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Market Makers

Market Makers began in 2004 and has since face explosive growth year on year. It provides ideal solutions for lead generation and appointment-setting marketing campaigns.

The award-winning telemarketing services provider is a versatile player, boasting the much-needed experience to work with small and large businesses. It does so in the technology, financial, and professional services sectors across the UK.

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Products and Services

Market Makers excels in lead generation, appointment setting and telemarketing. It ensures a simple yet meticulous approach. Telemarketers at Market Makers have perfected the art of communication. They know how to introduce product benefits and features, and always engage prospects with the right tone of voice. They also grasp the importance of understanding a product and having an honest approach.

You have the option to start an entire campaign from scratch or allow their telemarketers to carry on an existing lead-generation campaign that you have already begun. This can support further sales leads.

Some of the services offered by Market Makers include:

  • Ready buyer lists
  • The ability for customers to follow up on sales
  • High quality leads
  • Value for money sales potential

Ease of Use

Market Makers telemarketers work at great speed to effectively communicate a new product/ service to your customers. The same approach is continued into the lead-generation process, increasing the potential to educate prospects about the latest offers.

Once they have your desired customers’ contact details, the bulk of the lead-gathering process is completed by a Market Makers telemarketer. Decision makers are identified and potential-buyer lists can be cleaned up and presented back to you – saving time and money. This professional approach means you can benefit from additional client details including business name, address, website URL, telephone number, turnover, and SIC codes.

Market Makers also have the potential to ensure client calls are received promptly, reducing waiting time and ensuring prospects get answers to questions when they need them. They can also include call recordings for each client provided, which can help businesses adopt the right sales call strategy.

Track Record

Pilkington Glass

Pilkington Glass needed to integrate telemarketing into other marketing campaigns already conducted, including direct mail for two target areas. The company was unhappy with ROI results generated by the in-house operations, who used a purchased list of warm leads.

Market Makers used the same list for effective telemarketing calls to restaurants, hotels, small and large building companies.

The outcome was more than favourable on cost/benefit projections estimated by Pilkington Glass. Performance was far superior when compared to two other service providers working on similar campaigns.

CDK Global

ADP Dealer Services (now CDK Global) were targeting IT decision-makers in car dealerships and needed to outsource lead generation until sales contact was made. They felt the need to develop future prospects with the right education and case studies.

Market Makers understood the IT infrastructure existing in each car dealership and generated a well-researched database of prospects working closely with ADP to fulfil updated requirements.

The result was more than 200 sales appointments for the ADP business team including individual call recordings; Benchmarks set by ADP for appointments and rate of appointments per hour were surpassed.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

Market Makers has achieved tremendous growth over a decade and has developed industry leading capabilities that prove beneficial to the services it offers to clients. Some of the benefits of using Market Makers include:

  • Highly-trained professionals pick up vital marketing intricacies very quickly to effectively communicate with potential buyers
  • The company has built up reputation and goodwill among businesses across different niches. A new business looking to enter a competitive market always chooses the service provider to access buyer leads interested in the offered product or service
  • Automation using lead forensics and email marketing helps generate an accurate initial list of interested buyers
  • Market Makers is counted among the Top 100 companies and has consistently achieved excellent returns on investment with sound research and continuous training
  • Competitive costing ideally suited to benefit new as well as established businesses
  • Telemarketers trained to penetrate any niche with sound marketing techniques

The company has a few weaknesses but with focus on quality is likely to remove repetitive mistakes through innovation and training:

  • Market Makers has to depend on partners across the United Kingdom to gain initial leads thereby having to work hard at data cleansing
  • A business trying out a completely new campaign has to depend on the initial marketing run to calculate return on investment
  • With the head office located at Portsmouth and a northern office at Manchester, only businesses willing to travel have access to elaborate on-site demonstrations
  • Success with large and established companies does not necessarily translate into similar success with start-ups and small businesses


Market Makers offers customers the chance to gain valuable leads through tested lead generation campaigns.

Here is a company ready to improvise and accommodate businesses in different fields, while at the same time improve systems to generate ready buyer lists thereby saving valuable time and money for customers.

It is willing to invest in modern technology and increase capability to find lucrative leads in sub niches.

Internal processes are constantly improved to get rid of inherent disadvantages existing in the telemarketing industry as a whole.

Considering all factors, we definitely recommend Marketmakers as the service provider to approach whenever businesses need quick and reliable telemarketing, lead generation, and appointment-making services.

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