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Guide to Manchester Telemarketing Companies

Manchester is home to a number of experienced telemarketing companies. Any agency will offer customer service and regular helpdesk facilities in-house. Your business will benefit from this as there is no need to purchase additional technology or hire more staff.

Expert Market has reviewed some of Manchester's best telemarketing agencies below.

Manchester Telemarketing Companies

Alex Merlin Consultancy (AMC)

AMC prides itself on getting through to decision makers using tested methods and insider knowledge. They understand that not all businesses like to cold call, or simply may not have the resources to make sales calls. Essentially, AMC offer a wide range of services designed to make business life easier. This will help companies generate bigger sales and build better customer relationships.

AMC’s key services include cold calling, appointment setting, follow up calls and data checking. It has positive testimonials from RMD Accountancy and Tech 4T Territory Mapping Services.

EJS Marketing

Providing smart solutions for telemarketing needs, EJS Marketing are a Salford-based agency. It has a wealth of experience in providing services to a number of business types. EJs offer consultations before establishing the best solutions in order to maximise the chance of success.

Some of their main services include appointment setting, lead generation and event marketing. These, in addition to many others, fulfill multiple business objectives. Prices are affordable and flexible in order to suit businesses of all sizes. Previous clients include Mints Recruitment Solutions Ltd and Northern Employment Services.

TMIB (The Marketing Intelligence Bureau)

TMIB are an experienced telemarketing agency providing useful and effective services. Upon initial discussions, TMIB work out the best actions for a business in order to meet their objectives.

Their core services include telesales, appointment setting, lead generation, and outsourced cold calling. Their experiences have led them to deliver the best results for their clients. This involves boosting sales, customer volumes and B2B communication. You can discuss prices with TMIB directly.

Ant Marketing

They focus on quality and value for businesses. Their main services include appointment setting, lead generation and inbound customer service options. Ant Marketing work with each client on an individual basis to provide solutions which match their needs. Pricing plans reflect each business's own budget. Using expertise to deliver results, Ant Marketing have positive testimonials from clients.

Market Makers

Market Makers deliver telemarketing services in the UK. Featured in The Times’ Top 100 Companies To Work For, their staff wish to deliver the most effective results possible. Lead generation, appointment setting and data cleansing are amongst their main services. These help address a number of issues - declining sales and low customer retention - to help turn things around. Their clients include Toshiba, Lloyds TSB and the Holiday Inn. Prices are flexible and you discuss them directly with Market Makers.

The Lead Generation Company

This company base themselves on three core functions - people, winning strategy and data. Employees have experience in their field, with a proven track record in delivering results for you, their clients. They work to your specific business needs to generate quality sales leads. They boast 98% accuracy in their B2B data yet they also offer to use your own data, if desired. In the past, The Lead Generation Company have worked with clients such as easyHotel, Schwarzkopf and HP.

Persuasion Media

This marketing agency began in 2012 and has since build up a good reputation. Known for building great relationships with local and national businesses, they tailor their approach to clients' needs. They strive to work in partnership so as to get the best results via smart market intelligence. They manage all projects in a professional manner with the hope of bringing you success.

What's Next?

These telemarketing agencies should offer insight to the types of available services for your business. Telemarketing agencies exist primarily to boost sales and build better customer relationships. Whatever the campaign may be, such agencies solve the problem of additional effort and staffing that would.

For further information on the above, as well as new information, complete the form at the top of the page. Expert Market UK will bring you detailed search results based on your requirements.