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Telemarketing Companies Overview

Companies divulge in telemarketing to sell their goods or services. Initial contact is usually made by phone. This may be as a result of previous contact or through ‘cold calling’.

Telemarketing can be a powerful ally for business. You can market a new product or service and generate leads for sales campaigns.

Outsourcing your telephone-based work to experts will increase your free time which will allow you to focus talent in other areas.

See how B2B & B2C telemarketing could benefit your business below.

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What is Telemarketing?

Telemarketing exists in two forms: outbound and inbound.

The outbound type relates to the telemarketer contacting the customers. You may have contacted them on a previous occasion. Inbound telemarketing refers to customers making the contact. Advertising or recommendations may have driven them to do so.

Business to Business (B2B) directs telemarketing towards businesses whilst Business to Customer (B2C) is toward customers. Despite this, you should follow best practice at all times if you’re making a cold call. We’ve created a guide to help you with this!

In recent years, telemarketing has developed a bad name. This falls on the fact that companies employ dubious practices. Some automated dialing methods produce silent calls. This means that customers hear nothing when answering the phone. In turn, this can cause fear and distress. Similarly, companies risk a £500,000 fine if they contact people against their will.

However, reputable telemarketing companies do exist. They operate to high standards and deliver professional services.

Business Benefits of Telemarketing

Business operations are difficult to streamline in today’s market. Time and money are crucial, and we simply cannot waste them. Promoting or selling products in the wrong market wastes time. To combat this, you should consider working with a telemarketing agency. You’ll find the following benefits:

Target the Right Prospects & Increase Conversions

Begin by collecting relevant data on potential customers. Analysis will ensure a targeted and precise approach to marketing. Make sure to include identifying customers as they will likely need whatever is on offer.

Initial contact will encourage a positive response from potential clients.

Close More Deals & Boost Profits

Telemarketing strategies reach a wider market than bricks and mortar types. The former offers a personal touch instead of broad internet advertising. The emotional edge will increase the number of prospects to the sales funnel.

Additionally, it is harder to decline sales appointments through face to face dialogue.

Free Up Your Team & Encourage Growth

Careful market research will help ensure that campaigns head in the right direction. Company leaders will be more confident as a result. With this, they can focus their energy on their business development as a whole.

Proactively Handle Doubts & Gain Customer Loyalty

Most people appreciate being able to discuss things with a person. This will help address questions and concerns in a direct manner. The search-time for a FAQs section or a company website will also be avoided this way.

Gain Market Insights & Generate Fresh Ideas

Telemarketing enables the company to respond to feedback. Existing customers can provide valuable insights from past experiences which can be helpful in developing future operations. New customers offer useful market research information. For example, a change in pricing may lead to increased sales.

The Professionals Know What They Are Doing

Businesses have the option to conduct telemarketing themselves. However, bizarre product pitches and questionable marketing campaigns often lead amateurs astray. This means that they run the risk of damaging their own reputation. We recently spoke to over 2,000 people who revealed some rather amusing, and somewhat dark, stories regarding their telemarketing experiences – read them here!

To avoid this, most businesses opt for a professional telemarketing service. An expert approach means you can expect a thorough job and better results.

Telemarketing Prices & Rates

Telemarketing campaigns involve a range of different factors. These may include the campaign length and scope as well as the strategy used. This means that the
overall cost will vary. Charging structures will likely include:

  • Charging per lead or appointment
  • Charging per hour, day, week or month
  • Charging per campaign

Paying per time period will require clear goals. This could be the expected number of calls made over that period. Alternatively, this could be the expected number of generated leads. Despite this, you must remember that telemarketing isn’t just making calls. Recording and analysing responses are fundamental too. Companies with the most calls don’t always offer the best overall service.

Generally, companies charge between £250 and £350 per day or between £10 and £30 per telemarketer per hour. On top of this, you will need to allow for set up costs (e.g. discussing your requirements, developing the script etc.). This may also be the case for other services such as the purchase of data.

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How to Choose the Top Telemarketing Company

Your choice of company will impact the success of any marketing campaign. In the first instance, the company must be reputable. You should also be confident in their telephone operatives as it is their duty to deliver polite and professional services. By doing so, this will help ensure a good ROI. To maximise this, we suggest taking the following precautions:

Get to Know the Company

Take sufficient time to research the company. Browse their website and find out exactly what services they offer. Look at what pricing strategies they use and how they conduct their business. Independent customer reviews will help you judge their track record. You will also grasp how they operate and can therefore determine whether this matches your business needs.

It may seem that larger operators with lengthy experience will provide the best service. However, newer or smaller companies might offer better rates or a personal service. Don’t discount them straight away!

Do your homework by finding out as much as possible about them. Liaise with them effectively when making initial inquiries.

Make Direct Contact

Why not call them yourself? This may give you a ‘feel’ for the company and the way they work. You can learn a lot from how staff handle themselves on the phone. Consider the following:

  • Was the phone answered in a friendly and professional manner?
  • Did the person make you feel valued?
  • Were any questions or queries answered to your satisfaction?

An indifferent experience might suggest you should look elsewhere.

Can They Meet Your Needs?

You should check that your preferred company can manage any requirements you may have. For example, if you sell a restricted product, they must adhere to an agreed script. You could leave yourself open to legal action if the product is mis-sold.

Make Sure the Costs Are Clear

Before committing, confirm that you understand exactly what your package includes. By now, you should understand the costs and what both parties can expect. This way everything is totally clear to everyone involved.

This is particularly important to SMEs looking for telemarketing companies and who may not have the disposable cash-flow of larger enterprises.

Top Telemarketing Companies in the UK

Over 600 companies operate in the UK. This means that charging structures, market focus and experience vary greatly. Some companies have specific expertise. This may be an important factor in your decision.

These are just a few UK telemarketing companies:

  • Seven Steps Commercial, Glasgow, has directors with over 50 years’ experience. It also holds its own in-house training programme.
  • Market Makers is a Portsmouth-based company. It has over 25 years’ experience and focuses on B2B marketing. It offers individual campaigns or a continuing service.
  • Red Kite Telesales, is a family-run business in London. It specialises in B2B telemarketing and sales.
  • 4Marketing Solutions Ltd, Portsmouth, focuses on high-quality lead generation. It was set up by two telemarketers with a combined 25 years’ experience in the industry.
  • The Cold Calling Club, Bradford, specialises in personal service delivery through outbound telemarketing.
  • BMG Marketing, Hertfordshire, offers a range of services including B2B telesales and telemarketing data cleansing.
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