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Six Sigma Yellow Belt: UK Training, Courses & Prices

Six Sigma Yellow Belt – Expert Guide 2018

The Six Sigma Yellow Belt is the second stage of the process improvement training created by Motorola in the 1980s. It follows basic training (White Belt) and is a pre-requisite for Green and Black Belt training. Yellow Belt training helps delegates to understand the basic theory and methodologies of the Six Sigma process.

By employing Six Sigma techniques, enterprises can improve their profits and customer service levels by streamlining and standardising processes, reducing errors and ensuring higher quality.

This article will look at:

  • The usefulness of holding a Yellow Belt
  • How you’ll benefit from Yellow Belt training
  • Yellow Belt training course contents
  • The best UK Yellow Belt courses

Six Sigma Yellow belts can increase business savings

Why should I get a Yellow Belt?

As the first real belt in the Six Sigma hierarchy, completing Yellow Belt training is the ideal way to ground yourself in the process improvement techniques on offer. You’ll gain a thorough understanding of the basics of Six Sigma training. Yellow Belt holders tend to support more senior Six Sigma colleagues on process improvement projects and can also be given the responsibility of completing PDCA (plan, Do, Check, Act) projects.

Completing Yellow Belt training:

  • Provides an understanding of Six Sigma philosophies
  • Shows how Six Sigma can solve business problems
  • Ensures delegates have knowledge of the Six Sigma tools
  • Helps delegates understand explain how to use Six Sigma in the workplace

Upon attaining a Yellow Belt, individuals will have a basic understanding of the how, what and why of Six Sigma methodologies. You will also be able to explain the benefits and gain a degree of confident using analytical process improvement tools.

Six Sigma Yellow Belts can improve your enterprise’s efficiency

Yellow Belt Training

Yellow Belt training is the second tier of Six Sigma and is the follow on from the White Belt introductory course. It aims to give you the understanding you need to progress onto more senior belts. The next step after Yellow Belt is Green Belt and Black Belt.

Benefits of Yellow Belt training

Achieving a Yellow Belt will help you:

  • Comprehend the fundamentals of Six Sigma
  • Become familiar with how process variation affects everyday work processes
  • Recognise how to utilise the DMAIC approach
  • Understand the available process improvement tools

Yellow Belt training course contents

When completing Six Sigma Yellow Belt training, you’ll cover:

  • The definition of Six Sigma
  • Practical process improvement exercises
  • The everyday business benefits of Six Sigma
  • Common errors when using Six Sigma
  • How to implement a successful Six Sigma process
  • Terminology and measures of success
  • An overview of each phase in DMAIC and PDCA methodologies

Looking to begin Six Sigma Yellow Belt training in the near future?

Yellow Belt UK Courses

There are numerous providers in the UK that offer Six Sigma Yellow Belt training.

Be aware that course prices vary not only by training provider, but also by course location and whether the training is online, in-house or externally hosted.

Our top Yellow Belt course providers are:

Zenith Lean Training

With a focus on Lean Six Sigma, Zenith offer clear and concise training that is ideal for first-timers or those looking to re-familiarise themselves with Six Sigma.

Cost – from £250

Length of course – 1 day

Claudius Consulting

Claudius Consulting are one of the leaders in their field and are accredited by the British Quality Foundation. Their years of experience mean they can provide the perfect introduction to Six Sigma philosophies.

Cost – from £560

Length of course – 2-3 days


E-Careers, rather unsurprisingly, only offer online courses. The added benefit is that this makes training more flexible, which is ideal for those coming from busy, corporate backgrounds.

Cost – from £850

Length of course – Online course can be completed anytime in a 1 year period


Six Sigma

One of the oldest Six Sigma training providers in the market, the Six Sigma agency have a wealth of experience and run regular courses nationwide

Cost – from £529

Length of course – 2 days

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