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Toshiba Photocopier Machines in UK

Toshiba is a Japanese corporation that manufactures a host of electronics and equipment for households, offices, information technology companies and industrial businesses. Toshiba have been manufacturing photocopiers for several decades and remained one of the top photocopier brands in the UK and around the world.

Known for their eStudio series of black and white and colour copiers, Toshiba has a wide range of stand alone and multifunctional copiers for all sizes of businesses and copy requirements.

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Small Businesses and Startups

Toshiba offers a number of models for small offices and startup businesses that require a limited number of features and do not require a high volume or speedy delivery of copies. Smaller models in the eStudio series are categorized into Workplace or Team systems, and offers a number of models with A3 and A4 printing capabilities. There are also a couple colour models in the small photocopier category, however Toshiba is not well known for high quality colour copying with these particular models.

Toshiba black and white photocopiers start from as little as £575 for the eStudio 166, which you can learn more about from one of our top UK Toshiba dealers. On the more expensive side of this range, the 28 ppm eStudio 283 will cost around £1735 to purchase, or around £35.58 a month to lease.

Mid-size Businesses

For medium sized businesses or very busy small offices, Toshiba offers a wider range of models within the eStudio range. Toshiba categorizes these models as Departmental systems, and models come in A3, A4 and colour versions. Most models come with network capabilities, an auto document feeder, double-sided printing and scanning.

Toshiba colour photocopiers are slower than black and white models, with the eStudio 4510c printing 45 ppm in black and white and 11 ppm in colour. This is mainly because Toshiba photocopiers all use laser technology for image generation.

Prices range from £1579 for the eStudio 2050C / CSE, a colour photocopier with network capabilities and print, scan and copy features, to £2399 for the eStudio 256 SE, which is a black and white photocopier with 25 ppm printing and 43 ipm scanning capabilities.

Large Businesses and Professional Printers

Toshiba also specializes in large volume photocopiers that allow for maximum efficiency in large and fast-paced businesses, as well as professional quality laser photo printing for professional printers. All High-volume photocopiers come with multiple paper trays, advanced colour matching technology and expert level instruments to create workflows and manage projects.

A high volume 75 ppm Toshiba photocopier such as the eStudio 755 will cost around £5995 from a reputable Toshiba dealers in the UK with a leasing option costing around £125 a month.

Toshiba colour photocopiers are available from around £2450 or a monthly rental of £50 for the 28 ppm eStudio 281c. The 45 ppm eStudio 4520c will cost around £4850 or £100 a month for a rental agreement.

Toshiba UK Dealers

The UK has a number of highly qualified authorized dealers that specialize in photocopiers, whether they are new or refurbished, and whether you would like to purchase or lease your model. Ensure that you only use an authorized dealer as this will guarantee the best level of technical support and attractive payment options.

Authorized Toshiba dealers in the UK will also have their own field and workshop engineers to carry out servicing and repair work, which will become increasingly important the older and more used your photocopier becomes.

Only Toshiba trained engineers will have full Toshiba support and manufacturer training and only authorized Toshiba dealerships will be able to send their engineers on technical training courses, a must for effective Toshiba copier servicing.

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