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Six Sigma WhiteBelt: UK Training, Courses & Prices

Six Sigma White Belt

Six Sigma White Belt – Expert Guide 2018

Six Sigma White Belt is the lowest and most easily achievable of the Six Sigma Belts. It acts as an introductory level for those wishing to learn more about process improvement techniques and philosophies.

Six Sigma is a business methodology aimed at streamlining work processes and reducing defects – in this case wasteful processes and customer dissatisfaction. It helps improve the way companies work and can boost profits through increased savings.

This article will look at:

  • What a White Belt is
  • Benefits of White Belt training
  • White Belt course content
  • UK White Belt course options

Six Sigma training can improve the way your teams work

What is a White Belt?

Each level – or Belt- of Six Sigma gradually improves your understanding of process improvement techniques and how to implement these in the workplace. White is the first stage of your training and is followed by Yellow, Green and Black belts.

As an introductory level, those completing White Belt training will understand:

  • Six Sigma’s history and underlying philosophies
  • What a Six Sigma project is
  • How to use DMAIC methods (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) to improve processes
  • How customer satisfaction is linked with streamlined processes

Want to improve efficiency & boost profits? Start your Six Sigma journey today!

White Belt Training

When you complete Six Sigma White Belt training you’ll be equipping yourself with the fundamental knowledge required to begin your process efficiency journey. It is the ideal course option for those with no prior knowledge of Six Sigma or who are looking for a way to refine the way they work.

Benefits of White Belt training

Undergoing White Belt training will make you aware of:

  • The basic tenets of Six Sigma
  • Basic statistical tools that can measure processes
  • The questions to ask when starting a Six Sigma project
  • How to work effectively within a team

White Belt training course contents

Six Sigma White Belt training is usually short and concise, often taking no more than one morning session. During these few hours you can expect to cover the following:

  • Six Sigma history
  • Why Six Sigma is beneficial
  • The roles of Six Sigma Belts and levels
  • DMAIC methodology
  • Six Sigma jargon (KPIV, KPOV, etc)
  • How cause and effect affect everyday processes

Six Sigma training is widely respected in many industries

White Belt Courses in the UK

There are many courses available for those looking to complete White Belt training. You should note that prices vary and as the course is so short you should shop around for the best deals..

We work with the following suppliers and would thoroughly recommend them as training providers:

Claudius Consulting

Claudius are a dedicated Six Sigma training provider based in the UK. They are accredited through the Institute of Consulting, British Quality Foundation and endorsed by the European Organisation for Quality.

Cost – from £280

Length of course – 1 day

100% Effective

100% Effective are a leading Lean Six Sigma agency who have been providing training since 1999. They offer an introductory course to Six sigma online, which is currently free of charge.

Cost – from FREE

Length of course – One Hour

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