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Business Phone Numbers for Your UK Company

Business Phone Numbers

Using a carefully chosen business telephone number can have a beneficial impact on your firm. For instance, by setting up an 0845 number, your company appears geographically neutral which can help dispel the idea that your business is a regional one. Alternatively, investing in a memorable local number can also boost sales as over 75% of people prefer this if they are looking for a service that can be provided locally. Of course, another option is to invest in a free 0800 phone number, which helps encourage prospective customers to call you, thereby giving your firm a competitive edge over your rivals. Business numbers can also create a unified image for your company when you have a number of employees who work in different sites or from home.

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There are a number of suppliers of business phone numbers in the UK and below are some of the most well regarded providers.

Windsor Telecom

Windsor Telecom logoWindsor Telecom have been supplying business telephone numbers to the UK market for over 14 years and have a number of customers from Thomson Local to local radio stations such as Wave FM. They offer firms the full range of business phone numbers from 01 and 02 numbers, 033 national numbers, and 0845 and 0871 amongst others. Some of the numbers they offer such as 0843 and 0844 numbers include a revenue share that is repaid to your firm. The price depends on which type of number you opt for. 033 numbers start from £15 a month including 5,000 free minutes, whereas an 0871 number can cost from £20 a month depending on how memorable a number you require. All numbers include; same day activation, portability if your business moves, call routing to mobile or landline and customer service support. Additionally, all numbers come with a 30 day free trial.

Switch Numbers

Switch Connect logoSwitch Numbers have hundreds of thousands of numbers available for their customers from 01 to 09 premium numbers. The process of ordering a number is very simple, customers simply search for one they would like and purchase it online. The routing is then set up and the number is available for use. This whole process is very swift, taking a few days to become operational. If you are not sure what sort of number would be best for your business, Switch Numbers have a dedicated customer support team who can help you decide on which product is right for you. Their numbers also include a free virtual office which comprises of call forwarding, greeting messages, voicemail to email, online editing and scheduling. Prices vary depending on the type of number selected but can start from as little as £50 a year for an 01 number.

The Telephone Number Company

TTNC logoThe Telephone Number Company (TTNC) are licensed by OFCOM and have one of the widest range of business numbers in the UK. Their clients range from taxi firms to the UK deed poll service, and customer testimonials consistently give them 5 stars for their service. TTNC offer the full range of numbers available to UK businesses and prices start from £10 a year. Each telephone account your firm sets up with TTNC also comes with an additional range of services known as The Essential Package. This package includes:
  • Voicemail
  • Call statistics
  • Dial in management
  • Dmail and SMS alerts
  • Fax to email
  • Caller ID
  • VoIP termination
The prices of the numbers will depend on the type and how memorable the number is. For example, a Diamond number which finishes 010 010 can cost £600 a year compared to the £95 a year charged for a Bronze number.

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