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Ericsson Business Telephone Systems Review

This article will review Ericsson telephone systems and give you an overview of their main features.

Ericsson Company Overview

Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1876, the company started off as a telegraph equipment repair shop.

Now, with a market share of 35%, Ericsson is currently the world's largest mobile telecommunications equipment seller. The company has operations and offices in more than 180 countries and employing over 100,000 people worldwide - giving Ericsson phone systems a global reputation.

Its presence in Stockholm has helped to make the city a major information technology destination in Europe. Ericsson has also formed companies with other large firms, notably Sony, (Sony Ericsson), making mobile telephones and LG, (LG Ericsson), although the Sony Ericsson joint venture is now terminated, as of the end of January 2012, with Sony having bought Ericsson out.

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Ericsson Business Phone Systems

Ericsson offer comprehensive business telephone systems from the more basic analogue telephones like the Dialog systems

The Dialogue 4106 for example, is a good cost effective telephone with basic functions.

Through to much larger and more complex systems such as the Ericsson BP250 which is a very modern, state of the art PABX system (Private Automatic Branch Exchange). These systems allow multiple incoming and outgoing calls.

The BP250 is a wall mounted system which consists of up to three stations capable of handling a maximum of 56 trunk lines and 192 extensions within an office environment or up to 288 extensions in a hotel setting.

Some features which this telephone system include:

  • Alarm Function
  • Background Music
  • Music on Hold
  • Call Diversion
  • Direct in Dialling

Ericsson also offer an MD110 telephone system, which can be easily enlarged if needed to offer over 35,000 telephone extensions. This makes it an ideal choice for a university campus, bank, hospital or other large enterprise.

As the enterprise grows, there is also no need to buy a new, larger telephone system as this one can be relatively easily and economically upgraded.

A good customer support for after sales is given by Ericsson, making the purchase of one of their business telephones systems rather attractive.

Further Information

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