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Mitie Systems Review

With a strong focus on providing a different kind of security service, Mitie Systems have built up a loyal customer base that has seen them listed on the FTSE 250 index with over £2bn of revenue. From large scale public sector contracts to private SME (small to medium sized enterprises) clients, they continue to offer quality goods and services to UK businesses across various sectors.

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Products and Services

While Mitie do not specialise in security, they do have a very highly regarded, small range of products and services for the business sector. In fact it is this type of simplicity that has made them a popular choice for small businesses or those with more straightforward security needs.

Products and services include:

  • Access Systems
  • Security Systems
  • Fire Alarms, Systems and Products

Access Systems

If your business premises contains highly sensitive documents, high value equipment or large amounts of cash, it is important that those gaining access to your property are properly vetted and documented. To this end Mitie provide quality door access equipment that protects both staff and assets, while helping to lower insurance costs.

Mitie will first assess your property and your business in general, in order to ascertain which level of security you require for the smallest cost. Once you have made your decision based on these criteria, installation is fast, straightforward and professionally executed. Mitie have SSAIB accreditation and can include a number of technologies, including CCTV, intruder alarms and audio entry phone systems into the overall package.

Security Systems

With decades of experience in the industry, Mitie have designed a simple to use, yet enormously powerful system that covers all areas of business security at an affordable price. In fact it is this level of security, when applied to smaller business, which has made them so popular.

Bespoke systems incorporate many different technologies, including CCTV, access control, various alarm systems and in depth record keeping, allowing businesses peace of mind across all areas of the property. What’s more, advice encompassing all parts of your business can be accessed at any time if you are a Mitie customer.

Fire Alarms, Systems and Other Products

The threat of fire is still a profound one for all businesses, and a strong fire alarm system is legally required at all times and in all circumstances; it is not only a moral consideration that businesses need to face regarding fire alarms and systems.

Thankfully, it is in this area that Mitie are thought to be among the most highly regarded in the country. Fire protection advice is the first part of the Mitie service, as they offer comprehensive feedback and advice after a thorough assessment of your property’s needs. Once your needs are understood, it is then a matter of choosing the system and equipment that is right for you.

Mitie fire alarm systems can be as complex as the one they have helped implement in the London Underground, or as simple as a few well placed and maintained alarms for small businesses.

Businesses can also access a wide range of products to combat fire immediately and effectively should a fire break out. In particular there is the fire sprinkler system, which can be scaled to suit your exact needs. On top of this there are various extinguishers, gas suppression technologies and fire hoses that can be spread across even the largest of properties for a minimal expense.

Find the best Business Security match for your business

Another essential area of any fire prevention and suppression system is maintenance, which can be extremely time consuming, yet essential, when undertaken in-house. Mitie can take care of everything relating to the system’s maintenance, including battery checks, meaning your property will always meet stringent health and safety measures.

Customer Services

There are various ways to contact Mitie across the myriad of different services they provide, with each being assigned its own specific help desk and feedback channels. A phone number is available for those with general enquiries as well as subject specific email addresses. Complaints and compliments are also encouraged through the same channels and all Mitie security customers receive detailed support from the moment they access services such as the full security system.