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Eurotech Business Security Review

From humble beginnings in 1982, Eurotech have grown to carve out a reputation for excellence within the business security industry. With highly qualified technicians and support staff, businesses across a wide range of sectors now employ Eurotech products and services to protect their assets to great effect.

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Products and Services

With a vast array of security measures available, Eurotech provide one of the most all-encompassing ranges of products and services in the UK. Bespoke levels in each area of the business security systems also allow customers to cultivate an affordable solution to their security needs without compromising on quality.

Products and services include:

  • Burglar Alarms
  • CCTV
  • Fire Alarms
  • Access Control
  • Monitored Security
  • Physical Barriers

Burglar Alarms

While you would be hard pressed to find a security supplier that doesn’t provide intruder alarms, either as part of a complete system or as a stand alone product, very few design and construct their own devices with the specifics in mind like Eurotech.

After a thorough consultation, each alarm provided has your individual business in mind, and there is quite a variety of options to choose from. Wired models are solid, durable and highly visible to the would-be criminal, while wireless models can be placed in more discreet areas of the property. Many prefer a combination of both types, but whichever you decide upon, you can access advice from Eurotech pre-installation.


The next level of deterrence for any property is CCTV, which can be implemented in much the same way as Eurotech intruder alarms. Each model has its own inherent pros and cons, all of which businesses can be informed about during consultation.

High definition cameras with 360 degree sight make up some of the higher end devices that can be installed, but more affordable models, such as standard box cameras, are also available. You can even incorporate existing systems into a new, more powerful one, allowing you to maximise your security levels at the minimum of cost.

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Fire Alarms

One of the biggest nightmares for any business is fire. But while such a threat is always present, there is simple and affordable equipment that can prevent an outbreak from occurring and minimise the damage it can do, should one occur.

The key to all fire prevention and alarm systems is the speed of response. While fire alarms may be the first level of security, they might not be enough as a stand-alone measure. To this end, Eurotech provide a simple yet effective fire alarm system that can be implemented with the minimum of fuss. In fact sensors can be installed within just 10 minutes, meaning you will experience almost zero downtime during installation and maintenance.

Access Control

Monitoring who comes and goes from your property is key to the security of many businesses. Certainly those with high value assets will require a well-designed system that secures property and the safety of staff as a matter of course.

Access control systems can be rather expensive, depending on your specific requirements, so Eurotech’s standard model of scalability is highly appreciated by customers. Standard video com systems are well suited to small properties, but more complex, token based systems, that allow a high degree of flexibility whilst maintaining strong levels of security, are popular with larger businesses. Whichever type of system you decide to implement, it is sure to lower the risk of theft while bringing down the cost of insurance.

Monitored Security

Monitoring systems provide a first and fast response to any threat to your property, contacting the relevant emergency services within seconds of an alert. What separates Eurotech from most of their competitors, however, is that they can also monitor equipment, such as food cooling devices, and air conditioning.

Monitoring services are known to be a more costly measure, so it is often thought to be better suited to larger businesses with high value assets on premises. This will depend on your specific needs, however, and Eurotech are able to offer affordable packages to smaller businesses.

Physical Barriers

In no other area of security is Eurotech’s bespoke model more keenly felt than in their physical barrier range. Each grill, shutter and gate is designed with the physical needs of your property in mind, and each product can be ordered individually, meaning that you can implement these security measures as required.

Eurotech also provide automated gate systems that control traffic coming into your premises as well as number plate recognition, which is at the cutting edge of security for businesses. All measures are designed with the aesthetics of your property in mind, so you can maintain a welcoming environment to all visitors.

Customer Services

Eurotech have a strong presence across most of the major social media platforms, each one offering advice on general security and information on the latest developments within the industry.

For help lines there is a sales enquiry line and a general enquiry email address, which can provide information on a number of products and services. All surveys are free and non-committal, so you are able to grasp the exact requirements of your business as well as all possible costs before signing anything. There is also an online form for that is quick to fill in and garners fast responses from the customer service team.