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Call Recording for Business Phones

Why Record Calls in Your Business?

Call recording has long been established in business telephone systems across the United Kingdom and Europe. The vast majority of major businesses record every call made with customers and save it on file.

These files can then be played back and used for training purposes or to resolve any call issues customers may raise in the future.

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Types of Available Call Recording

There are four main types of call recording: Bulk, On Demand by Agent, On Demand by Supervisor and Random.

  1. Bulk Call Recording simply records every single call that is made and received by a company.
  2. On Demand by Agent gives the operator the opportunity to record as and when they like. For example, if a customer was to become irate, they may want to record their call in order to protect themselves in the event of a complaint.
  3. On Demand by a Supervisor allows a manager or supervisor to record certain calls their staff are making. This can be used for training or assessment purposes as it provides real examples of occasions when an employee has dealt with a call well or has made a mistake.
  4. Random calling does at it suggests and randomly selects a set number of calls to listen to. It is mainly used for staff training and monitoring purposes.

What Are the Benefits of Recording Calls for a Company?

There are many advantages to companies being able to playback telephone conversations they have had with their customers and clients. Perhaps the most important is the ability to resolve customer complaints. If a complaint is received, a company can replay a specific telephone conversation to see if the customer is correct or not.

Call recording can also be used in training as a difficult, real-life situation can be played back to a group.

This also ensures that businesses can protect their employees from being falsely accused of rudeness or making inappropriate comments and can provide targeted coaching and mentoring to improve the quality of service they provide. This type of call recording can also prove to be a useful training tool as real and difficult calls can be played back to help employees learn better ways of taking this type of call in the future.

Recording calls is also beneficial in that it allows verbal contracts to be entered into by phone as all relevant details will be available for future reference. For example, a company can keep record of a customer agreeing to the terms and conditions of a credit card application. Additionally, it makes the detection of fraud easier should anyone be using the system illegally.

Call recording is commonplace in business telephone systems all across the country. The company using the software has the ability to protect themselves and their customers. Call recording also serves as a good training method. It seems that call recording in the business environment will be around for a long time to come.

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Other Popular Phone System Features

Call recording is just one of many efficiency-enhancing features that come as standard with a modern phone system. Find out more about other significant phone system features and how they can help your business perform better in our comprehensive guide to Phone System Features and Functions.

How to Find the Best Recording System

When looking for a telephone recording system for your business, it may help to remember that there are a large number of companies who can supply suitable equipment and software, but the best for you will depend entirely on your company's needs.

There is recording equipment on the market to meet or exceed most business requirements and much of it can be added to as a company expands. Recording systems are available to cover all telephones - from the humble mobile phone through to the most extensive call centres.

There are also many different types of system available including those that record digital phone lines, analogue lines and those that can record both. Additionally, most companies are able to provide the necessary software for your business needs within the budget you have available.

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Top business phone suppliers

These industry leaders offer a range of phones with call recording functions. Fill in the form at the top of the page to request a quote for your business.


4Com provides a phone call recording facility as standard with every phone system sold. The company prides itself on delivering tailored solutions. There’s no one-size-fits-all phone system with these guys. No, sir. They work with businesses of all different sizes and recognise that the needs of a small business are different to that of a large corporation. Expect a bespoke service when you sign up with 4Com.

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8x8 is a leading player in the world business phones. Their state-of-the-art phone call recording system comes as an extension to their highly popular Virtual Office Pro software. There’s an option to automatically announce to the other party that the call is being recorded and the intuitive user interface makes it easy to review, download and delete recordings. The system allows for roughly 35 hours (1GB) of recordings to be stored online.

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As you would expect, BTs telephone voice recording system is up there with the best of them. The telecom giant offers an extensive range of cloud-based VoIP and on-premises systems to cater for businesses of all sizes. But what we really like about BT is the customer service. If you choose BT as your provider you’ll get a dedicated project manager, who will get to know your business inside out and can even visit your office to make recommendations for choosing a phone system and installing it.

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You may not have heard of Mitel; the company doesn’t have the same profile as the likes of BT. But did you know that Mitel powers two billion phone connections every day? I bet you didn’t. Mitel offers a top-notch telephone recording system and specialist call centre solutions to help you manage customer relationships more effectively. Mitel’s premium phone systems package pulls desk phones, mobile phones, instant messaging, voicemail, web conferencing and just about anything else phone-related that you could think of into one place to give a 360 view of business comms.

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Lily Comms

If you’re looking for an an affordable office phone recording system then look no further than Lily Comms. Provider of choice for the NHS, Lidl, and Specsavers, Lily Comms specialise in budget-friendly phone solutions for small businesses — but don’t think that means you’ll be getting sub-standard hardware. Lily’s partner firm, Ericsson-LG, spends around times as much as competitors on researching and developing new products.

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