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Buying Used Business Telephone Systems

Buying a Used Telephone System for your Business

With the recent financial downturn hitting the UK economy hard, many UK businesses are looking to save money in areas they would have never previously considered. Telephone systems are one such area where businesses can look to save thousands of pounds. Installing a brand new telephone system can cost thousands of pounds but buying a previously used telephone system can cost less than £400. However, many businesses remain skeptical about the quality and reliability of such systems. Can a used telephone system really prove advantageous to businesses in the long run?

What to Look Out for When Buying

It is vitally important to research the system that you are going to be buying. There is little point buying a telephone system that is cheap but cannot meet your demands or will be unreliable. It is important to inspect the telephones on offer to check they are working fully and are in excellent, or at least good, condition. Scratched, dusty and worn telephones are likely to be from an old, out-dated system. Companies selling the used system should have fully refurbished and tested it. It is also highly recommended that you ensure the telephones come with installation and on-going customer support. Just buying the system will be the cheapest option but in the long run installation and repair costs will escalate negating any saving initially made. Ensure you get a warranty on the system, even though it is second hand you should at least be able to secure a one year hardware warranty.

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Researching the Right System

It is important to research the company from which you will be buying the used system. See if you can get feedback from recent customers to see how efficient their aftersales service is. Research the model that is being offered to you to ensure it has all the features you expect. Standard business systems should at least have extension dialing, voice mail, call forwarding and holding features. It is also worthwhile looking at whether the system being offered to you is upgradable. If it has not been upgraded to the latest software ask for this to be done. If the system cannot be upgraded further it is vital that you ensure you are happy with its potential. Buying used business telephone systems is becoming more and more widespread in the UK. With the economy in trouble businesses are looking to save money in every way possible. Buying a used telephone system can result in substantial savings, however there are pitfalls such as buying older and technically out of date systems that cannot cope with your demand. Therefore, it is vital that careful consider all the options when buying such a system. A used system should ideally be installed for you and come with on-going customer support. Without these any problems encountered with the system will lead to escalating costs. It is important to research both the system and the company selling the system to ensure you protect you, and your company, in the long term.

Further Information

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