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By Lucy Crossfield | Editor | Updated: 28 May 2021

Benefits of steel buildings for your UK business

There are many reasons why you might wish to choose steel as the primary material for your new building.

Yet some people assume it may be either expensive or less than aesthetically pleasing. Neither of these things needs to be the case.

Steel has played a large part in many forms of building construction and over a long period of time.

Traditionally associated with structural components such as beams and pillars, steel has a huge number of advantages including its strength and structural integrity.

However, more recently rolled steel has also begun to be used extensively as a material for the cladding and exterior structure of buildings. This offers huge advantages over some other forms of other conventional materials, as it makes the building:

  • Very resistant to the corrosion and weather-related deterioration that may be relatively commonplace with other building materials. If the word rust springs to mind, then it is worth remembering that modern galvanised steel or that which is otherwise protected is extremely rust resistant.
  • Comparatively low maintenance in terms of cost and also maintenance is easy to achieve.
  • Quickly erectable.
  • Typically easy to configure to support the requirements of modern water, gas, electrical and information technology systems.
  • Relatively highly-resistant to fire hazards.
  • Equally, relatively secure – providing associated security doors, windows and locks are installed.
  • Possibly cost-attractive when compared to other forms of building material.

At one time, steel buildings were normally associated with structures such as garages, warehouses, storage units and perhaps commercial or industrial applications. However, today much more imaginative and comprehensive use is being made of steel as a building material, including its use for offices and even accommodation in some cases.

Other examples of modern day use might include hangars, riding centre stables, agricultural units and so on.

In days when budgets are tight and risks need to be managed downwards, steel buildings might offer many businesses the opportunity to significantly expand their premises on a very cost-effective basis.

Of course, some people may comment on the ascetics of steel buildings but in practice, modern cladding and related decorative systems mean that steel buildings can be easily made to look attractive and even as if they have been constructed in another material altogether.

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Prices and rates

Clearly, it is impossible to give an indication of the costs of a typical steel building, as so much will depend upon its size, nature, location and internal fittings and fitments.

It is though the case that costs for broadly similar buildings may vary very significantly from one provider to another. As is almost always the case, it may pay to shop around extensively prior to selecting your combination of architect, materials provider and building services, if you are planning to purchase those things separately.

Remember that even in the case of relatively modestly sized prefabricated steel buildings, there may well be planning permission issues associated with the site and your intended utilisation of it.

Always make sure you have an in-depth understanding of this issue and at the very least, if required, planning permission in outline before starting to spend money on steel building components.

Choosing the best steel building company/service

As a general rule, some providers may tend to specialise in different types of steel buildings.

Some may have an extensive track record in providing major industrial sized units to meet requirements for things such as warehousing and distribution or perhaps even manufacturing.

Others may be more geared up to providing more modestly-sized units aimed at adding garages, overflow office storage areas or perhaps additional stock storage locations for small to medium sized enterprises.

There is no easy way to outline how to select a provider for your given requirements as it is those requirements that will influence your selection. Even so, a few things to keep in mind might include:

  • How long the buildings provider has been in business.
  • Whether or not they offer an incorporated range of services including things such as planning and architectural designs.
  • Guarantees and warranties might prove to be very important to you, as may be how quickly they can respond in the event of a problem arising.
  • Their membership of appropriate professional bodies.

Selecting an appropriate provider might involve far more than simply looking for the cheapest possible price – and that’s where our services might be able to help.

Steel buildings – companies/services in the UK

Capital Steel Buildings – based in Scotland and offering a very large portfolio of buildings ranging from garages up to industrial units.

Steel Buildings Supply– a company based in Kidderminster, they have a large number of solutions and stress their ability to deliver cost-effective outcomes.

Cyclone Steel Buildings – an organisation that proudly claims to have been the first of its kind in the UK to achieve ISO accreditation. They also have some excellent videos on their web site.

Steel Buildings UK – claiming to the one of the UK’s largest suppliers, they offer a 25-year manufacturing guarantee on their products.

Gemini Steel Buildings – another major provider and one who offers a track record going back into the 1980s.

Next steps

There are, of course, a large number of other potential building providers and not all may necessarily be equally suitable for your particular set of circumstances.

If you’re less than enthusiastic about the thought of spending extended periods of time reading through the internet trying to make a shortlist of potential providers, then why not let us help? It is why we’re here and our specialist domain of expertise.

Through our services, we will identify the best providers around for your specific needs and arrange for you to quickly have access to some interesting quotations.

However, before being able to do so, we’ll obviously need to know a little more about your requirements.

Lucy Crossfield Editor

Lucy heads up the team on Expert Market, helping to deliver industry-leading expertise on business topics for nearly four years.

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