The Best Call Centre Phone System Solutions

When was the last time you were on hold for five minutes? How about ten minutes? Or redirected through an endless loop of customer services? By the time you got through to the right person, you were probably not best pleased.

It pays to make your call centre the best it can be. In fact, it really pays. This will often be the first human interaction your customers have with your business, after all.

You may have the best agents around, but at the end of the day they’ll only be as good as the phone system they have to work with. Make sure it’s the best it can be.

With costs starting at just 0.9p per minute (with no setup fees), a modern call centre phone system needn’t cost a fortune. Fill in this short form to receive custom quotes for your business, or read on to find out more.

The best call centre phone system providers

These are the best call centre phone system suppliers in the business, and specialise in offering tailored solutions to companies of all shapes and sizes:

Phone system supplierBest forStar rating
8×8Multi-channel compatibility
BTTailored solutions
NFONReporting options

8×8 – Best for multi-channel capabilities

8×8 call centre software increases business productivity and enhances customer experience. Put simply, it is a win-win solution. Their software is multi-channel compatible, allowing you to easily integrate telephone, email and web chat channels for a streamlined process. Innovative inbuilt smart routing matches the caller with the best agent for their needs, and advanced reporting and monitoring makes it easy to spot trends and monitor employee performance.

Read our full 8x8 review


  • Multi-channel compatible
  • Solutions for all business sizes


  • User experience a little difficult for non-techy people

BT – Best for tailored solutions

It’s no surprise that the largest telephones provider in the UK has a selection of excellent contact centre phone systems to choose from. They offer solutions for teams from one to 20,000 people, and have an unrivalled level of experience and local knowledge. Buying with BT also means having your own account manager, who can become familiar with your business and advise accordingly.


  • Supports nine out of the top 10 airlines
  • Supports range of communications methods


  • BT broadband account required

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Cisco – Best for scalability

With Cisco's call centre software, you can integrate multiple communication channels at once. This means that call centre staff can deal with webchat queries at the same time as managing calls. Supervisors can also send alerts to agents, as well as interrupting or intercepting their calls.


  • Highly customisable
  • Good reports


  • Can be a little buggy

NFON – Best for reporting

NFON's specialise in both inbound and outbound call centres. Their innovative cloud contact centre solution allows for 2,500 parallel calls, and they NFON guarantee hassle-free maintenance and updates. Their technology is reliable, scalable and secure.


  • Simple set up
  • Quick integration


  • Customer service can be a little hit and miss


What are the benefits of a call centre?

1. Increase efficiency

Call centres that focus on incoming calls have an inbound system that assigns calls to employees in order. Introducing a call centre to your business will allow you to streamline your service, and ensure everyone is playing to their strengths.

2. Improve customer experience

Today’s customer expects to be able to contact any good business by phone, and for their call to be handled quickly and well. This is where a call centre can really help you out. If you have staff trained specifically in customer handling, your clients are guaranteed the most positive experience.

3. Grow your business

With the improved customer experience and cost saving you have a great foundation upon which to grow your business. Plus, having a call centre lets you to start gathering data to perfect your product or service, as well as enabling you to reach out to customers directly.

What is a virtual call centre?

Virtual call centre systems have all the features of a traditional IP phone system, but enables agents to work remotely. It’s an amazing technology, when you think about it. Calls can be seamlessly transferred to staff thousands of miles away, without callers even realising.

Virtual call centres are used to provide customer service, technical support and event registrations. You can also use them for outgoing calls, allowing a company’s sales reps to work anywhere with an internet connection. Even a business’ receptionist services can be routed virtually.

What are the features of a virtual call centre?

Virtual call centre solutions offer many advanced features that you can manage through an internet portal. Each agent can accept calls either through a PC or VoIP phone set. Of course, systems vary from provider to provider, but you can expect to see the following features:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – allows you to set up menus to direct calls to specific people or departments
  • Virtual queuing – gives callers the option to leave their number and receive a call back
  • CRM integration – easily connect your call software with your CRM system to automatically gather data from every call
  • Management tools – supervisors have a clear view of agent activity, making it easy to manage remote workers
  • Call recording – you can record calls for training and monitoring purposes
  • Historical reporting – collect call data that will improve your future processes

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What are the benefits of virtual call centre systems?

Virtual call centre systems have a whole host of benefits over a more traditional system:

  • Lower initial cost – when you need to find a physical space for your contact centre, you’re into pricey territory. Having a remote workforce is much more budget-friendly.
  • More flexible – it’s quick to set up a virtual contact centre, and to add or remove agents from the database. It’s the perfect option for businesses that need to deal with spikes in call volume.
  • Remote access – there’s a lot of evidence to suggest that remote workers are more productive than office workers. What’s more, having a virtual call centre allows you to cast a wider net when looking for employees, and find the best agents for the job.
  • Go global – a virtual call centre allows you to bring together agents from any country in the world. You can offer customer support in any language needed.
  • Reduced operating cost – not only is it cheaper to set up a virtual call centre, the ongoing costs are cheaper, too. Virtual call centre solutions usually charge a monthly per-user fee that is significantly cheaper than the per-line charges.

Next steps: get your ideal call centre phone system

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