5 Best Free Telemarketing Software Systems & Downloads 2019

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Top 5 Best Free Software Downloads

SMEs may lack the capital or cash-flow required to hire a telemarketing agency. If this is the case for you, do not fear! You can take advantage of the opportunities that telemarketers provide through other means. There are numerous open source telemarketing tools available online which you can download for free.

Take a look at the best free software listed below. Perhaps one of them is an ideal fit for your company.

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TeleMarketing Software System

This system was originally registered in 2009 to provide outbound telemarketing calls. Those that require inbound software would need to find additional options. TeleMarketing Software System is well-suited to small or independent businesses who want to try out telemarketing on a small scale. This way, they do not require hiring a professional agency. You can download this system on SourceForge.


  • Outbound telemarketing calls
  • Lead generation
  • Market research


  • Instant solution to telemarketing needs
  • Increased productivity and efficiency of staff

Absolute Software Solutions

Outbound calling is its main purpose. This software works on Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista operating systems.


  • Lead generation
  • Appointment setting
  • 1 – 100+ user capability
  • Data analysis
  • Email marketing


  • Suitable for all sizes of business
  • Can boost productivity by 50% or more
  • Target your sales efforts through data analysis
  • Boost your bottom line
  • Improve call handling times
  • Boost conversion rates

ICT Dialler

Developed by ICT Innovations, this piece of open source software is capable of broadcasting thousands of calls simultaneously. It uses VoIP, FoiP, or PSTN technology.


  • Bulk voice broadcasting, SMS messaging, and fax blasting
  • Customisable Interactive Voice Response system with a multiple option menu
  • Contact management and filtering system built in
  • Import contacts from external files
  • Campaign scheduler


  • Scalable solution to grow your business
  • Establish your company ‘voice’ using the specialist IVR system
  • Plan and execute campaigns to suit your business
  • Use data from existing databases and files, and import to provide a centralised database of leads

Kinamu Telesales (Telemarketing module)

This software is available on Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista, and OS independent operating systems. It went through updates and redesign in April 2013.


  • Telemarketing campaign management
  • Sales performance optimisation
  • Work, home, and mobile phone fields
  • Additional information screen includes name and job title, company name and email address


  • You can input detailed information on all calls to the system. This includes call outcomes, whether call-backs are appropriate and the operator’s name
  • Single source for all telemarketing details
  • Can be customised to your business
  • Boost conversion rates and make your sales force more efficient


Vicidial software is for use alongside the Asterisk open source PBX phone system. It provides a complete solution to inbound and outbound telemarketing needs.


  • Web based
  • Real time information
  • Extensive reporting on each campaign and sales agent
  • Remote agent login capability
  • Available in English or Spanish versions
  • Inbound email handling
  • Full regulatory compliance
  • Integrated call recording
  • 3-way calling feature
  • Scheduled call-backs
  • Scalable software
  • Usable with standard Telco lines and VoIP


  • No licensing costs
  • Remote login offers additional flexibility
  • Scalable software grows with your business
  • Reports provide accurate analysis of campaign effectiveness

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