Top 5 Cheapest Six Sigma Online Training Courses

Cheapest Online Six Sigma Courses

Six Sigma training is the ideal solution if you need to boost workplace efficiency, streamline your processes and improve profits. It can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to give themselves an edge and it can greatly improve the productivity of employees.

Many enterprises arrange in house training or book a dedicated course to help their teams get qualified. Expert Market works with the best Six Sigma course providers in the UK to offer you the best available deals – all you need to do to get started is complete the form at the top of the page.

However, if you’re looking for the most affordable prices on the web, then you’ve come to right place! Below you’ll find the best and cheapest Six Sigma Certification courses available online.

Six Sigma Online Course

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Top 4 Cheapest Online Training Providers

We’ve scoured the web to find the cheapest Six Sigma courses available to UK businesses. You should remember though that many of these courses, although cheap, really do not stand up to the quality offered by dedicated certified Six Sigma trainers and curriculums. You can find out more about certified courses by completing the form.


MoreSteam is an American based company with over 15 years of Six Sigma training experience. They were the first company to offer the entire Black Belt course online and have helped more than 500,00 people achieve a Six Sigma belt.

Before taking any courses with MoreSteam, you are required to have completed an initial level of training, otherwise known as a Six Sigma White Belt. However, once you’ve undertaken this basic training, MoreSteam offer some of the more affordable courses on the market.

The following courses are available:

  • Yellow Belt Course – $750 (£511.99)
  • Green Belt Course – $1,900 (£1,297.03)
  • Black Belt Course – $3,100 (£2,116.21)
  • Master Black Belt Course – $11,000 (£7,509.12)


The ASQ (American Society for Quality) is an agency dedicated to improving efficiency and productivity, ensuring tools and ideas are used smartly to improve the world we live in.

ASQ offer a huge variety of courses and online learning materials that can be bought and used by anybody, although members do receive a discount

The following should get you started (nb prices are Members / Non-Members):

  • Yellow Belt Course – $675 / $750 (£460.79 / £511.99)
  • Green Belt Course – $1,895 / $2,095 (£1,293.62 / £1,430.15)
  • Black Belt Course – $2,790 / $3,100 (£1,908.00 / £2,116.21)


Having helped more than 2.7 million people across the globe obtain Six Sigma certification in just 15 years, ExpertRating are definitely a leading name in the e-learning world. Certified as an ISO 9001-2008 company, you can rely on ExpertRating to offer less intense training at affordable prices.

The company don’t offer initial training, so you will need to obtain a White and/or Yellow Belt before completing the following certification courses:

  • Green Belt Course – $99.99 (£68.26)
  • Black Belt Course – $199.99 (£136.53)
  • Master Black Belt Course – $199.99 (£136.53)

100% Effective

Predominantly an online learning resource, 100% Effective has recently branched out into offering Six Sigma courses and they are by far some of the cheapest available anywhere online.

100% Effective is a very good place to get a taster of what to expect in other Six Sigma courses:

  • White Belt Course – FREE
  • Yellow Belt Course – £240
  • Green Belt Course – £1,140
  • Black Belt Course – £1,470

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