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By Dan Barraclough

Samsung Review

A huge force in the electronics world, Samsung have influenced a huge range of products from TVs to mobile phone technology leading them to become one of the most famous brands on the planet in the 21st century.

The Samsung story began in 1938 in Taegu, South Korea, managing to survive both World War Two and the Korean War to become the multi-national force that it is today. In 1997 while other companies fell by the wayside during the Asian financial crisis, Samsung instead expanded and are now one of the most innovative companies in any sector that includes its impressive Samsung photocopier range.

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Products and Features

As you might expect for a company of the size of Samsung, their product range is both enormous and varied. From entry-level products, such as mono laser printers to the impressive range of Samsung MFP (multifunction printers) there truly is a model to suit just about every kind of operation. Samsung photocopier supplies are also provided, with replacement parts and supplies easily purchased through the company’s website.

Samsung Multifunction Printers

Samsung SCX

samsung clx multifunction photocopier printer review

The Samsung SCX 8128NX A3 printer is one the most popular, free-standing multifunction copiers on the market. As with most mono printers, the cost sits towards the lower end of the scale and should be an affordable option for most medium sized businesses. An inbuilt “Eco” option ensures that energy costs are kept low and helps to keep businesses environmentally friendly to boot. The user-focused operating system allows documents to be previewed prior to printing and can help reduce material costs as potential errors can be spotted prior to printing.

In the same series is the Samsung SCX 8123NA, which has a similar design but more features. Unless you have excessively high print runs or specific printing needs, then the 8128NX should suffice for most SMEs and prove better overall value for money too. You should be able to find 8128NX prices start at around £10,000 if you are looking to buy outright, but should prove cheaper if leased. Regardless of this, the 8128NX should prove to be a cost efficient model for any large office thanks to a resilient design and multifunction capabilities.

Samsung CLX

samsung CLX multifunction photocopier printer review

Samsung CLX printers differ from the Samsung SCX models because they are available in colour but offer many of the same features. There are quite a few options available but the most well regarded model is the Samsung CLX 6260FW with its affordable, versatile, 4 in 1 quick print features. While all models in the Samsung CLX range are impressive, none offer the same advantages in price efficiency that this model offers and only very specific requirements will call for the more complicated features of the more expensive models.Prices for the Samsung CLX 6260FW start from £350, which makes it ideal for a small office, or for a large office looking to invest in several new printers for individual rooms or desk clusters.

Mono Laser Printers

Samsung Xpress

samsung proxpress multifunction photocopier printer

You'll typically find mono printers towards the top of best and highest seller lists thanks to their affordability and simplicity – most businesses just do not need colour as much as they need a functional machine. One of the more popular mono models is Samsung's ProXpress M3320. Considered by many to be an entry level machine, the M3320 boasts a resilient design, as well as high speed and high quality printing.

The ProXpress range of machines does boast more advanced models, but if your business needs a dependable, no-frills printer then you should definitely consider the ProXpress MM3320. It is the perfect office machine for businesses on a budget and retails from just £200, which makes it extraordinarily hard to beat in terms of sheer performance and value for money.


Samsung photocopiers are among some of the most popular on the planet and with such a large range, offering various options, it should come as no surprise that they are also one of the first ports of call for many businesses. Affordability is often the main concern for any company looking to purchase a printer, whether that be a multifunction model or the simpler mono laser printers so with this many options, Samsung photocopiers are certainly worthy of research.

It should not be assumed that Samsung are only manufacturers of entry level printers however, with several high end products also available, Samsung are well known to be at the cutting edge of the industry and offer many products that are examples of this.

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With so many products available from Samsung alone, it can be confusing knowing where to start. Many manufacturers offer unique printing solutions at varying degrees of quality, so being able to sift through the options that are not right for your needs, scope and budget can be very difficult.

By filling in our simple web form, it usually takes no longer than a minute, you can save yourself a lot of time, frustration and sales speak and compare the right products from reputable manufacturers.

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