The Best Phone Systems for Law Firms

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By Aimee Bradshaw | Writer and researcher | Updated: 10 March 2020

Take professionalism to the next level with these best phone systems for law firms

SupplierRating Best for
Lily CommsUCP platform 
RingCentralVersatile configuration
Berry TelecomScalability
4ComSME businesses

If your clients are paying you big bucks, they’re going to expect top level service. And you can’t deliver on that unless you own a modern phone system.

VoIP phone systems offer the very best in communication technology. Internet connectivity supercharges the humble telephone into a communication hub – phone calls, emails and instant messages are funneled on to one system, and accessed via your desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Many law firm phone systems already have a  UCP (unified communications platform) installed. This will allow you to quickly and efficiently access client and stakeholder communication records, helping you to form an exemplary reputation across the board.

There are plenty of different phone systems for law firms out there. Varying levels of software packages will give you access to a range of additional standard and top level phone system features. These will help ensure your law firm stands out from the crowd.

Expert Market has delved into the world of phone systems, and put together a case for what we believe are the best phone systems for law firms. Whether it’s a questions of features, price, or customer service, find out which phone system you should be investing in below.

The top 5 phone systems for law firms

Our top 5 phone system suppliers for law firms are Lily Comms, RingCentral, Berry Telecom, 8×8 and 4Com.

Lily Comms

The name may bring to mind images of dainty flowers, but Lily’s telephone systems are anything but delicate. Lily is all about supplying a rigid, unified communication platform – its VoIP system brings phone calls, instant messages and emails into one resilient platform, improving internal, stakeholder, and client communication.

You can use Lily’s unified communication platform across desktop, tablet and mobile phone – great news for employees who work remotely. Offering both hosted and on-premise phone systems, in addition to mobile working and multi-site solutions, Lily is a one-stop-shop for any law firm looking to invest in a new phone system.

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Whether you’re in need of a phone system for one office or multiple sites, you can make a RingCentral system as complex as you wish.

A RingCentral phone system is also ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) optimised. This is ideal for law firms wanting to minimise their spending, because you don’t need to invest in any hardware. Employees can access business contacts, make calls, receive faxes, join conference calls and share files, all from their own devices.

Another particularly good feature for law firms is the instant call recording. Keep a record of every conversation, and have a complete index to refer to if necessary.

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Berry Review

Berry is a supplier that’s ripe and ready to pick, thanks to its commitment to delivering high quality unified communication systems. Its easy-to-use dashboard clearly displays call reports and analytics, while call recording features help you to quality control your customer service. With testimonials from law firms stating the success of features such as email voicemail and on-hold messaging services, Berry is for any law firm looking to boost their professionalism.

Berry can install PBX, hosted and self-hosted phone systems, making it the perfect phone systems supplier for new and growing law firm businesses.

8x8 Review

8×8 offers telephone system solutions for small, medium and enterprise businesses. Because each solution is tailored to size, you know your business isn’t paying out any more money than it needs to. Most importantly, all of 8×8’s phone systems are completely compliant with the latest data protection practices.

8×8 has plenty of success stories when it comes to law firm telephone installation, with some systems even spanning across multiple offices. With the help of 8×8’s mobile app, law firms can use a range of smart devices to keep office-based and remote working employees connected.


If you’re looking for a supplier that has heaps of experience in providing telephone systems for small to medium-sized law firms, 4Com may have just what you need. 4Com is at the leading edge of phone system technology, with HiHi as its flagship product. With face to face video connectivity, HiHi will take your business meetings and client calls to the next level.

With a full range of accompanying apps and hardware, 4Com will enable your law firm to work smart from the office as well as remotely. And thanks to its software’s intuitive interface, using it is probably as easy as using your iPhone.

Hosted VoIP vs self-hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP and self-hosted VoIP phone systems are also known as hosted PBX and self-hosted PBX systems. We've provided you with a brief explanation of the differences below. For more information, read our article on PBX telephones.

Hosted VoIP

Having an external company host your phone system is far more convenient (and cheap) than hosting your phone system yourself. An external company can literally take care of everything – installations, updates, training, the works – and charge you a monthly fee, usually per user, to host the system.

A hosted VoIP system exists purely in the Cloud – and because the Cloud is accessible everywhere, so is your phone system. You’ll be able to access all of your data, contacts, and phone numbers wherever you happen to be in the world, as long as there’s an internet connection.

Self-hosted VoIP

A self-hosted VoIP system has its advantages too. For one, you’ll still be able to use your traditional phone system alongside your VoIP phone system. Secondly, you have complete control over your phone system – any software upgrade or hardware installation is up to you.

The downside to a self-hosted phone system is you’ll need to have your own team of technicians to look after the system. Scaling or moving a traditional PBX system can also be expensive and time-consuming.

Expert verdict – the best phone system for law firms

Law firms are busy working environments, so you need a phone system that’s low maintenance and can keep up with the demands of the industry. A hosted VoIP system ticks all those boxes – and to top it off, it’s also the most cost-effective solution.

If you’re worried about phone lines disconnecting if the internet goes down, most phone system suppliers will set-up an auto-redirect that will send any incoming phone calls to a mobile device.

All the suppliers that we mention in our article offer VoIP solutions, and the differences between the products they offer are marginal. Therefore, choosing the right supplier for you may simply come down to costs.

There’s a quick and easy to way to find out how much a phone system will cost you. Simply fill in our form with a few details about your law firm, and the top suppliers will be in touch with competitive quotes.

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