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UTAX Photocopiers Review 2018

UTAX Review

In 1961 Electronic-Buromaschinen-Vertriebs GmbH were founded in Hamburg Germany with a view to implementing office communication sales networks. By 1968 the brand name UTAX was born and by 1989 UTAX UK was founded as a subsidiary. In 1991 UTAX became an innovative manufacturer of digital goods but it wasn’t until 2001, with the introduction of the UTAX printer range, that UTAX became such a force in the printing world.

With consulting services related to the UTAX printer products, the reputation they have carved out over the last 50-plus years has lead to them becoming one of the most trusted suppliers in the business.

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Products and Features

One of the biggest selling points UTAX offer is their document consulting service, focusing on the places where a company can save money for both large and small businesses. Offering an overview of your entire system, UTAX also investigate the small-scale issues that you might not be aware of, making the entire process efficient and cost effective. Added to this the UTAX printer range is highly regarded and well designed, with many options to suit most business sectors.

UTAX Multifunction Colour Printers


utax 3505ci

At the lower end of the UTAX MFP range, the UTAX 3505CI is one of the most ubiquitous printers in Europe. With its large colour touch screen panel and high-speed functionality, this looks and feels like a top quality machine. Capable of A3 and A4 printing, the UTAX 3505CI is a terrific piece of equipment that can handle just about any job that you might need from a multifunction printer.

As you might expect from a UTAX printer, it does not come cheaply, setting you back few thousand pounds, but with such reliability and quality, buying a UTAX MFP is rarely a risk. Put simply, it is one of the highest regarded and reliable models on the market.


utax 6505ci

At the higher end of the UTAX MFP range is the UTAX 6505CI. This is truly one of the most feature rich and high quality machines on the market, with all the advantages described in the 3505CI model and then some. Each of the numbers in the CI range refers to the speed of the machine so the UTAX 5505CI, for example, can produce 55 pages a minute. With 65 pages per minute of high quality printing, the UTAX 6505CI is one of the fastest printers in the world.

As you might expect for such a high end product, prices are not cheap at around £9000, but for businesses that require high end results and top speeds, The UTAX 6505CI is hard to beat.

Laser Printers

UTAX P-4030D

utax 4030d

While UTAX MFP range prices run into the thousands, not all UTAX copiers are so pricey. Simple laser printers are often considered to be entry-level machines but, as with all UTAX printers, that is not to say they cannot be of high quality. The UTAX P-4030D is a perfect example of this with its ability to print 40 black and white pages a minute, this is more like a high-end piece of equipment.

While the UTAX P-4030D is expensive for a laser printer, its reliability, sturdy design and fast, high quality printing makes it a cost efficient purchase for anyone with high yield printing needs.


UTAX copiers start at the high end of printing quality and as such are not the biggest sellers on the market, but for those with a large printing output and high quality requirements, UTAX printers are one of the first places a potential buyer should research.

At the very highest end of their range, UTAX multifunction printers are amongst the highest quality models in the world. Although costly, the quality of the results speaks volumes and with processing and printing speeds at such high levels, they are also one of the few suppliers with equipment that can handle the most industrial operations in the sector. Prices for the UTAX P-4030D start from £299.

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