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4com phone systems review 2018

4com are a specialist provider of business telephone solutions. The 4Com group was established in 1999 and is one of the fastest growing companies in the UK who offer telecommunications products. 4com are a renowned and well respected business. They have been rated one of the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For.

4com aim to provide practical and convenient solutions for all types of business, helping them to increase productivity and generate more revenue.

4com Review
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4com Features

4com phone systems are designed with smart businesses in mind. They offer a reliable, feature rich system for all types of business.


Voicemail is so much more than simply collecting voice messages. With the voicemail feature from 4com, businesses can enjoy greater flexibility when processing calls.

  • Take advantage of email notifications
  • Easily redirect callers to another number
  • Set up professional welcome messages for internal and external customers

4com systems allow you to make a great impression every time you receive a call.

Call Recording

Many businesses can benefit from call recording, whether it’s for training or legal purposes. With 4com, call recording has never been easier. You can use the handy call recording feature on inbound and outbound telephone calls. Improve employee performance, resolve problems more effectively and enhance customer service standards. When you need to access call recordings, the 4com system enables easy retrieval and crystal clear quality- so you can hear everything that was said in detail.

Call Reporting

Every missed or abandoned call is a lost opportunity. Call reporting collects crucial business data which can help you work smarter. The 4com business systems are built with this in mind. Collect statistics such as call duration and missed calls with auto-generated reports. You can find any areas of weakness in your customer service and deploy additional resources or deliver training to improve your business. The 4com system also enables you to track the flow of calls, so you can see where calls start and where they end up.

Hold Messages

Customer service starts from the moment that a customer places an inbound call. With custom hold messages you can create a lasting impression with current and potential customers. This reduces call abandon rates and opens the door for marketing efforts. Businesses can use their creativity to develop hold messages that engage, sell and encourage a customer to stay on hold until a representative becomes available.

Caller Identification

Another useful function from 4com is caller ID. Based on Computer Telephony Integration, representatives can obtain a wealth of information about a caller before even speaking with them.

If the caller is an existing customer the technology will:

  • bring up their company record
  • detail what products/ services they have purchased previously
  • flag any open customer support tickets
  • display any other notes that may help with the call

For new customers, the computer can also access relevant information found on the individual from the web. This means representatives can respond to the customers needs most effectively.

Advantages of the 4com System

In addition to their dynamic and modern features, 4com's systems have strong business benefits.

Seamless Integration

4com brings together a standard telephone system with computer technology (Computer Telephony Integration). This boosts productivity and improve call handling. Features such as the pre-call customer data display, and the ability to check colleagues availability before redirecting customers, enables a seamless all round experience. This benefits businesses of all sizes. They can gain more control over their communications, to the benefit of individuals on both ends of the line.

Easy Installation

4com works with businesses to make sure that their solutions are installed without issue. They are set up within a day, with little to no disruption to the business. No lengthy delays in switching over and no periods of system downtime. It is fast and simple.

What kind of business is 4com most suited for?

4com systems for business

4com phone systems are suitable for all types of business. Their solutions provide a great deal of flexibility for every company, from a small, local business through to a large, established organisation. 4com caters for the SME market supporting businesses from tailors through to medical centres. Any business in the SME sector would be well served when choosing 4com.


4com offer tailored quotations. These can be accessed through our website by answering a few simple questions.


For businesses looking to install an effective, feature rich telephone system, 4com phone systems will serve you well.

With a proven track record in the industry and a growing list of clients, 4com phone systems provide a one stop shop for all your telephone requirements, particularly if you are a SME.