Best Telemarketing Services for Your Small Business in 2019

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Telemarketing for SMEs

Employing a telemarketing agency enables small and medium businesses to target potential new customers. However, with fees that vary by campaign and sector, it certainly does not present a cheap, quick fix. Businesses may have to wait weeks before they see the benefit of their investment.

It is vital that all start-ups and small businesses optimise lead generation rates to promote productivity and growth. When first employing telemarketers, it is highly advisable to ensure that they are capable of delivering results that meet the specific business needs.


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Types of Telemarketing for Small Businesses

There are two types of telemarketing: Inbound and Outbound. Both are applicable to B2B and B2C Telemarketing campaigns.

Inbound Telemarketing

This is less common for smaller businesses. Many prefer to save on costs and handle their own incoming calls. Despite this, inbound telemarketing can still offer several benefits:

  • Outsourced team can focus solely on handling incoming calls
  • In-house team is free to pursue more profitable avenues
  • Increased opportunities for cross- and up-selling when customers call in
  • Increased customer satisfaction thanks to prompt resolution of queries
  • Issues and queries can be handled in a timely manner
  • No need to hire more staff and increase payroll expenditure – just hire the agency when you need them
  • Cleansing of contact data as leads call in – you can check and update their details

Outbound Telemarketing

Undertaking money-spinning, outbound telemarketing campaigns will likely be of more interest to small businesses. This will help them reach more customers and increase sales. Aside from this, outbound campaigns can benefit SMEs in numerous different ways:

  • Simplify B2B/B2C communications with a dedicated, outsourced sales team
  • Specify how to sell the product/service and inform the telemarketers exactly what they need to know, as well as how to address the prospect.
  • Professional telemarketers will ensure that they don’t accidentally call anyone on the TPS register
  • In-house team are free to focus on converting the leads generated by the agency
  • Professional telemarketers are experts at lead-generation and prospect research
  • Tune up-selling and cross-selling opportunities to get maximum ROI
  • Generate large quantities of high-quality prospects in a short period of time
  • Software used by telemarketing agencies can focus on specific target markets so that you reach the people you need to

Telemarketing Costs for Your Small Business

There are a few different pricing options available to small businesses interested in running a telemarketing campaign.

Pay Per Lead

Pay per lead telemarketing provides a less risky option for the small business. The service provider is literally ‘paid per lead’ generated. This is not a model widely offered by telemarketing companies as it offers them less ROI of time.

Pay Per Appointment

Pay per appointment is also not an option widely offered by providers. Those who do can be very selective about their clients, only working for those who will offer the best net return. Closing the sale will still be the responsibility of the customer. They may find that, following 10 arranged meetings made by the telemarketing company, they have managed to generate no sales. They will still be liable to pay the fee.

Pay Per Hour/Day/Month

Pay per day (or hour, or month) can be the most risky option for the small business with a limited marketing budget. Costs can soon mount up with little or no return on investment.

Remember: It is always worth contacting providers to discuss specific requirements and to ask for advice. There is a good chance that they will be able to offer you a solution to suit your needs.

SME-Recommended Telemarketing Agencies

There are many options for small businesses to choose from when looking into telemarketing campaigns. Below are three of the top UK agencies, who we recommend for smaller businesses. You can find out more about each by following the links:

Market Makers

Market Makers is an award-winning telemarketing agency that has valuable experience working with SMEs in the financial, tech & professional service sectors.

Market Makers are experts in lead generation, appointment setting and telemarketing. Their team are communication experts and are competent when explaining product benefits and features to prospects.

Expert Market rated Marketmaker’s service offering as five stars our of five.

BMG Marketing

BMG Marketing lead the way in generating prospects and ensuring that contact lists are only populated with clean data.

Whether you need new prospects or a team of pros to push a new product and book sales appointments, BMG won’t let you down.

We rated BMG Marketing’s services at four stars out of five.

Estadia Ltd

With almost a decade’s worth of experience Estadia have come a long way. They have the track record to prove it. Although focusing on telemarketing, Estadia also offer training to sales teams who want to equip themselves with expert-level telephone sales skills.

Estadia focus heavily on the earlier stages of campaigns and are definitely one to consider if you need to book in a large number of sales appointments.

Expert Market rated Estadia Ltd’s services at four stars out of five.

Ensuring Telemarketing Success

Hiring a telemarketing agency doesn’t guarantee immediate success. Tweaking and adjustments will occur as companies become better acquainted with one another. To maximise your ROI, we suggest the following precautions:

Know What You Need

Telemarketing agencies offer a wide range of services. It can therefore be easy to agree to several campaigns that may not be relevant to what you actually want to achieve. Likewise, if your brief is unclear and demands too much from a campaign, then you can expect poorer results and fewer sales.

Before starting, think carefully – what is the point of your campaign? Do you want to:

  • Generate new leads?
  • Market products/services to an existing contact list?
  • Book sales appointments with hot leads?
  • Clean existing contacts and update their details?
  • Conduct market research / complete a customer survey?

These are just a selection of potential reasons that might make a telemarketing campaign a necessity. However, each incurs different costs. Unless you have the financials, it is wise for small businesses to consider their individual needs and focus on achieving these first. You’ll always have the opportunity to push your boundaries further if the first campaign is a success.

Do Your Homework

You need to understand what it is that you want from a telemarketing campaign. Not only this, it is just as important to know who you are working with.

Like any other business, telemarketing agencies cover a wide variety of sectors. So if you have received a very cheap quote from one agency and a slightly more expensive quote from a second company, you should take a serious look at both. Why does one charge more than the other? Do they have more relevant experience, which will generate more leads? What are their track records like? How long have they been in business? Where is the agency located?

Regarding that last point, you may find that some agencies offer cheaper rates due to overseas location. This drastically reduces overheads. Overseas call centres were once an object of derision. Yet in our ever-more-connected world, there is no reason to buy into this tired cliché. Agencies in the Phillipines and beyond have gained a foothold in the market by offering, cheap, dependable services that deliver results.

We recommend that you research any telemarketing agency you think could be a good fit with your business. If they’re not – and you still agree to work with them – you’ll only be wasting time and money that could be better spent elsewhere.

Next Steps

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