Best Sales Training Companies in London & UK

By Lucy Crossfield | Editor | Published: 2 September 2013

Best Sales Training Companies in London

In almost any company, the sales team is the driving force behind bringing in the revenue. Given the fact that they have such an important role in your business’s growth and success, it is a key area in which to invest in training.

This will make sure that they are equipped with the necessary knowledge, tools and skills to ensure your business continues to thrive.

Without this training, even the most naturally talented sales person would lack the essential direction and refinement that quality sales training courses will no doubt provide.

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Types Of Courses Available

There are a whole host of different training courses available on the market today. These can focus on a variety of different aspects and areas for sales to be developed in. For instance, targeting the management of sales teams to the instruction of the team itself, would be one approach. Whilst the content of these courses can vary greatly, there are essentially two types of training courses available: open courses and tailored courses.

Open courses are, as the name suggests, open to anyone who applies and tend to follow a set programme, which is determined by the training providers and tend to take place in the training providers premises. Tailored courses, on the other hand, are specific to your company’s requirements and the market in which you are working. These kinds of courses are often run in house, which is easier than moving your whole team to the training site.

Best UK Training Companies

The trainings market in the UK is quite well established now, as most companies are well accustomed to the benefits of investing in training. Whilst this means that there are plenty of good companies around, it can mean deciding between companies can be difficult. Here is a selection of some of the best companies in the UK market.

Tactical Sales

This is Dorset-based company who train thousands of Sales Professionals every year. Their trainings are focused on practical techniques, which means they can be refined in the training and then used straight away once they are back in the office. They are able to train any size of company and have clients who are well known, big named companies. They have numerous courses that run regularly and their open courses tend to be either one or two days in length.


Sandler Training are a highly regarded training company who use distinctive techniques, which have been proven over the years to be highly effective forms of training. They work alongside sales teams and business owners to identify and overcome the challenges which are, at present, limiting a company's growth and success. They run both short courses, to tackle specific issues, and long term reinforcement training, to see through more significant changes.


This company, based in Hampshire, has earned a reputation for delivering effective and flexible sales trainings that are fully accredited. As they are concerned about the short and long term effects of their trainings, they are committed to developing high quality sales people. They work closely with their clients and aim to build long lasting partnerships on a consultancy basis. In addition to consultancy, they offer in house training and off the shelf solutions.

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