The 4 Best Business Security Systems in 2022

best business security systems

Sleep soundly with the savviest security systems for your business

ProviderBest forWe likeLearn more
VerisureSmall to medium businessesAll round excellenceRead review
SECOMBusinesses of all sizesExperience serving UK businessesRead review
ADTMedium to larger businessesFast alarm response timeRead review
Stanley SecurityLarger businessesInnovative featuresRead review

If there’s one thing you can’t compromise on, it’s the security of your business. You need a way of deterring thieves and vandals and safeguarding your property. And, ultimately, you need to protect your staff and customers. You’ve worked hard to build your business from the ground up – why take any risks now?

Business security systems are crucial to the safeguarding of your data and assets. It's not a question of if you should get one – it's a question of when.

But it’s also a question of who – which company’s business security system is best-placed to guard against the threats and issues your building faces? And what can they offer you? Let’s find out.

Here are the best security systems, reviewed.

Top 4 business security systems

The business security systems below take into account the unique needs of your site. They provide bespoke services, including alarms for fire and intruder detection and CCTV. And their access control devices for employees make sure you’ve got the final say on who’s coming in and out of your business.

We looked at the companies helping businesses across the UK to lock down and stay safe. Our picks include the business alarm systems from Verisure, Jamber Security, ADT, and Stanley Security.

Verisure alarm system

Best all-rounder

Verisure comes with over a quarter of a century of experience and nearly two million customers. On top of that, it offers a personalised, market-leading approach to your business security. Installed in 24 hours and completely wireless, a Verisure alarm system is clean, quick and hassle-free. Verisure will strategically install deterrents, detectors and sensors around your building. So you can sleep soundly, knowing your warehouse or office (and, of course, your staff!) is under a watchful eye.

And if you still need reassurance, don’t worry. You can tap into the Verisure app any time to check what’s going on at your business. You can monitor your team as they arrive and leave, and even call for help with the SOS function. This means you’ve got complete control over your business’ security, quite literally, at your fingertips.

It’s this customer-oriented approach that has led Verisure to the lofty heights of online approval. Its Trustpilot rating is a mouth-watering 9/10, head and shoulders above the rest of the competition. Check out what its customers are saying:

“Cameron, our contact, was superb working through a difficult installation. He was very friendly and was prepared to go above and beyond to accommodate us. A real credit to the company.

“We had some early teething problems with a rattling door setting off a sensor, but these have been resolved (again, thanks to Cameron) and we now have a well functioning, confidence inspiring security system.”


  • Award-winning alarm-receiving centre open 24/7
  • Excellent online approval ratings


  • Slightly slower response time compared to other systems


Best for experience

SECOM offers intuitive CCTV, access control and intruder detection systems perfect for businesses of all sizes. Its range of sturdy physical security options combines deterrence value with reliable protection from ram raids and break ins. SECOM has been providing CCTV systems to UK businesses for 30 years. Its market-leading Internet Protocol (IP) surveillance solutions will help your business keep up with the times. Plus, SECOM provides a free site assessment, helping you to learn about your site’s weak spots and maximise the efficiency of your security.

Its knowledgeable team will also help you choose the best spots for your CCTV system to ensure you comply with national standards. This means that, should you experience a break in, you can use your CCTV footage in court as evidence.

SECOM comes with a hundred years of experience, so you can rest easy knowing the security of your business is in the safest of hands. And with Forbes having ranked the company as one of the world’s top 100 innovative companies, SECOM is always looking for new ways to keep your business safe.

Pricing for CCTV systems starts from £695, with IP and more advanced video analysis systems starting from £945. Intruder alarm packages range from £199 to £795. And an access control package from SECOM will set you back between £550 and £2,900, dependent on the system.

For fire and physical solutions you can enquire about pricing through SECOM’s website and request an instant call back.


  • Transparent pricing
  • A century of experience in the UK market


  • Offers some of the more pricier packages on the market
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ADT Smart Business

Best for alarm response time

ADT is one of the biggest and most well-known business security brands in the world. You’ve seen its iconic blue octagon plastered to shop windows all over the country – and for good reason. At 42 seconds, ADT’s average response time to alarms is the fastest in the country. From installation to round-the-clock support, ADT offers a smooth and professional service for your business – that is, if you don’t mind paying a bit more.

ADT’s Smart Business package is perfect if you’re a business owner that spends a lot of time working remotely. Why? Well, the Smart Business app gives you complete autonomy over what’s happening at your premises, no matter where you are in the world.

You can automate lights to come on when there’s movement near your building, and keep tabs on employee arrivals with simple push notifications to your phone. All this from a beach in Mexico. Not bad, eh?

Pricing for ADT’s Smart Business package is available on request.


  • Almost 150 years of experience
  • Average response time of 42 seconds


  • Distinctly average online customer satisfaction ratings
  • One of the more expensive security systems available
Did You Know?

According to ADT, 56% of SMEs in the UK experienced crime in the last year. Don’t be one of them!

Stanley Security systems

Best for innovative features

Stanley Security offers a huge range of innovative products to improve the security of your business. From intelligent sensors to advanced fire and intruder detection, Stanley Security has you covered. There’s audio, visual, and thermal solutions for keeping thieves and vandals out. And it’s also got one eye firmly fixed on the future, with digital asset mapping technology that lets you visualise your entire security system on a map. Pretty nifty!

And on top of all this, Stanley Security has bases all over the UK. This means the company is well-attuned to what makes your business tick, and the unique security challenges UK businesses face. Just make sure you’re aware of any and all potential hidden costs before signing up.

170,000 police apprehensions assisted in
300,000 happy customers and counting
210 seconds average police response time

Pricing is something you’ll need to enquire about directly with Stanley Security. It’ll depend on the size of your business and the scope of system you’re after.


  • Embedded support available for larger businesses
  • Large range of access control options


  • Some reviews criticise online transparency regarding fees
  • One of the more expensive security systems available

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So what’s next? Well, you can browse our FAQs below to get more clued up on what a business security system can offer your business. Or you can get stuck in and start comparing prices. Our quote-finding form can help; it only takes a minute, and all the suppliers are Expert Market approved. So you can be sure that you – and your business – are in safe hands.


What different parts make up a business security system?

This is really down to you, and relates to the amount of security you’re looking for, as well as to the level of risk your building has. Here are some of the features offered by business security systems:

  • CCTV systems
  • Access control
  • Fire detection
  • Intruder detection
  • Carbon monoxide sensors
  • Panic buttons
  • Emergency notification systems

When you’ve compared quotes and picked a business security system provider, they’ll put together a bespoke plan. This will combine your budget with the specific needs of your business, and will take into account the biggest threats to your premises.

What do I look for in a business security system?

Remote access

Ensure your business security system has remote access, so you can access data from any of your devices. This way, you can look at your cameras, clock staff arrivals, and trigger security features from practically anywhere.

Wireless cameras

Wired or wireless. What’ll it be? Wired security systems are traditionally more reliable, and more suitable for larger sites. They’re also less prone to go ‘haywire’ due to interference from other signals. That said, wireless devices are easy to get set up, and offer greater flexibility.

To IP or not to IP?

An Internet Protocol (IP) CCTV system runs on a secure internet connection. This means you won’t have to depend on wires, providing a more flexible approach to your video monitoring. IP systems let you place cameras in more remote locations that, naturally, aren't accessible with a wired system. They also let you view footage through your tablet and smartphone, to make sure you’re always in the loop.

What are the benefits of a business security system?


The big one! A business security system offers protection of your physical assets, as well as your intellectual property.


Good security systems protect your staff and customers by letting you monitor who’s allowed where.


A business security system lets you document key happenings on site. You can use this info to adapt to your building’s unique security challenges, and ultimately help your business grow.


Don’t just pick up the pieces; stop a potential break-in before it happens. Business security systems can help convince thieves that it’s just not worth it.

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