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By Rob Binns | Senior Writer | Published: 19 July 2016

Verisure is a part of Securitas Direct group operating across Europe and South America, in 16 countries with more than 3 million customers worldwide. Installing both business and home security measures to ensure that their clients are protected, they specialise in protecting small and medium-sized enterprises from potential threats. This covers both business itself and the employees within the business, alongside protecting family homes. They are the leading alarms receiving centre in Europe, connected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to protect your family, home and business, including a Guard Response service.

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What type of alarm systems do Verisure offer?

  • Business Security Systems
  • Home Security Systems

Verisure business security systems

The Verisure Alarm is the number one product in Europe and the most popular of its kind. The alarm offers bespoke coverage of a company’s security needs with Verisure undertaking a full check of the premises, access control for employees and panic button. They will address any weak areas and combat them with the most suitable security installation in less than a day.

These can be continuously monitored upon arrival and departure of the space. The alarm acts as both a deterrent and a warning system sending signals to the Alarm Receiving Centre in case of a breach. Employees are kitted out with access control key readers, meaning the company is able to track their access times in and out of the company, too.

How do they work

Both business and home alarm system works to ensure that your home is safe. This includes:

  • Deterrent alarm sign
  • Shock sensor with vibration detection
  • High Power Siren
  • Photodetectors with colour & flash
  • Panic button for business
  • 24 hours/365 days Alarm Receiving Centre
  • Guard response

Verisure home security systems

Much like the business security system, the home system is adaptable to any type of home. The experts at Verisure will conduct a tailor-made security study of your property to create a bespoke security package, for both the inside and outside of your home.

This systems are installed within 24 hours, to ensure that you have the security that you require as quickly as possible. The entire family can feel safe, with smart keys that track the arrival and departure of family members, meaning that everyone can be in control of the alarm.

Why choose Verisure

Verisure Smart Alarm is the first alarm designed to be controlled from your smartphone or tablet by the Verisure App (My Verisure App).

They pride themselves on covering all premises, from office blocks and commercial spaces to bungalows and high rise flats, creating the optimum security p7ackage to leave their clients feeling 100% covered. A smoke detector pack is also available from the Verisure alarm system to ensure that even if nobody is in the house, you can be informed if there is a fire within your home.

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