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This article will review as a business telephone provider, and offer customer opinions on their service.

About BusinessMobiles helps business owners find cheap deals on mobile phones for their employees. They are able to buy out any current contracts you may have, as well as find a suitable payment plan for your specific business needs. They offer their customers comprehensive service, including an on-shore UK customer service department. The latest deals are divided into Small (1-10 users), Medium (10-100 users), Large (100-1000 users), and Extra Large (1000-5000 users) businesses, so it is immediately clear where to navigate to for the plans most appropriate to your business.

Which Businesses Benefit Most from Business Mobiles?

A common misconception in the UK is that business mobiles are only beneficial for large businesses with thousands of employees who need to keep in touch whilst on the move, but even small and medium businesses can benefit greatly from business mobiles and, if your business doesn’t currently use them, then there’s a good chance you could be missing out. Business mobiles and business plans, services and contracts are designed to benefit companies of all sizes, and they can even save you money, especially if you’re finding that you have a moderate to high number of outgoing calls. Benefits

  • Escape your existing contract: If you are bound to an existing mobile phone contract, BusinessMobiles can buy you out even if there is a remaining term of 18 months. Being ‘stuck’ in a contract that is not working for you can be one of the biggest stumbling blocks when you are looking for the best plan.
  • Always the best price: The company’s claim that they are ‘never beaten on price’ can be put to the test using our own comparison tool. Find the right package for your business and see if they can match or beat the price. They search all networks and consequently are able to offer truly independent advice.
  • All business sizes: Their largest client has more than 1,650 handsets, so whether you are a small, medium or large enterprise, the company should be able to tailor a package to suit your needs.
  • On-shore customer service: The company’s customer service department is UK based, which speeds up enquiries and offers confidence that any problems will be rectified efficiently.
  • Business experts: Specialists in business mobile packages for 14 years, the company boast more than 80,000 customers in the UK.
  • Fast delivery: Their same day delivery policy is a boon to busy business owners who may need to access their new handset quickly. The company can even deliver your mobile by courier within 2 hours subject to a fee, and depending on your location.
  • Knowledgeable consultants: With dedicated experts in Android, Apple, Windows, and BlackBerry phones, new technology need not be taxing as the company offer valuable training and guidance on how to use your new phone. Whether you need to know how to sync your Apple devices, or decide which business apps are best on Android, their consultants will be there to help.

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How to Choose the Best Business Mobiles for Your Company

It’s difficult to say what the ‘best’ business mobiles are, as each company has different requirements which means that what they consider to be the best on the market will be relative to their needs. Before choosing a business mobile or business services plan, try to determine how many devices you’ll need, and what features you’ll require. For example, if you require a mobile simply for calls and texts when away from the office, or as an alternative to a traditional business landline, you may wish to look for a sim only plan that allows you to keep your existing phone or purchase a low cost, budget model. If, however, you require more advanced features such as mobile internet, video calling and conferencing facilities, look for an all-inclusive plan that includes a business based smartphone such as the iPhone or Blackberry models. You’ll also want to factor in where you plan to use your business mobiles. If you’re solely UK based, but are out and about visiting multiple premises or different clients up and down the country, you’ll want to find a phone available through a network that has a high UK coverage rate, such as BT which boasts 99.7% UK coverage. BT offers a range of phones including the Nokia, Samsung, HTC, and the Blackberry. If, however, your job includes a great deal of international business travel, it may be advisable to choose a phone available through a network that offers special rates and discounts for roaming. T-Mobile have some excellent travel deals included in some of their business plans that are well worth checking out.

Business Mobile Prices & Rates

If you’re purchasing a number of business mobiles in accordance with your business plan, you should find that the costs are much lower than if you were purchasing the devices at public rates. You should expect to purchase 10 or more phones to have access to these exclusive deals and the amount you’ll pay will really depend on two factors: the plan or contract you choose, and the types of mobile phone you opt for. You could even lower costs by opting for a sharer plan, were multiple devices share the same data allowance. This is a great way for smaller businesses with lower usage requirements to save money. All inclusive business packages typically cost between £23 per month (Three) to £51 per month (O2) based on whether you choose a sim only or a smartphone plan. If your business has intermittent and rather sporadic mobile needs, you could save money by opting to pay a flat rate, usually around £10 per month (Three), and pay an additional fee for each call or text you make, which generally ranges from 6p per minute for calls to landlines, and up to 20p per minute for calls to mobile networks.

Clients Testimonials

Clients include Subway, Sony, Vision Express, Mitsubishi, The National Trust and Living Social, although there are no testimonials available to view on the site. Other review sites demonstrate however that their customer service is consistently helpful and excellent. With phone service providers being some of the most difficult to deal with for customer service, this is a very sure sign that offers a reliable and

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