Steel Buildings in Northern Ireland & Reviews

There is an increasing demand for steel buildings in Northern Ireland and they are a popular option for those looking for affordable solutions for both temporary and permanent spaces.

More affordable than brick and timber buildings, they can have a lifespan of up to 50 years and are easy to set up and relocate due to the lightness of materials involved. Below is a small sample of the available steel building companies in Northern Ireland.

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Steel building companies in Northern Ireland

Quality Steel Buildings

A family owned business based near Castlewellan, Northern Ireland, Quality Steel Buildings are specialists in designing and constructing steel buildings for different uses including garages and more.

They use the most advanced methods in order to ensure that buildings are durable and have a lifespan of around 40 years. Specialising in smaller steel buildings, Quality Steel Buildings offer value for money and a professional, reliable service. Final prices depend on specification and size and can be discussed with Quality Steel Buildings directly.

Dilly Roofing Supplies

Dilly Roofing Supplies are a leading provider of steel building products and services, focusing on the needs and requirements of their customers in order to provide exceptional results.

They use high quality materials such as Tata and Corus steel as well as other features which are designed to preserve the buildings and ensure their longevity. Each building is designed to meet a client’s needs and Dilly Roofing Supplies ensure a full service from the design through to the completion as well as provide additional features such as insulation. With excellent testimonials from clients such as Kildara Upholstery, Happy Dogs Boarding Kennels and more, Dilly are a reliable choice. Prices for custom designs can be obtained through contacting them directly.

Washingbay Sheds

Established in 1997, Washingbay Sheds are a long running business who specialise in designing and building a wide range of steel buildings including garages, sheds and workshops. They offer excellent value for money as well as being able to offer crucial advice to clients before they make any decisions.

Using high quality materials, Washingbay Sheds are able to produce steel buildings which are fit for purpose and ensure longevity, whether for temporary or permanent use. Each project is priced individually, contact Washingbay Sheds for further details.

H2 Engineering

With locations all over the UK, including Northern Ireland, H2 Engineering are a widely regarded supplier of steel buildings, specialising in designing and building structures such as garages, sheds, structural steel buildings and more.

Established in 2000, they have catered to businesses across a wide range of industries, delivering custom made designs which are strong and reliable and use the highest quality materials. They use a modular approach, which ensures that costs are low and that projects are completed quickly. Quotations are available directly from H2 Engineering.

Steel buildings can be used for a number of purposes, whether for domestic storage such as garages or sheds, commercial uses such as gyms and leisure facilities, industrial usage or even for agricultural use. Most steel building companies offer custom built designs to meet your specifications and can offer kits ready for you to install using detailed instructions or even take care of the erection on your behalf.

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