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4Com are a specialist provider of business telephone solutions. The company was established in 1999, and is now one of the fastest growing telecommunications companies in the UK.

4Com are a renowned and well-respected business with a great ethos. They’ve also been named in the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For five years in a row.

What do 4Com offer?

4Com have a broad range of telephone solutions, making them the perfect choice for small and larger businesses alike:

HiHi: a unique video technology

Say hi to HiHi.

This is 4Com’s revolutionary new product that combines the ease of a phone call with the personal touch of a video call.


“With HiHi you are able to see what’s really being said, by picking up on facial expressions and creating a more personal working relationship.” – 4com

It’s the product of over 17 years of working with businesses phones, and has user experience at its heart.

Colleague not in the office? Not a problem – HiHi works from mobile, too.

VoIP and traditional phone systems

4Com have a wide selection of excellent VoIP and traditional phone systems to choose from.

Typical features of their products include:

  • Voicemail with email notifications, redirects and welcome messages
  • Call recording that is simple to implement for both training and legal purposes
  • Call reporting to help improve call flow and reduce the number of dropped calls
  • Hold messages to create a lasting impression and take advantage of the marketing opportunity
  • Caller ID so you can see the full history of the person calling and provide a more personal service

This is by no means an exhaustive list – the more hi-spec phones have a whole host of special features you wouldn’t even know exist.

Phone software and apps

4Com know that having a great phone system is all well and good, but ultimately you need the software to back it up. Theirs includes call recording and easy integration with your computer, and it will help you get the most out of your phone system. With the ability to analyse calls and call patterns comes the ability to tweak processes and maximise efficiency.

Why choose 4Com?

There are plenty of business telephone suppliers in the UK, so what makes 4Com stand out? How have they gone from strength to strength since day one?

Let’s take a look at the key benefits working with 4Com can offer:

✓ Easy installation and plenty of support

When telephones form such an integral part of your business, it’s easy to postpone change for fear of disruption. Fortunately, 4Com have installing new systems down to a fine art – it’s really quick and will cause you little disturbance, and no downtime.

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4Com have a dedicated UK-based call centre, and all staff have extensive training and telecoms experience – in fact, 4Com engineers have an average length of service of over seven years.

✓ Wealth of telephones experience

4Com’s experience not only means they offer tailored support, it also means they develop unique technologies. Products like the HiHi take into account everything they’ve learned about how businesses use phones during their many years of business.

✓ Great company ethos

It’s clear that 4Com have an excellent culture at their core, and this translates into excellent customer service. Not only are employees motivated and positive, but they also communicate effectively between departments, meaning any issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

The 4Com staff also take on lots of crazy challenges in order to raise money for charity. From a purely business point of view, this might not affect you directly. But partnering with a good company with honest values just feels… well, good, doesn’t it?

✓ Flexibility and scalability

A small business with three employees? Great. A 100-person strong call-centre? No problem.

4Com are serious when they say that their solutions offer real value to businesses of all shapes and sizes. More importantly, they know that businesses need a phone system that will grow as they do. Their systems all fit the bill.

See how HiHi has benefited Autofficina, an independent specialist service centre for Italian supercars.

4Com pricing

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Our verdict

4Com aren’t one of the biggest UK telecommunications companies for nothing. They offer systems with state of the art technology at affordable prices. They also have excellent customer service to make every stage of the process a breeze.

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Aimee is Expert Market’s resident telephone systems, point of sale, and field service software go-to. If she’s not writing about business products, you’ll find her daydreaming about Dorset beaches.

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