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Avaya Telephone Systems

This article will give you an overview of Avaya telephone systems and where to find the best suppliers in the UK.

Avaya Telephone Systems

Avaya are leading manufacturers of communication systems and provide services like unified communications, data networking, contact centres and communications for small and medium sized businesses.

Avaya supply companies and organisations with communication services worldwide and have partnered with many other well known manufacturers and suppliers, including Carroll Communications and British Telecom (BT).

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Avaya Telephone Systems

Avaya has developed a range of high quality telephone systems suitable for all business types and sizes and below are three of their most popular products from their Avaya-BT partnership.

Avaya IP Office 8.0

Avaya IP Office 8.0 is suitable for the medium sized-business or call centre. It distributes an appealing experience for voice, video, and mobility on essentially any device. It is simple enough to run on an appliance, yet powerful enough to support 2,000 users with its software. It boasts flexible configurations, allowing you to select a deployment model that compliments your infrastructure objectives. From one single source, this complete, integrated solution comes with collaboration software plus multichannel contact centres, networking, security, and videos. The initial investment is smaller, while also offering less maintenance, and reduced power consumption. For the full list of benefits, click here

BT/Avaya IP Office Telephone Systems

The BT/Avaya IP Office Telephone System is suitable for the medium to large sized business.

It has the capacity to expand from five to 383 users via the use of specific software and the addition of further IP telephones.

Customers can contact staff at anytime, even when they are at home or on the move, via the integration of the office phones and mobiles and the majority of the features come as standard, thus cutting out the need for additional extras and further expense.

The built in conferencing facility is able to accommodate up to 64 persons and with the proactive fault management you can rest assured that the system will continue to run smoothly and efficiently at all times.

This system costs from just 38p per user per day to run and can be purchased via a buy now pay later scheme or leased under a minimum term of 12 months.

Customers may also like to take advantage of a 30 per cent discount on this particular product by purchasing it in conjunction with a PROMPT or TOTAL CARE three or five year maintenance plan.

Avaya CS1000 Business Communication System

The Avaya Business Communication System is a scalable IP communication system with the capacity to expand from 48 users up to 22,500 users and is suitable for the medium to large business.

This telephone system from Avaya has an incredible 750 telephony features, many of which have been designed by customers, including:

  • Digital and analogue set support
  • Wireless
  • Woft-phones and IP
  • Can be integrated with such application providers as Microsoft and IBM

With the use of a single call server, this state of the art system can support up to 22,500 users and unlimited scalability can be achieved when multiple servers are networked together.

Further Information

If you would like further information on Avaya telephone systems, simply fill out the short form above and Expert Market will match you up to the best suppliers in the UK.