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By Rob Binns | Senior Writer | Updated: 10 October 2018

Business property is as much at risk from crime as private property, potentially costing thousands, even hundreds of thousands of pounds. It is therefore vital that property is secured by a well-designed and maintained security system. There are many providers to choose from, the best of which offer bespoke packages to suit your specific circumstances.

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Who needs a business security system?

In short, if your business owns property, you require some form of security, but there are many variables that need to be taken into consideration. Business security can be costly and there is little point in spending vast sums of money securing low value assets in low risk areas.

There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to business security, so it pays to research your options to get the most out of any package you implement.

The benefits of a business security system

  • Securing Property Against Theft and Vandalism
  • Securing Property Against Fire
  • Personal Protection

Securing Property Against Vandalism and Theft

While vandalism is not as serious a threat as theft, it can be costly in several ways. Repairs and insurance claims are the first thing affected by such incidents; in some cases equipment cannot easily be replaced. This can cause a business long term, and highly expensive, problems.

Problems due to theft can encompass all the problems associated with vandalism, as well as some more serious issues. There is little point, for example, paying large amounts of money on digital security if thieves can steal physical data from an office. Data breaches are one of the things businesses fear most, so the not providing a soft underbelly for a would-be thief is vital.

What’s more, the downtime that can be associated with break-ins can be significant, particularly if property is damaged and urgent security measures required.

Securing Property Against Fire

It is incumbent on all businesses to provide a safe environment for their employees, so implementing a secure fire alarm system is both morally and legally essential.

What business security systems can also provide is a reduction in false alarms, and the lost time this can incur, as well as fast response times for when a fire genuinely occurs. Carbon Monoxide detection can also be used and 24/7 monitoring provides peace of mind when you are away from the office.

Personal Protection

Business security systems do not only protect property. Even the most basic packages offer some degree of protection for yourself and your employees, but some businesses require more thorough methods. These are enormously varied and can be expensive as a result, but the peace of mind alone that they provide offers great value for money.

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Types of business security system

Each business within each sector will require different things from a business security system. Some may only need the types of basic system a private residence might use, while others will require an in-depth, multi-layered package that deals with every possible scenario. As such there are various types of system on offer. Whatever the case, the best providers offer bespoke packages that are flexible and tailored to the needs of their customers.

Business Security Systems for Basic Security

Basic security is similar to that as you might find for a residential property. Simple fire and burglar alarms act not only as a deterrent, but also provide a genuine risk to the would-be thief or vandal. These are best suited to those at low risk and can be purchased for as little as a one off £100 payment.

Key fobs and secure access control are fairly standard measures of security in the modern age, and relatively affordable as a result. A simple key fob is similar to that which you might use with a car, in that it’s a wireless device that can turn the system on and off, as well as provide a panic button should it be needed. Secure access panels, which require a pass code typed into a keypad, add another level of security for those gaining access to your property.

Business Security Systems for Moderate Security

As well as the basic alarm system that comes with a basic package, most businesses can benefit from more thorough measures. Metal shutters make it all but impossible for break-ins to occur without a key and provide an extremely high level of protection from vandalism. These can be expensive so if your property is particularly large, you may want to consider steel grating and fencing as a more affordable option.

Sensors can be employed to alert any security staff of an intruder, and help them respond to the perceived threat quickly. It may, however, be more affordable to use the quick response abilities of a security company, who are almost as efficient at responding to threats upon your property as the rather expensive option of a security guard.

Cameras can be a highly useful deterrent, as well as providing evidence for prosecution, but it should be noted that this is only useful if the equipment you employ is of high enough quality and installed properly. Low quality pictures and wrongly positioned cameras can prove to be useless as a security measure once a break-in occurs.

Business Security Systems for High Level Security

At the high end of business security equipment there are so many bespoke options that it would be impossible to list them all. Everything from drone technology to security teams can be employed by businesses if the risk, and value of assets, is deemed high enough. Such systems can run into hundreds of thousands of pounds, however, and are typically only employed by large corporations who can afford such measures.

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