BT Business Phone Systems 2019 Review

This guide will review BT business phone systems available in the UK, providing information on each kind of system allowing you to evaluate which option would work best for you.

BT Business Phone Systems Review
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BT Business Phone Systems

BT have a number of highly related solutions for UK businesses looking to upgrade their communications process. BT’s business phone systems cater for all kinds of businesses as well as different sizes of organisations. They offer cloud-based and on-premises solutions both of which have their advantages depending on the business needs of your enterprise.

To help you identify the best BT business phone system for your requirements in this guide we look at the most popular choices for small to medium-sized businesses and also consider the options for larger organisations.

BT Quantum Telephone System for Small to Medium-sized Businesses

BT Quantum 5320 IP Telephone System

BT Quantum

The BT Quantum communications system boasts features that will support all business needs, while offers great value at the same time. Designed for businesses ranging from 2 to 32 users, a BT Quantum system is a great solution for small, medium and large businesses.

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The system benefits include:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity through integrated voicemail, call re-routing, and linking office phone to mobile, resulting is no missed calls.
  • Reduced Costs as a result of shared lines thus reducing line rental fees.
  • Flexible working with employees being able to work in the office, at home or on the move.
  • Improved customer service as a direct result of better call handling.

There are four packages to select from, depending on your business needs. Prices start from 29p per user per day.

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Although the BT Quantum phone system is primarily an entry-level system it includes many ‘big business’ features:

  • Mobile Twinning– One contact number for all your employees, results in all office phones and mobile ring simultaneously when a customer calls.
  • Teleworker– By plugging an IP phone into broadband, staff can always be contacted whether they are in the office, on the move or at home.
  • Unified Communications– Communications can be controlled and accessed from the convenience of a PC, dialling at the click of a mouse, employees can see who’s available to talk. When someone calls in, his or her details will automatically appear on the screen.
  • Multi-Level Auto Attendant– Seamlessly route customers to the right extension or staff can opt to have a direct telephone number so customers can have virtually instant contact with a specific person or department.
  • Unified Messaging– Voicemail delivered directly to your inbox, enabling prioritisation of your most urgent messages.
  • Integrated Voicemail – Integrated voicemail is standard and means multiple users can access, listen to and leave messages.

BT Quantum Packages

Depending of the exact needs of your business BT offer a range of BT quantum packages meaning you can customise the system to fit the exact specifications you require. The packages also increase in price depending on the type and number of features included.

BT Quantum Basic– The basic package offers integrated voicemail, hold music and auto attendant.

BT Quantum Advanced– This package offers all the feature of the basic package plus Teleworker, inbuilt Broadband modem, mobile twinning, 4 port LAN and Wi-fi.

BT Quantum IP– This package boasts additional features to the Basic and Advanced plans, including unified messaging, unified communications and click to dial.

BT Quantum IP LAN– The most sophisticated package of all offers all the features mention above, plus HP LAN.

BT IP Office Telephone System for Medium to Large-sized Businesses

BT business phone systems

The BT IP Office Telephone System is suited to the medium to large business with the capacity to expand from 5 to 384 users via the use of specific software and additional IP telephones.

The system enables customers to contact staff on one number whether they are in the office, on the move or at home via the integration of office and mobile phones.

Most features come as standard with this system, thus cutting out the need for further additions at extra costs and the built in conferencing facility, which can accommodate 64 persons, encourages further savings by reducing travelling time and expenses.

If staff members are unavailable, customers can leave a message on the voicemail system which will be delivered directly to that member of staff via their smart Phone or PC and the IP Office system even comes with proactive fault management for added peace of mind.

This system costs just 38p per user per day depending on the size of the package and can be purchased via a buy now, pay nothing for 3 months option or leased under a minimum 12 month term.

Customers can also take advantage of a 30 per cent discount if they purchase the system in conjunction with a TOTAL CARE or PROMPT 3 or 5 year term maintenance contract.

BT Business Broadband Voice

Business Broadband Voice is both cost effective and practical for small to medium businesses but can also be adapted for a much larger business.

The standard package allows a business to add extra lines to their existing one which reduces the time a potential customers is kept waiting. It features 500 inclusive UK minutes every month, and great capped rate calling with International calls capped from 10p an hour, UK mobile calls capped at 20p an hour, and 5p for 60 minute local and national calls. The standard package is priced from £5.00 per month (excluding VAT).

BT business broadband

For an extra charge a business can have as many local numbers as they desire giving them the added advantage of reaching a wider customer base. Free calls can be made to other Broadband Voice users and each month 500 UK minutes are included.

There is also the option to upgrade to a Broadband Voice Call Package, from £18.50 per month, so businesses can take advantage of all call charges – UK & National, Mobile, International Direct Dialled, being included.

It’s essential to have a BT Business phone line and a dedicated BT Business Broadband connection, with a BT Business Hub. You’ll also need a Cisco SPA303 IP Phone, as standard phones won’t work.

BT also advise that a primary telephone line is continued for contacting emergency services, because the quality of the reception on the phone line may not match that of a normal landline and can vary subject to Internet traffic and customer usage.

BT Versatility Voice and Voice Extra Packages

BT Versatility Voice packages provide an affordable communication system with access to over 50 calling features. The package includes installation, two V8 Featurephone handsets and the BT Versatility Telephone System – the basics to get any business started. The BT Versatility Voice Extra Packages comes with all the benefits that the Versatility Voice package offers businesses with the addition of Voicemail (2 ports).

At time of writing the BT Versatility phone system is no longer available to new customers but any business that has an existing BT Versatility phone system need not worry. BT have insisted they will still maintain these systems and provide business with new handsets and the option to upgrade to one of their newer systems.

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BT Telephone System for Schools

The BT Telephone System for Schools benefits from numerous functions and features including:

  • A notifications function which sends a recorded SMS message to parents informing them of changes to the school routine and important updates.
  • A homework hotline which allows teachers to support students after school hours via broadband telephony.
  • Efficient routing ensuring the customer always reaches the right department or extension.

Staff will always have access to communications even when they are in the classroom or playground and the system ensures that no communications are missed, even after the close of the day.

With one supplier providing the phone system, calls, lines and broadband, this product can also help your organisation significantly reduce its collective carbon footprint.

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