Used & Reconditioned Photocopier Prices 2019

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Used Photocopiers

If you are considering purchasing a photocopier for your business or workplace but find that your budget won’t quite stretch to the cost of a new model, then it’s well worth considering a reconditioned photocopier.

Reconditioned photocopiers may be ex-showroom or rental models or may have been purchased via the supplier from a company or business wanting to update their office equipment. Each model is carefully cleaned and thoroughly tested and, if need be, repaired to the highest of standards. Most refurbished photocopiers also come with a warranty giving you added peace of mind.

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Choosing A Photocopier

It’s important to make a list of everything you require from your refurbished photocopier before making any decisions. A good place to start is to ask yourself some key questionsabout usage and intentions. If the photocopier will be solely used for black and white copying and printing then the outlay will be fairly minimal, but as you start adding more features and functions, the costs will most definitely go up.

multifunctional photocopier model with fax and scan abilities as well as copy and print will significantly add to the bill and if you include a colour printing function to your requirements, then you can expect to add a further 30% onto the cost.

Refurbished Photocopier Costs

Purchasing a reconditioned or refurbished photocopier could well save you up to 75% when compared to the price of a new photocopier and many businesses are opting for refurbished models to help cut down on unnecessary costs.

A fairly basic monochrome photocopier with a printing capacity of between 15 to 30 pages per minute can be picked up for as little as £350 but it’s extremely doubtful that these models will have multi-functioning capabilities. If you are looking for something a little more high tech that enables scanning and faxing as well as copying and printing, then you are more than likely looking at a minimum cost of around £800 to £850.

A multifunctional, monochrome floor-standing photocopier with fax, scan, copy, print and duplex capabilities, automatic document feed, password protection, network printing and scanning functions and the capacity to print 45 A4 pages per minute and 22 A3 pages per minute will set you back around £2,500.

Second Hand Prices

Second hand multifunction printer prices can start from as little as £45 for a Canon inkjet printer/copierwhile business grade multifunction printers can cost as cheap as£400 from reputable printer dealers.

Second hand multifunction printer prices will vary between dealers depending on their condition and for high volume business printers, their meter reading.

One benefit of buying a good quality second hand multifunction printer is that many of their service issues will have been solved so the machine may have become easier and cheaper to maintain.

The best performing second hand printers often become popular used machines because printer dealers do not mind actively promoting second hand sales due to their reliability as they will probably be the company servicing the machine.

Renting A Photocopier

If your budget is still a little too tight to stretch to the cost of a refurbished model, then you could always consider renting a photocopier. There are many benefits to renting or leasinga photocopier and probably one of the most attractive benefits is that any repairs required will be carried out by the supplier and often most suppliers will throw in a few little extras such as ink cartridges as part of the contractual agreement.

For a floor-standing multifunctional, monochrome copier able to produce up to 25 pages per minute you can expect to pay around:

  • £20 per month on a 60 month leasing contract
  • £23 per month on a 48 month term
  • £30 per month on a 36 month contract

To buy a model like this as new, you can expect to pay £3,800.

For a floor-standing, multifunctional colour photocopier capable of producing between 40 and 50 pages per minute you will pay between:

  • £110 – £140 per month on a fixed 36 month term
  • £90 – £110 per month on a 48 month contract
  • £75 – £95 per month on a 60 month contract

To purchase a similar model as new, you can expect to pay between£16,000 and £18,000.

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