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4Com PLC Business Telephone Systems Review

This article will review 4Com PLC telephone systems, provide an overview of their products and the advantages of choosing them to supply your telephone system.

5 Advantages of 4Com Phone Systems

Implementing hardware and software, in addition to the services on offer from 4Com, can have many advantages for businesses, both in internal and external capacities

1. The ability to track the percentage of answered and unanswered calls by individuals can assist in determining training needs and detecting where there is room for improvement.

2. PC integration can also help increase efficiency and productivity, leading to greater profitability.

3. Compliance, especially for those regulated by the Financial Services Authority, is a further advantage.

4. 4Com's telephone systems, and their utilisation of VoIP, can allow businesses to offer greater opportunities to their employees. VoIP makes it simpler for employees to work from different locations, creating greater flexibility within the working environment. It also offers the chance for staff to work remotely from home should this is be an avenue a business wishes to explore in order to reduce office costs. VoIP can also significantly reduce call charges.

5. Looking at external benefits, fully comprehensive telephone systems can increase B2B and B2C relationships by making it quicker and simpler for clients and investors to reach the right person within the organisation. It also reduces the risk of missed opportunities, with high tech voicemail systems ensuring every message is responded to within a reasonable time frame.

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4Com PLC History

4Com PLC is a telephone solutions supplier, providing UK businesses with all round hardware and software systems to make both internal and external communications easier and more cost effective.

Established in 1999, 4Com has installed more than 8000 handsets at UK premises, and count more than 70,000 office workers amongst their software users. 4Com has a relatively good reputation in the telephony field, working with clients such as Henderson Legal and Harwoods Bentley.

4Com PLC Hardware

4Com have partnered with Samsung to supply their clients with digital Samsung handsets with an easy to see screen that clearly shows the caller's number, and name if this has been pre-programmed.

Calls can be forwarded either internally or externally with just the touch of a button, while for businesses with conference needs, the multiple caller feature is ideal, and prevents the need for a separate, dedicated conference phone which can be costly. The handset can also be connected to a business network, allowing for easy integration with office PCs.

4Com PLC Software

The supplied Samsung handsets can be loaded with a range of software features to enhance business communications.

One such feature is call recording, which is particularly suitable for the customer service industry where calls are often monitored for training purposes, and for the financial industry where it is a legal requirement to record conversations.

Advanced voicemail options are also available, altering employees via email when they have an outstanding message to ensure no messages are overlooked, as well as VoIP software which transfers calls through an internet connection, reducing costs and opening up a wider range of opportunities and flexibility for employees.

4Com PLC Services

4Com offer technical support to their clients, with UK based call centres providing peace of mind for potential customers. Using virtual support as a first line method, many issues can be sorted instantly via internet chat.

However, for more complex problems, 4Com will send a skilled engineer to the premises for no upfront call out cost. If the system is deemed to be damaged beyond repair, both hardware and software can be replaced for free. All regular maintenance and support is included in the monthly invoice.

Pricing Information

As the handsets available from 4Com are tailored to each individual business, with different software applications, it's also difficult to project a set in stone cost. The best way to get a good idea of the costs for your company's personal requirements is to obtain a quote.

Further Information

If you would like more information on this particular supplier, or to compare 4Com PLC against competitors, simply fill out the form above and Expert Market will match you according to your business needs.