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DS Security Review

Founded in 1993, DS have grown to become one of the biggest security suppliers in the UK, expanding their operations from London and the South East to the rest of the country. Employing more than 50 staff and with offices providing coverage for North and South of the country, they continue to expand through word of mouth and high quality products and services.

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Products and Services

DS provide simple security solutions that are well designed and affordable. Their range encompasses all but the largest of security requirements and the entire process is scalable and tailored to suit the needs of the customer.

These include:

  • Property Access
  • Security Cameras
  • Entry Systems
  • Asset Security

Property Access

Many access control systems are extremely complex, so businesses must always weigh up inconvenience with added security. This can lead to numerous problems, particularly if the business expands and more and more staff need to access the property.

Unless you have high value assets that require such a level of security, it is therefore wise to keep such systems as straightforward as possible, and to this end DS are the perfect supplier. Access control gives businesses the ability to choose a bespoke system that can include smartcards, codes and fobs for separate entry points, They also keep in depth records of the comings and goings of all that access them. Another added advantage to access systems is that lost keys are no longer a security risk, as a lost card, for example, need simply be cancelled, without the expense or inconvenience of replacing an entire lock or the corresponding keys.

Security Cameras

Because each property is unique, as well as a business’s assets, it is essential that any CCTV system is installed with specifics in mind. Certainly there is never a one size fits all package that can be implemented, and a business should be suspicious of any supplier offering one.

DS provide a no-obligation risk assessment and survey in order to provide you with the exact requirements your property needs. This also allows them to fully disclose all relevant costs up front. Such systems can be a few simple cameras in well-positioned areas or 360 degree domes that capture panoramic pictures within more complex systems. While DS do not provide monitoring services, for stand alone systems, these are of the highest quality available.

Entry Systems

Door entry systems are a simple and effective security measure for business properties during work hours, but there are a surprisingly large amount of features and designs to consider. DS are partnered with BPT, who provide door entry products that are very highly thought of within the industry. At entry level there are audio systems that are among the most affordable security measures available. At the higher end you can employ multiple site video systems, which identify, and record, all those wishing to gain access to your property.

Such systems might be simple, but they provide staff an added level of security and peace of mind, which is particularly important should your business handle large amounts of cash on the premises.

Find out which business security provider best suits your business needs

Asset Security

Asset security is one of the fastest growing methods of security, and can be used to track specific items on your property that are of high value. DS can inform you whether an item has been moved, which can be important for fragile items that might not be stored safely, or whether items have left the building. Not only can this be a deterrent for thieves, it can also provide help tracking missing items once they have been stolen or misplaced.

Unlike many security measures, DS can easily implement asset security into an existing system and within any type of building. Costs are relative to the amount of items you seek to track, but it is an affordable measure that is employed in libraries and museums the world over.

Customer Service

DS provide several methods of contact, from the general enquiry online help chat feature to a working hours phone number. There is also email and a handy blog that keeps you up to date with all the latest developments in the industry and what new products and services DS can provide.