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Sharp MX photocopiers

The functionality of the Sharp series of photocopiers enables organisations to produce the highest quality output and compete within the fast paced business industry. In addition to printing, these machines are able to copy, scan and fax documents, and distribute information through a network of connected computers to USB memory tools, network folders etc.

Sharp MX 1018U / MX 2010U / MX 2310U

The Sharp MX 1810U has a first copy ready rate of just 10.2 seconds, an 18ppm (pages per minute) print speed and a 50ppm scanning speed.The production of professionally finished documentation is provided through the use of Sharp's specially formulated toner and developer which delivers enhanced text and image quality across multimedia applications.

The MX-2010U prints A4 documents at a rate of 20 pages per minute both in black and white and colour, and 10 pages per minute for A3 size.

Its output tray has a maximum capacity of 500 sheets and an internal space saving finisher can be added at an additional cost to allow for collating and offset stacking.

For a small system, the MX-2310U boasts an impressive range of specifications including a warm up time of just 20 seconds and a first copy ready speed of just 7.4 seconds for black and white and 10 seconds for colour. The 23ppm printing speed speed and the automatic paper feed with electronic sorting provide optimum productivity for the most demanding print runs.

Sharp MX 3110U

Whether it's a large print run or a one-off copy, the MX-3111U produces 31 pages per minute in both black and white and full colour. What's more, enhanced print resolution technology accurately reproduces graphs, images and illustrations without those nagging copy lines and grainy textures. In addition, a wide 7″” touchscreen LCD display enables virtual proofing of documents prior to printing, thereby reducing potentially costly mistakes.

Sharp MX 2610N / MX 3110N / MX 3610N

The MX-2610N's output is slightly lower than other models at 26 pages per minute for black and white and full colour copies. However, with the capacity to produce professional in-house documents with superior image quality, the MX-2610N is a proven asset to any organisation.

The Sharp MX 3110N and Sharp 3610N offer the same benefits of superior printing quality in an eco-friendly package with a small footprint. Their printing speeds are 31ppm for the MX 3110N and 36ppm for the 3610N. The prices for all models can vary, but the MX 3110N will usually be the cheapest due to its lower printing speed.

Sharp MX 2314N / MX 2614N / MX 3114N

The Sharp MX-2614N is a powerful but compact multifunctional device designed for busy offices. The colour printer can process 26 sheets of A3 or A4 paper each minute. It can also produce black and white copies if required. The standard model can hold 600 sheets of paper and there is the option to increase this up to 3,100 sheets.

The Sharp MX-3114N is a multifunctional printer with copy, scan and faxing capabilities which allow businesses to operate at peak performance. In addition, up to 2000 pages can be filed on the 320GB hard disk and are protected using the latest security software.

Sharp MX 5110N

The MX-5110N comes equipped with a large 10.1” high resolution, tilting display screen offering ground breaking, real time image preview with flick and tap editing and slide menu. The fully customisable home screen will allow you to personalise the copier to suit. The print speed of the MX 5110N is the highest in the range at 51 ppm.

Sharp MX 6240N / MX 7040N

The MX 6240N provides an impressive raft of specifications including a warm up time of 55 seconds with the first copy out in just 5.6 seconds, a printing rate of 62ppm, maximum paper capacity of 8,500 sheets (3,100 sheets standard) and a 50 sheet document feed.

The Sharp MX-7040N is a multifunction printer that provides superior quality results at a fast speed of 70 ppm for both black and white and colour documents. In addition to this, it is able to scan, copy and fax information. The diversity in the range of scanning destinations, including straight to fax and network folders, means that work can be distributed in an efficient manner without unnecessary printing costs. The unique scan to USB memory function increases mobile connectivity and eliminates the need to be constantly connected to a computer.

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