Toshiba Colour MFPs – 2020 Prices, Information & Reviews

By Dan Barraclough

Toshiba’s range of colour MFPs cover a wider array of demands than their business-focussed models. These photocopiers are aimed at the modern office and are equipped with high-volume printing capacities that can tackle any job. Faster print speeds, crisper finishes and market-leading security features enable you to work safely and efficiently in the most demanding of offices.

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Colour Multifunction Printer-Copiers

e-STUDIO6570C PRO Series


The Toshiba e-STUDIO6570C PRO Series meets the many demands of a modern office. The high-volume machine, which offers optimal image quality and lambent colours, is equipped with sophisticated security features to ensure the privacy of all your documents. Not only is there standard data encryption, but the MFP includes a Data Overwrite Enabler and Scan-to-Secure PDF. A large, intuitive colour touch panel lets users easily get to grips with the print, scan, copy and fax functions, while the paper capacity of 6,000 sheets means topping up the cartridge is a rare burden.

e-STUDIO6570C Series


The Toshiba e-STUDIO6570C Series delivers a consummate performance from first page to last. The high-speed multifunctional printer utilises enhanced security technology to safeguard confidential data, and is equipped with energy-saving features for economical operation. Manufactured to support large businesses, the highly productive model is characterised by crystal-clear graphics, a state-of-the-art A3 colour system and automated processing, archiving and storage. You can expect impressive speeds, too, of up to 65 pages per minute in colour and 75 pages per minute in monochrome. A wide range of paper formats – including banner paper – is also supported.

e-STUDIO5055CSE Series


Toshiba’s state-of-the-art e-STUDIO5055CSE Series printers deliver an efficient workplace performance while retaining a compact footprint. Whether printing, scanning, copying or faxing, you can always rely on smooth workflow integration and intuitive operation from first page to last. The model is characterised by low power consumption and terrific print quality, rendering all documents in crystal-clear clarity. Speed isn’t sacrificed either, since the machine can process up to 50 pages per minute. All features of the printer are accessible, meanwhile, from the 9” colour LCD touch panel.

e-STUDIO2550CSE Series


Designed to meet the highest environmental standards, the Toshiba e-STUDIO2550CSE Series is a fine addition to any modern office. With a scaled-down footprint, you might expect reliability to suffer, but that’s certainly not the case: the model is jam-packed with features to make your workday run like clockwork. The compact MFP includes a highly intuitive user interface, meaning you can become a master of the machine in next to no time. A hard disk drive bolstered by data security is also part of the package, while a range of one-touch templates help you process documents effectively.

e-STUDIO407CS Series


The strikingly tall e-STUDIO407CS Series printer from Toshiba is a true master of multitasking. Providing superb colour and monochrome image quality, the compact all-in-one is highly productive, processing up to 40 pages per minute. Thanks to Toshiba’s Secure HDD, the documents are also protected by an enhanced layer of digital security. Although it takes 60 seconds to warm up, when the machine kicks into gear it performs outstandingly. Fax is available via Super G3 at a rate of three seconds per page, while a range of colour settings are available for all copy jobs.



Toshiba’s highly capable e-STUDIO305CS all-in-one printer might well be the solution to your office’s document-processing demands. With a print speed of 30 pages per minute, the machine’s productivity levels are unquestionably high. What’s more, the sharp image quality in resultant documents grants your paperwork the necessary sparkle. Mobile printing from smart devices comes as standard, while cloud storage further promotes flexible working and office efficiency. Navigating your way through the features is easy, thanks to a large, colour LCD display, providing easy access to improved features and solutions.

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