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Six Sigma Green Belt: UK Qualification, Courses & Prices

Six Sigma Green Belt – Expert Guide 2018

The Green Belt qualification is the third tier of Six Sigma training, following on from White and Yellow belts. It focuses more of statistical analysis and the implementation of the Six Sigma methodology into a practical working environment.

The Six Sigma methodology ultimately aims to improve commercial products and services by refining internal processes, resulting in greater uniformity, higher quality and greater efficiency.

This article will look at:

  • The role of a Green Belt
  • The benefits of Green Belt training
  • What to expect in Green Belt training
  • Recommended UK Green Belt courses

Six Sigma Green Belts improve workplace efficiency

Why do I need a Green Belt?

As a slightly more advanced qualification, the Green Belt course looks briefly at the basics of Six Sigma training, before moving on to more advanced theoretical and practical applications of process improvement. It is particularly suited to those working in quality assurance roles as well as project and production managers.

Completing the Green Belt training course:

  • Improves the collection of data from current processes
  • Improves analytical skills
  • Ensures holder can competently lead a Green belt team or project
  • Ensures the holder can determine knowledge or experience gaps that might prove detrimental to the business

Completing Green belt training allows individuals to identify suitable improvements that can be made to standardise the process across the workforce, minimising variation and creating higher quality goods and services.

Despite being a stepping stone towards the Six Sigma Black Belt, having a Green Belt qualification is a massive advantage, not only to those in permanent employment but also to job hunters. Employers find the qualification to be highly desirable, and research shows that job seekers with this qualification typically end up earning more than £40,000 annually.

Six Sigma Green Belts can improve the productivity of your teams

Green Belt Training

Green Belt training is the third tier of Six Sigma and follows the White and Yellow Belts. It requires more practical based work, which helps familiarise you with employing such techniques in the workplace. The next step after Green Belt is Black Belt and Master Black Belt.

Benefits of Green Belt training

Completing Green Belt training will help you:

  • Create strategies to streamline company processes
  • Successfully develop Six Sigma projects
  • Apply DMAIC methods to work processes
  • Perform statistical analysis in order to refine processes
  • Plan and execute projects
  • Understand root cause analysis
  • Boost company profits

Green Belt training course contents

When undertaking Six Sigma Green Belt training, you will most likely cover these topics:

  • Process change management
  • Project analysis
  • Statistical measurement tools (e.g. histograms)
  • Customer profiles and voice
  • Critical-To-Quality (CTQ) and input/output measures
  • Root cause analysis
  • Use of non-statistical tools

You’ll also undertake a variety of personal and team exercises that reinforce the individual topics and improve your familiarity and use of the tools. Green Belt training courses provide the necessary groundwork for you to begin refining your own in-house projects as well as implementing the phases of a DMAIC approach.


To gain the qualification, participants are not only expected to learn the material, but are also expected to put this knowledge into practice, successfully completing a multiple choice examination as well as a work based project.

Some courses will provide a project to work on, whereas others will expect participants to use a personal project to demonstrate the practicalities of what they have learned.

Looking to start your Six Sigma Green Belt training as soon as possible?

Green Belt UK Courses

There are many different training providers in the UK offering the Six Sigma Green Belt course.

Course prices not only vary between training provider, but are also based on the structure of the course, with in-house training often costing more than venue based training and online training being a more costly option due to the greater flexibility offered.

We recommend the following courses:

Claudius Consulting

Dedicated Six Sigma training provider that offers a wide variety of training options. With 15 years of experience, Claudius are accredited by the British Quality Foundation.

Cost – from £1,400

Length of course – 5-10 days

Zenith Lean Training

Specialist Six Sigma agency who offer both Lean and plain Six Sigma training. Zenith offer courses in-house, externally and online.

Cost – from £1,300

Length of course – 5+ days

Catalyst Consulting

Catalyst provide Six Sigma training that help delegates develop the necessary skills to improve the way they and their company work. Customer satisfaction for their Green Belt course is rated at84.5%, which is one of the highest ratings in the UK.

Cost – from £1,650

Length of course – 4-6 days

Six Sigma

Having trained professionals in the ways of Six Sigma since 1998, the Six Sigma agency offers some of the most respected training in the market.

Cost – from £1,395

Length of course – 5 days

Further Reading

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