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Alert Systems Business Security Review

Over the past 30 years Alert Systems have built a reputation that is highly regarded by customers and industry insiders alike. With over 5,000 UK businesses currently using their products and services, they continue to provide quality security solutions across a myriad of industries.

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Products and Services

Alert Systems supply various security systems and services to SMEs, from the affordable to the more profound and in-depth. These include:

  • CCTV
  • Intruder Alarms
  • Access Control
  • Monitoring
  • External Deterrent System


As with most Alert Systems products, there is a great range of products to choose from when it comes to camera security. For small businesses whose risk is small and assets of low value, Alert are able to offer affordable analogue systems that provide as much of a deterrent as any other visible CCTV product.

If you are at high risk and have high value assets or large amounts of cash on your premises, however, it is extremely important that you employ a more capable system. HD cameras are of high enough quality to be used reliably as evidence, and motion detectors make security even more effective should an intruder be detected. There is also licence plate recognition software that can be employed to monitor those entering your property and monitoring services, that provide peace of mind and low maintenance for you.

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Intruder Alerts

While the technology has changed over the years, intruder alarms still remain an important part of all property security. Alert Systems provide highly visible alarms that act as the first deterrent against crime, yet are still extremely affordable to even the smallest of businesses. At the higher end, although still affordable to most, intelligent motion detectors are able to read any menace to your property while still being able to distinguish movement that is of no threat.

Standard but effective fire alarms are also a part of the Alert System package and can be implemented with the minimum of fuss at an equally affordable price. What’s more, both types of alarms can have a profound effect on the cost of your insurance, making them a straightforward, cost-efficient measure.

Access Control

Access control has become a widespread security method in recent years, with even small businesses employing complex equipment. A well-designed system offers peace of mind and security to staff who may have to deal with difficult customers or look after often extremely valuable equipment and high levels of cash.

Alert access control starts at the perimeter of your property, with automated gates and video systems alerting staff to whomever wishes to access your property. Electronic keys add another level of security compared to standard locks and keys, which can be lost or stolen, resulting in the need to replace an entire system. Electronic keys and fobs instead only require that specific item be restricted. Costs will depend on how many barriers you need to implement, but as Alert provide a scalable model, you might be surprised at just how affordable the technology has become.


For businesses with large property that is hard to monitor in- house, and those whose property is left unattended for hours a day, a monitored service can be a highly effective, cost-efficient and time-saving way to secure your property and assets.

Alert provide monitored alarm systems that combine cutting edge motion detection, HD quality CCTV and a maximum external deterrent barrier that makes it all but impossible for the would-be thief or vandal to negotiate. With fast response times to any threat, Alert will inform the relevant emergency services, meaning in the event of fire or break in, problems can be kept to a minimum. The service is scalable, so you can employ the most cost and security effective system for your property, and the maintenance of all alarms and technology can also be taken care of.

External Deterrent System

Alert’s external deterrent system is perfectly suited to businesses who operate over a large area, including builder’s yards and car parks. It is essentially an early warning system that provides three levels of security, strongly urging an intruder to rethink their actions.

An initial warning comes in the form of an extremely bright light, which illuminates the entire area and the intruder themselves. The second warning is a verbal one, whereby a loud announcement makes sure the intruder is aware they are being monitored. Lastly, should they be foolhardy enough to ignore the first two warnings, a full visual and audio alert, including sirens and strobe lighting, is enacted. Once the intruder has left the area, the system resets itself without the need for a key holder to attend the premises.

Customer Services

Alert Systems provide a high quality customer support service that encapsulates both technical and general advice. Online product manuals and video tutorials are available whenever you need them and you can register for full online support. There is also an emergency helpline for those experiencing issues that need to be dealt with immediately.