The 11 best VoIP providers in the UK

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Did you know that VoIP solutions can save your business up to 70% on call costs? And that’s while having the same features and functionality as a traditional on-premise system. Plus, with VoIP you can make calls on the go, support remote working, manage everything via a computer app, and so much more. 

If you're in the market for a VoIP system, it's a good idea to lock down a quote or two. By filling in our quick quote comparison tool, you'll be given quotes from various VoIP providers, allowing you to pick the one that works best for your business.

Need to get to grips with VoIP providers first? This comprehensive guide has been compiled by our telephones systems expert, exploring the ins and outs of top-rated UK providers and VoIP products in 2022.

What is a VoIP phone system?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and refers to the software-based technology which allows businesses to make their telephone calls using a broadband internet connection, rather than through traditional phone lines. Take a look at how it all works:

VoIP phones systems convert the sound signal of users' voices into digital data streams, which can then be sent in “packets” over the Internet.

The signal is passed through an Ethernet cable to the VoIP server or gateway, before connecting with the Internet. Investing in a VoIP Phone system means a business has the freedom to use a variety of different devices to make and receive calls, including physical IP phones, computers or laptops, and smart phones.

Once you’ve set up a VoIP phone system, get ready for cheaper domestic calls and low price per minute international calls, too.

VoIP desk phones can either be set up as a new system or integrated into an existing one.

If you’re looking to integrate business phone systems, contact your current system supplier for advice.

In this guide, we've highlighted 11 of the best VoIP phone models in the corded and DECT (cordless) phone categories. Each of them will integrate fully with a VoIP phone system.

What is hosted VoIP?

With hosted VoIP, the infrastructure is based ‘in the cloud’ rather than on your premises. A service provider owns, manages and maintains the infrastructure in a secure data centre. You pay a monthly fee to use the service. Most businesses find hosted VoIP to be the best option as it’s so easy and low-maintenance.

VoIP Benefits

If you've read enough, and are already sure that a VoIP telephone system is the best solution for your business, answer the quick question below. Then, simply provide us with a few brief details about your business, and the kind of phone system you're looking to implement.

It takes about thirty seconds to complete, and it's free. When you're done, you'll receive quotes from several leading VoIP telephone system suppliers. Why not give it a try?

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The top 11 best UK VoIP providers: our reviews

According to our detailed research, the following suppliers offer the best VoIP phone systems available in the UK in 2022:

  • 4Com
  • Lily Comms
  • Vonage
  • Berry
  • RingCentral
  • bOnline
  • Enreach
  • BT
  • Focus Group
  • 8×8
  • Mitel
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Lily Comms







Focus Group








£9 – £16.50 per user, per month




£7.99 – £29.99 per user, per month


£5 – £16 (plus VAT) per user, per month




Starts from £6.30 per feature pack


£7.99 – £19.99 per month


£10 – £105 per user, per month


£13.59 – £23.79 per user, per month

Free Trial
Free Trial
Free Trial
Free Trial


Free Trial
Free Trial

On the Unlimited plan

Free Trial
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Free Trial

Only on 8×8 Express

Free Trial

Read on for more information about the VoIP services provided by each company, including features, prices, and the types of businesses they're well suited to.


4Com logo
Pricing Bespoke – request a quote
Quick overview

With over 15,000 business customers across the UK, 4Com is a fast-growing communication systems provider. With a healthy customer score of 4.7 out of 5 on Google Reviews, plus UK-based support and installation and a promise to buy you out of your current contract, 4Com is a VoIP supplier with a shining reputation among customers.


Easy installation and setup

Excellent UK service and support

Flexible for any size business, ensuring future compatibility

No upfront costs

About 4Com's VoIP phone systems: 

4Com provides three hosted VoIP options – on-premise PBX with Samsung phones, HiHi phones on a fibre line, and HiHi phones on a leased line. Given that the HiHi options come with unified communications (UC) apps, video conferencing (infinitely important for a remote workforce), and easy plug-and-play installation (also important for users getting set up from home), those are the systems we'd recommend.

According to 4Com, its fibre line HiHis are suitable for smaller businesses with three to 100 employees, while its leased lines suit larger businesses with 100 or more employees, and bigger bandwidth needs.

HiHi VoIP phones are thoroughly modern, with large touchscreens that double as detachable tablets that your staff can load up with your business' chosen comms apps.


Unfortunately we're unable to tell you exactly how much a 4Com VoIP system will cost; the company prefers to provide bespoke quotes on a case-by-case basis.

Key features for businesses:

✓ Comprehensive call reporting

✓ Computer Telephony Integration enabling instant caller information

✓ On-hold marketing messages

✓ Call recording

✓ Easy-to-use auto-attendant feature

✓ Voicemail to email functionality

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Lily Comms

Lily logo
Pricing Bespoke quote-by-quote basis
Quick overview

Launched in Bradford in 2009, Lily Comms may be a relative newcomer – but it's gone from strength to strength in the UK telecoms industry, netting 53 industry awards and a heartening Truspilot score of 4.8. A small business itself, Lily Comms' focus is on providing communications solutions to small to medium-sized companies.


Reliable service with full 24/7 support, training and number porting

Solutions for mobile and home workers

Future proof and feature-rich

An end-to-end single solution

About Lily Comms' VoIP phone system:

Lily Comms offers a fully hosted VoIP system called Lily Cloud. Ideal for flexible working, your employees can access the system via a handset, a mobile app, a web app, or using softphone capabilities – so you don't even need to purchase phone handsets to use it.

Alongside the traditional VoIP features – auto attendants, call recording, customised on-hold messages, and more – we're fans of the fact that Lily Cloud can integrate with Collaborate. Collaborate is Lily Comms' UC platform, enabling instant messaging, web conferencing, online project collaboration, and more.


Like 4Com, Lily Comms doesn't publish set price ranges – instead, it offers bespoke quotes based on your business' own needs.

Key features for businesses:

✓ Powerful call handling features

✓ Virtual conference room

✓ Fixed and mobile telephony solutions

✓ Multi-language auto attendant

✓ Personal call routing


Vonage logo
Pricing £9 – £16.50+ per user, per month
Quick overview

A leading global provider of cloud-based communications, Vonage is used by over 100,000 businesses around the world, including big names like Domino's, Thomson Reuters, and DHL. We know that Vonage's awards success and sheer size (20 offices around the world, including a head office in London) may not be enough to inspire confidence in you, but its dedication to providing flexible, scalable solutions should.


Smart working in and out of the office with Vonage’s flexible solutions

About Vonage's VoIP phone system:

Interestingly, Vonage has positioned itself at the forefront of 20s tech (that's 2020s, not 1920s) by presenting its VoIP offering as an all-in-one, cloud-based UC platform, instead of a familiar phone system. Vonage Business Communications (or VBC, as it's also known) incorporates mobile calls, video meetings, instant messaging, contact centre calls, and more.

The focus here is on enabling effective remote collaboration, and so business phone handsets aren't necessary to use the system – but you can purchase them from Vonage if you'd like. That's not to say that phone calling capabilities are skimped on, though – VBC comes with over 50 VoIP call features, including call logs, a receptionist console, and more.

PackagePrice (per user, per month)
Select £9
Professional From £12.50
Ultimate From £16.50

Pricing correct as of April 2022

Key features for businesses:

✓ Full call handling features

✓ Call recording with unlimited storage

✓ Hunt groups for incoming calls

✓ Multi-device extensions

✓ Conference and group calling

✓ Choice of UK area code and number, or port existing numbers

✓ App for smart mobile phones, tablets, and desktops/ laptops


Berry Technologies logo
Berry Technologies
Pricing Bespoke – request a quote
Quick overview

Since starting out in 2011, Berry has amassed a series of award wins, and customer approval ratings that are nothing short of glowing – with 90% of Trustpilot reviews rating it ‘Excellent'. But considering the company's personalised service (you get your own dedicated account manager) and 24/7 support, that's no huge surprise.


Round the clock support

Easy to set up

Highly scalable

Knows the unique challenges faced by UK businesses

About Berry's VoIP phone system:

Our favourite thing about Berry's cloud-based business VoIP system is that it's highly customisable, with Berry offering multiple feature packs that you can choose between to craft the right call experience for your employees and customers. It's also easy to set up and modify, meaning you can add and remove users easily as your business evolves. Berry says its system is suitable for businesses of all sizes – from startups to global enterprises – and our research has found no reason to disagree.

As well as call features such as auto-attendants and call analytics, Berry's VoIP system also encompasses UC capabilities like instant messaging and conferencing. It can also integrate with Skype for Business for industry-leading video comms.


Berry doesn't publish set price ranges, instead opting to provide personalised quotes after assessing your business' individual needs.

How Berry VoIP systems can benefit your business:

✓ Collaborative features to enable team coordination

✓ Comprehensive call reporting

✓ Flexible phone system options

✓ Personal Account Manager

✓ Simple and intuitive web and smartphone interfaces


RingCentral logo
Pricing £7.99 – £29.99 per user, per month
Quick overview

With over 350,000 businesses across the world using its phone systems – as well as partnerships with key carriers, including BT – RingCentral is a global leader in cloud communications and collaboration solutions. The company is so confident that you'll like its VoIP system that it offers a 14-day free trial, so you can make an informed decision. And after that, its monthly prices are markedly affordable: something we at Expert Market love to see!


Low, all-inclusive, monthly pricing starting at £7.99

High-quality local 24/7 customer support

Robust security and reliability

One provider for all your communications

About RingCentral's VoIP phone system:

RingCentral's cloud-based VoIP system may be called RingCentral Office, but that doesn't mean it has to be used on a business premises. The system enables you and your team to send instant messages, take part in video meetings, and (of course) make and take phone calls from any smart device. Handily, the platform can be integrated with hundreds of apps, including Microsoft 365, G Suite, Salesforce, Amazon, and more, so you can keep all your team's activity in one place. RingCentral's open APIs also enable you to build your own integrations.

RingCentral says its system is suitable for teams of all sizes – whether they're 10-strong or 10,000 – and with speedy deployment and availability in over 40 countries, we're inclined to agree that this is one scalable system.

Essentials package Prices are per user, per monthStandard package Prices are per user, per monthPremium package Prices are per user, per monthUltimate package Prices are per user, per month
£12.99 For one user £19.99 For one user £24.99 For one user £29.99 For one user
£7.99 For 2–19 users £14.99 For 2–19 users £19.99 For 2–19 users £24.99 For 2–19 users
£7.99 For 20–99 users £13.99 For 20–99 users £18.99 For 20–99 users £23.99 For 20–99 users
£7.99 For 100+ users £12.99 For 100+ users £17.99 For 100+ users £22.99 For 100+ users

Pricing correct as of April 2022

Key features for businesses:

✓ Connect anytime, anywhere with mobile and desktop applications

✓ Cloud phone system, video conferencing, team messaging, online fax and more

✓ IVR, auto-receptionist, analytics, and over 50 other features

✓ Out-of-the-box integrations with Salesforce, Google, Microsoft and more


bOnline logo
Pricing £5 – £16 per user, per month
Quick overview

With excellent customer approval ratings (it's rated ‘Excellent' on Trustpilot) and free setup, installation, and support, bOnline does a lot to give users an easy experience.


Completely customisable and adaptable

Affordable, friendly service that makes switching easy

Transparent international rates

Simple contracts

bOnline's small-business focused packages are tailor-made to scale as your operations do.

All plans come with a free domain and two business mails, along with full mobility across laptop, tablet, and smartphone. bOnline's VoIP phones also come equipped with more than 50 features, while an extra £3.25 to £8 per month bags you 500 minutes of calls to 50 countries. With the benefits you'll see on spend, productivity, and simplicity, it's never been more profitable to be online!

Its new customer offer allows small businesses to benefit from unlimited VoIP for just £9 per user, per month, and make calls to a generous 36 destinations. Better still, those VoIP services are about as feature-rich as they get; virtual receptionistcall recording, and after-hours smart routing are all included as standard, while bOnline's mobile app is a pleasure to use.

PackagePrice (per user, per month)
Pay As You Go £5 + VAT
Unlimited Calling £9 + VAT
Unlimited & Video £16 + VAT

Pricing correct as of April 2022

How bOnline VoIP systems can benefit your business:

✓ Call recording powered by AI analytics

✓ Mobile softphone application

Comprehensive CRM integration

On-site set-up, configuration, and system changes performed by in-house engineers


Enreach logo
Pricing Bespoke quote-by-quote basis
Quick overview

Freshly rebranded from Network Telecom, Enreach specialises in providing flexible, scalable solutions to businesses, and aims to make remote working seamless – which can only be appreciated at times like these. Having been active for over 20 years, Enreach currently scores an impressive customer rating of 5 out of 5 on Google Reviews.


Fully configurable systems can be customised to meet your needs

Softphone and mobile integration mean you can take the system anywhere

Simple, easy to use portal for managing users and settings

About Enreach's VoIP phone systems:

Enreach's cloud-based VoIP packages offer excellent flexibility and user-friendliness. Its VoIP phone systems come with softphone functionality and integrate with your team's business mobiles, enabling them to flip between devices even mid-call. Plus, with an intuitively simple admin portal and features including instant messaging and video conferencing, you'll be able to manage calls and contact colleagues efficiently.

Enreach offers two VoIP phone systems: Enreach Contact, a flexible and scalable unified communications system that's hosted in the cloud, and Cloud PBX, which includes additional features such as CRM system integration – and is hosted on Enreach's own dedicated servers.

Meanwhile, Enreach's sleek touchscreen desk phone, HD Touch, can be plugged in and used anywhere with a wifi connection. Better still, it boasts all the features of a smartphone, including free HD video calling, email access, and the ability to download apps.


Enreach's prices are not available publicly to check out – instead, the provider prefers to provide personalised quotes based on your business' needs. We do know, however, that Enreach charges fixed monthly pricing.

Key features for businesses:

✓ Sleek touchscreen desk phones are modern and intuitive

Voicemail, on-hold marketing, presence checking, and call recording

Virtual receptionist

CRM system integration (with Cloud PBX)

Instant messaging and video conferencing


BT logo
Pricing Bespoke – request a quote
Quick overview

BT is a household name, and the world’s oldest telecommunication company. It serves a range of telephony and TV services to companies worldwide. BT covers everyone from the smallest to largest of companies. It has a range of solutions from fixed lines to VoIP and managed networked IT.


Choice of regional phone numbers, or virtual geographic numbers

Full mobile integration, and diversion for remote working

BT’s cloud-based VoIP phone systems are scalable, with powerful call management features. BT offers three core packages:

  • BT Cloud Phone is “plug and play” for up to nine users
  • BT Cloud Voice is more sophisticated for five users or more
  • BT One Phone Office is an integrated mobile and premises operated system for five or more users or call centres. It’s perfect if you have a mobile workforce, and lets you manage all your calls from one mobile device.

Each of BT’s hosted lines comes with an inclusive geographic number, with the option of adding more for an additional charge.

If you are already utilising BT fixed lines you may find the BT VoIP a cost-effective product to consider.

Key features for businesses:

✓ Call forwarding, routing, voicemail and three-way calling

✓ Call monitoring and recording

✓ CRM integration

✓ Cloud-based, with software-based management portal

✓ Instant messenger for employees

✓ Audio and video conferencing

Focus Group

Focus Group logo
Focus Group
Pricing £7.99 – £19.99+ per user, per month
Quick overview

Focus Group has grown quickly in the UK since it was founded in 2005, going from a start-up with two employees to an organisation with over 300 staff. Its portfolio of web-based products spans IT, data, and telephony, and it offers combined IP PBX telephone and fully cloud-based VoIP solutions.


Free calls between branch offices and mobile phones

Only pay for what you use

Focus Group’s main VoIP product is Horizon Unified Communications. With fixed and mobile telephony provided by a simple to use web portal, it’s targeted at any size of business. It can be particularly suited to multi-site operations, and those with off-site employees.

Horizon is used by those who need a ‘business continuity solution’, as they describe it, with comprehensive support to continue operating in the event of a major issue. Services can be instantly moved to a backup or diversion plan, without losing functionality or using call forwarding.

PackagePrice (per user, per month)
Business Essential From £7.99
Business Advanced From £14.99
Business Premium From £19.99

Key features for businesses:

✓ Combined IP-based and PBX option

✓ Shared dial plans and directories

✓ On hold, marketing messages, and call forwarding

✓ Cost effective call recording from any location

✓ “One number anywhere” for desk or mobile

✓ Choice of telephone numbers


8x8 logo
Pricing £10 – £105 per user, per month
Quick overview

Multi-award winning global telecoms provider 8×8 boasts big brand clients worldwide, including McDonalds. 8×8's solutions focus on various sectors including government, healthcare and education. It has over 50,000 satisfied business customers and a full UK HQ.

8×8’s main product focus is on two provisions: Virtual Office and Virtual Contact Centre for call centre operations.

Virtual Office is richly featured and mobile, with extensive analytics for improving productivity. It’s easy to use, and offers a continuous communications services no matter your location.

PackagePrice (per user, per month)
8×8 Express £10
X2 £19
X4 £36
X6 (with contact centre features) £76
X7 (with contact centre features) £86
X8 (with contact centre features) £105

Pricing correct as of April 2022

Key features for businesses:

✓ Extension dialling, auto attendant and ring groups

✓ Call recording

✓ Internet faxing

✓ Web conferencing and video meetings

✓ Desktop and mobile applications, or feature rich IP phones

✓ Extensive CRM integration


Mitel logo
Pricing Bespoke – request a quote
Quick overview

Mitel is the fastest growing global cloud communications provider, serving over 70 million customers in almost 100 countries worldwide. It has over 1,600 patents and applications, with an excellent reputation for innovation. Mitel's solutions stretch across business communications, contact centre specialisms, and cloud services. Mitel has regional offices globally, so prides itself on ‘global reach, local touch’.


Easily deployed and scalable

Focus on the millennial generation and the tech-savvy

The same features on mobile and desktop

Mitel categorises its solutions across industry and company size. It offers public and private cloud-based solutions, and combined hybrid cloud solutions for those who need it.

MiCloud is Mitel's cloud-based VoIP product, safely housed in multiple data locations to prevent downtime. Users have the same functionality in an office, in the field, or working remotely. There are three industry leading packages – MiCloud Office, MiCloud Business and MiCloud Flex – to suit businesses of all sizes.

Key features for businesses:

✓ Complete mobile integration

✓ Full CRM integration

✓ Call recording, playback, evaluation and storage

✓ Easily managed voice, IM and email from one screen

✓ Powerful business analytics

✓ Contact centre options and integrations

Top 10 VoIP Desk Phones

VoIP desk phones work with a cloud-based VoIP, or hybrid IP-PBX solution. They provide physical desk solutions – ie. not softphones – which are headset compatible. They can be used alongside other components from your VoIP phone system provider, such as smartphone applications and desktop computers.

We’ve included our top picks for entry-level, wired VoIP systems and DECT (cordless) VoIP systems below:

4 Best entry-level VoIP office phones

The selection of phones below includes basic, wired models that function a lot like conventional desk phones:

1. Grandstream GXP2200 Android desktop phone

Grandstream GXP2200

This is an inexpensive corded multimedia Android VoIP phone. It features a responsive touchscreen LCD, in addition to hard keys for functions such as mute, voicemail, hold and so on. As this phone uses an Android operating system, it enables access to popular apps, such Skype, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Voice.

The Grandstream GXP2200 is a modern, feature-rich desk phone ideal for forward-thinking businesses. This VoIP phone will suit all types of organisations. Apps can be downloaded via Google Play Store, or you can create custom ones. It has a 4.3 inch touchscreen LCD.

Price: £80

Overall Rating :

Key features:

✓ Directory with 1000 contacts

✓ Call history holds 500 records

✓ Call transfer, forwarding and waiting

✓ HD wideband audio

2. Yealink T23GN Dual Gigabit Ethernet IP phone

Yealink T23GN

A well-priced phone with an easy-to-use interface and HD audio. Features include: call hold, mute, one touch speed dial and call forwarding. It also has local three-way conferencing, ring tone selection and import, and a local phone book with 1000 entries.

The Yealink T23GN is a full featured IP-PBX phone which accepts three lines, has caller display and anonymous call rejection. It’s a good all-round VoIP desk phone for any office, but especially small to medium sized businesses.

Price: £75

Overall Rating :

Key features:

✓ Large directory

✓ Extensive features

✓ Dual gigabit Ethernet ports

✓ 132 x 64 white backlit display

3. Poly VVX 601

Poly VVX 601

The Poly (formerly Polycom) VVX 601 is a more advanced VoIP desk phone option. It gives exceptional call quality and has a large, very responsive touchscreen. This corded phone supports up to 16 lines, video conferencing and playback through the use of external USB cameras. It also features HD voice technology.

The Poly VVX 601 is one of the most popular VoIP phones available. The bright display enables users to manage their calendars, and receive meeting and catch up reminders, all on their phone handset. This capability saves time and boosts productivity.

Price: £215

Overall Rating :

Key features:

✓ 4.3″ LCD touchscreen

✓ Bluetooth integration

✓ HD voice quality

✓ Dual USB ports

4. Mitel IP485G

Mitel IP485G

A general office VoIP desktop phone, the IP485G has a backlit colour display with a searchable, expanded directory. It has built in visual voicemail alongside standard transfer, conference call and on hold features.

The Mitel IP485G phone is ideal for an office-based professional. It has a full duplex speakerphone, visual voice and conferencing capability, and a 10/100/1000 Ethernet switch for Gigabit speed.

Price: £75

Overall Rating :

Key features:

✓ Eight lines

✓ Expanded call history

✓ LED indicators

✓ 480 x 272 backlit colour display

Best DECT VoIP Office Phones

VoIP DECT phones are cordless. This makes them more mobile than traditional VoIP telephones.

The most innovative phones have a wide range of features including large colour LED displays, SMS facilities, and integrated phone books. VoIP DECT phones are manufactured by many of the big telecoms companies including BT, Mitel, Siemens, Panasonic, Cisco and Gigaset.

Here’s our pick of the top five around today:

1. Panasonic KX-TGP600 DECT Phone

Panasonic KX-TGP600

The Panasonic KX-TGP600 suits small to medium sized businesses which need a more mobile desk phone. It’s a wireless VoIP DECT phone which can fit eight handsets to each base and will handle eight simultaneous calls.

This phone has a vivid colour screen and a long battery life. SRTP (Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol) is available for extra phone security. The phone has an excellent and extendable range.

Price: £85

Overall Rating :

Key features:

✓ Range of 100-200 feet

✓ Noise reduction technology

✓ 200 hours standby battery life / 11 hours talk time

✓ Repeaters available to extend connection range

2. Mitel Aastra 632 DECT Phone

Mitel Aastra 632

The Mitel 632 DECT is a hardy DECT business phone. It can be used outside, or in industrial environments. It’s perfect for factory floors and care or medical facilities, as it’s easy to clean and complies with hygiene requirements. It also has a sensor alarm and an emergency call key suited to hospitals or highly secure areas.

A superb quality workplace phone for both general and specialised environments. It has a colour TFT display, extensive telephone book, ambient noise filter, and a mini USB PC interface, and many more features. The Mitel 632 has all the functionality and navigation you would expect, plus the added benefit of its robust design for certain workplaces.

Price: £85

Overall Rating :

Key features:

✓ 12 hour talk time

✓ Man down, no movement and escape alarm

✓ Hands-free operation

✓ Compatible with high hygiene workplaces

3. Gigaset SL785 DECT phone

Gigaset SL785

The Gigaset SL785 is ideal for home and office-use. It has positive reviews for its touchscreen interface with integrated answering machine (45 minute recording capacity) and ECO DECT technology for reduced battery and power usage.

The slick design makes this model perfect for modern businesses and the clear display offers a number of functionality benefits. Other advantages include: directory transfer options and the ability to store multiple numbers under one directory entry.

Price: £195

Overall Rating :

Key features:

✓ Bluetooth enabled

✓ Base handset locator

✓ Call recording

✓ 15 hour talk time

4. Yealink W52P

Yealink W52P

With a 1.8 inch colour display and intuitive user interface, the Yealink W52P offers all the standard features you would expect including intercom, transfer, call forwarding and three-way conferencing.

With a 1.8” colour display and intuitive user interface. The Yealink W52P offers all the standard features you would expect including intercom, transfer, call forwarding and three-way conferencing.

Price: £90

Overall Rating :

Key features:

✓ Exceptional HD sound

✓ Highly scalable

✓ Up to 4 simultaneous calls

✓ Up to 5 VoIP accounts

5. Grandstream DP720 DECT IP Phone

Grandstream DP720

This is an inexpensive VoIP solution that gets the job done. Up to five phones can be attached to a single DECT hub and up to 10 SIP accounts per handset. It’s a full HD audio phone with a long range that’s perfect for small businesses or as a home phone.

The Grandstream DP720 is a high quality DECT wireless IP phone designed for homes and small business. It has three-way local conferencing, phonebook, and DECT authentication and encryption technology. With a modern design and high-end features, it’s a great phone for a great price.

Price: £50

Overall Rating :

Key features:

✓ 10 hour talk time

✓ 80 hour standby mode

✓ 300 metre outdoor range, 50 metre indoor range

✓ 5 phones per DECT base

▶ Read more: Best SIP providers UK

The benefits of VoIP for your small business

VoIP Benefits for small business

VoIP brings several benefits for your business, no matter the size. Let's take a look four ways a VoIP system can help your business grow.

1. Reduce costs

The adoption of a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone system for your small business can drastically reduce both your capex (capital expenditure) and opex (operational expenditure).

In other words, not only is it a great long term investment, but it will start saving you money on your calls from day one.

Providers such as One2Call offer free inter-site communication, which is hugely beneficial for your business, especially if you're looking to expand. Providers offer VoIP to UK landline calls for as little as 1p per minute.

2. Flexible and mobile communications

VoIP systems can work from any location with internet, or via a VPN (virtual private network). This makes them a great choice for if you run a smaller business, with staff who work from home. Telephone numbers can be retained and will remain directly associated with the main business office, allowing employees to use the same service.

One good example of what UK VoIP providers can offer your small business comes from Voipfone, who deliver up to 800 different extensions (per account).

These can be placed in any physical location, in the same office or internationally, and calls will be free of charge.

3. Enable growth

VoIP offers the potential to scale up operations as your business continues to grow.

Additional ports can be easily configured and brought online to provide for an extended service, or withdrawn and taken down when you no longer need them.

This can all be achieved seamlessly without disruption or down time, ensuring that communication between your employees and customers will not suffer.

The V-Plan Business VoIP package from Vonage (from £12.25 per month) gives you unlimited dialling to UK landlines, as well as unlimited calls to Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Canada and the US. This makes it a great option if your business is looking to expand into exciting new territories.

4. Connect to the future

Studies have shown that over 45% of UK businesses were already using VoIP phone systems in 2016 and that the majority of the rest would be doing so in the near future. And with call charges of up to 50% lower than BT and other providers, it’s no wonder so many savvy small businesses in the UK are making the switch. Are you?

Save by Comparing VoIP Phone System Quotes from Leading Suppliers
Do you already have a VoIP Phone System?

VoIP Phone Accessories

Some businesses choose to invest in VoIP headsets, which have a number of benefits including increased employee comfort when making long calls, freeing your hands for other tasks such as using a computer while you are on the phone and freedom of movement.

The latest models have significantly improved sound quality compared to earlier handsets. There are a number of different VoIP headphones available with prices starting from around £20 per set.

Other accessories available include conference call sound stations, and cases to protect cordless phones. There’s a wide range of suppliers of VoIP telephone hardware, so shopping around is always a good idea.


As we’ve explored, a VoIP service offers many important benefits that will help you run a more efficient, flexible business.

The best UK VoIP providers for businesses are 4Com, Lily Comms, Vonage, Berry, RingCentral, bOnline, Enreach, BT, Focus Group, 8×8, and Mitel. All these providers offer systems that come with modern unified communications features (such as video meetings), and can be used flexibly at any location with an internet connection.

To find out more about the costs and services available from the best VoIP providers in the UK, try our free quote-finding tool. We'll match you up with the best VoIP providers for you, and they'll be in touch with free, competitive, tailored quotes, plus answers to your questions, so you don't have to spend any more time on arduous research.

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