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Six Sigma Courses in Liverpool

Below are a range of courses within the city of Liverpool as well dates, prices, venues and course specifics

Please remember to fill out the form at the top of the page and Expert Market will help you to find a suitable Six Sigma training for you.

1. Yellow

At the Holiday Inn, in January, the Knowledge Academy are offering a two day course to help
maximise the potential of delegates and prepare them for progression.

Some pre course material is required first which will help the learners get a better understanding of the Six Sigma raining and concepts.

Delegates will do some reading on:
● What Six Sigma is
● The main methodologies used
● Key tools within the subject

This will take about 15 hours to complete, and will easily prepare attendees for the two day course which is jam packed full of yellow belt topics such as :
● How to reduce waste
● DMAIC model
● Cost of poor quality
● SIPOC Diagrams
● Collecting data
● Cause and effect
● The 5s tool
● Process mapping
● Measurement basics

After studying such topics, delegates will be then be required to answer a multiple choice examination. Here, they will have to reach a pass mark of 40 out of 60 or higher to demonstrate that learners can understand and apply the Yellow Six Sigma principles.

2. Green

Total training solutions offer 5 day Six Sigma Green belt training days within the city of Liverpool. With their
course running over 10 years, they’ve become worldwide recognised. Their aim is to teach delegates how to
remove waste, improve productivity, reduce variation and focus on quality and customer.

The 5 day cost includes price of examination, as well as free tools such as : free certification, and the online
training course in Green belt.

Delegates will be taught by master black belts who’ve had over 10 years experience and have trained over
1000’s of delegates in the area of Lean and Six Sigma.

And when the course is over, you’re learning isn’t Delegates can still communicate with their master black belts,should they have any further questions regarding the subject.

The course is suitable for anyone involved within Six Sigma projects including : managers, consultants, team
leaders, facilitators and team members.

Over the 5 days, delegates will learn:
● Use the DMAIC and Six Sigma to improve business processes.
● Understand the voice of the customer and apply it to all areas.
● Make correct decision with data.
● Use data to back up root causes of problems.
● Solve problems by developing and using solutions.
● Running a business project which will help with certification.

The course can be described as fun, informative and aims to address every learning style with: games, discussions, group exercises, video clips, case studies, and lectures,

Not only will the above be covered, but added extras to help delegates become all rounders and to develop
essential soft skills such as :
● Sima logic
● SMART goals
● Stakeholder analysis
● Central tendency
● Graphic displays

And much more! All are followed up with exercises to help delegates reinforce their learning at a faster rate.

Remember to fill out the form at the top of the page and Expert Market UK will help you find a Six Sigma course applicable to you.