Telemarketing Hours, Laws & Rules 2018


Telemarketing Laws 2018

Two official bodies regulate this industry – Ofcom and the International Commissioner’s Office. Companies that ignore telemarketing laws put themselves at risk of fines which can amount to £500,000. This comes as a result of increasing numbers of complaints from the general public. Telemarketing companies who continue to flout the flaw will therefore face punishment.

So, what exactly are the telemarketing rules and regulations?

The following information will help you abide by the law when undertaking a telemarketing campaign.

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Telemarketing Rules: Cold Calling & Unsociable Hours Law

Telephone Preference Service (TPS)

The TPS enlists those who have chosen to opt-out of uninvited marketing calls on their landlines and mobile phones. By law, telemarketing companies must refer to this list before making any cold calls. Fines are a common result of ignoring this regulation.

Even if a third party service makes the call, it is the business instigating it that receives the fine.

For more in-depth information on the TPS register, we recommend our expert guide.

Telemarketing Hours

In the UK, there are no rules regarding the timing of sales and marketing calls. Therefore, companies can call you at any time of day. This is a common complaint that consumers make when unwanted calls interfere with their personal life.

You should be aware that you may have to accept a trade-off. You can call prospects at any time of day. However, who will want to buy your product/ service when they’re disturbed at an inconvenient time?

US Telemarketers have to abide by rules outlined in the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, 1991. Within is, telemarketers can call between 8am and 9pm unless a consumer requests a call outside of these times.

Caller Identity / Caller ID

Telemarketing companies must provide an Automatic Number Identification (ANI) for outgoing cold calls. They must also provide a legitimate phone number to Caller ID systems, so the receiver can call back if they wish. This confirms who the call is from in the event of a complaint. It also provides a record of all calls made.

The telemarketing industry attracts negative feedback from recipients who have signed up to the TPS and still receive unsolicited calls. Companies who instigate these calls can face fines up to £500,000 for ignoring regulations in this manner.

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