaller teams, costs £9, while RingCentral’s is £7.99).

Of course, the big difference here is that GoToConnect is not a basic package. Yes, you’ll pay more, but you’ll get a lot more bang for your buck in return – including the same 100-plus features that are on offer across the board, to businesses of all sizes.

It’d be remiss of us not to mention GoToConnect’s add-ons: Support Center and Contact Center Pro. Unfortunately, GoTo doesn’t share the price tags of these platforms – presumably because they’re tailored to each business – so we can’t advise on how cheap or expensive they are. To find out, you’ll need to get in touch with the GoToConnect team for a quote.

Speaking of quotes, it’s always a good idea to gather and compare as many accurate quotes as possible before you choose a phone system. Of course, that can be a time-consuming endeavour, especially alongside those inevitable competing priorities. Fortunately, we can make it quicker and easier.

Simply answer a few questions about your communication needs, and we’ll match you up with the best UK phone system companies for your business. Those companies will then be in touch directly with no-obligation quotes that are tailored to you, as well as answers to any questions you have. This process is free, fast, and easy.

Is GoToConnect right for my business?

Now you understand a bit more about what GoToConnect has to offer and how much it costs, it’s time to consider whether it’s the right solution for you. Check out the following common scenarios that apply to you to find out how it'll suit:

“My team is working remotely due to COVID-19”

Don’t worry: like lots of modern phone systems, GoToConnect is cloud-based and accessible through a mobile and desktop app, meaning you can use it on any device, anywhere, without the need for dedicated desk phones.

It also comes with UC capabilities like video meetings and instant messaging, giving your team more diverse and convenient ways to keep in touch while working in separate buildings. Your business may well be using these channels already via separate providers (think Zoom and Slack), but the benefit here comes from having them all accessible through a single system – and a single price tag.

“I want a full phone system, complete with desk phones”

We understand – sometimes mobiles don’t feel professional enough, and there’s a lot to be said for the functionality a proper desk phone can provide. If you’re looking to prep your office for your team’s return, GoToConnect can supply VoIP phones (also known as IP phones) and conference phones that are compatible with its system, from manufacturers including Cisco, Poly, and Yealink.

In fact, GoToConnect can be used in conjunction with over 180 different desk phone models, so if you’ve already got phones in situ, it could be that they’re compatible – just make sure you check with GoTo.

“I don’t want to spend very much”

Which, when you’ve got a business to run, is perfectly reasonable. On this front, we can recommend GoToConnect: its transparent pricing is affordable and suitably scalable, decreasing as you hire more employees into your company. Plus, there’s the boon of free local and long-distance calls, which could potentially save you plenty of money.

“I’m concerned about the security of cloud-based systems”

It’s easy to be wary of the cloud, what with company data and conversations being handled and stored by your system provider, and away from your premises. But you shouldn’t let that worry stop you from taking advantage of a truly beneficial technology. Because, like most VoIP providers, GoToConnect keeps things secure by carefully adhering to the latest in security standards – namely SOC 2 Type II and GDPR.

GoToConnect also features call encryption to make sure phone conversations remain your business's alone, and can keep important meetings locked with password protection.

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What do GoToConnect’s customers say?

Across review sites G2 and Capterra, GoToConnect has accrued over a thousand reviews from users. And it’s largely good news – indeed, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. On Capterra, GoToConnect has earnt a user score of 4.5 out of 5, while on G2, 76% of reviewers have given the system five stars (as of this writing).

Here’s a snapshot of what some of the latest reviewers had to say:

“This software is easy to use even for a novice like me. This system is able to grow with my company, and I can make the necessary adjustments myself with ease. If I do ever run into a situation that I have trouble with (all centered around my being close to a Luddite), the customer service department is quick to contact and ready to help. They have been understanding and helpful and supportive all the way. I can't say enough about how great this service is.”

  • Ann H., Capterra reviewer
“It is really functional. Standard features for voice calls include a variety of call management services (e.g. caller ID, call routing, as well as an auto attendant, virtual fax, call recording, and call forwarding). There are also dashboards and analytics to make it easy to see how the service is being used, and how well calls are being handled.”

  • Victoria J., G2 reviewer
“It has so many features and a great dashboard to help you achieve what you need to do for your company. We were able to easily answer our phones off-site while the pandemic was occurring.

“We are able to stay flexible with who answers the phone and how the dial plan works. We are able to easily set up new employees and delete people when they leave. We have international and remote workers that can also be used in the same system as if we were all in Colorado.”

  • Steve J., G2 reviewer

As with any product, though, GoToConnect can’t be the perfect solution for everyone. Here are a couple of examples of the most common gripes we found among customers:

“If I had any criticism at all, it might be that I would have liked a bit more thorough online documentation for a beginner. Something like a ‘setup wizard’ might have been helpful, but calling [GoTo’s] support line (even at 11pm in the evening) got me exactly what I needed, so I really have no serious complaints.”

  • Michael W., Capterra reviewer
“The Dashboard flow can be a little better. It would be nice to see all the attributes for the user on a single page.”

  • Kesari I., G2 reviewer

Expert verdict

Throughout our research, we’ve found so much to like about GoToConnect: from intuitive customisability to modern UC capabilities. Its scalable pricing makes it a solid option for both large teams and small operations – particularly those looking for an extensive raft of comms and calling features.

Remember, though, that you should investigate a variety of systems before settling on one to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Fortunately, we can help you to gather and compare accurate quotes from systems that suit your business’s particular needs.Tell us a bit about your team, and we’ll match you up with the right companies behind the scenes. They’ll then be in touch directly with bespoke, no-obligation quotes, and a listening ear for your questions and concerns.

This tried and tested quote-finding method is quick, easy, and free – just answer a few questions, then sit back and wait for the offers to come to you!

What other phone systems could I consider?

If you’re not sure whether GoToConnect is right for you, why not explore the other options? Check out our detailed reviews for the following phone systems:

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