Ricoh Photocopiers Review 2020

By Dan Barraclough | Updated: 19 October 2018

The Ricoh range of photocopiers includes digital, connected, colour and black/white multifunctional devices, all built to the highest of standards.

The benefits of choosing Ricoh

Environmentally and Ethically Proactive

Ricoh have an impressive approach to sustainability and have, for eight years running, been named as one of the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World. They have also been named one of the Most Ethical Companies in the World for three consecutive years by the Ethisphere Institute. Ricoh are naturally very proud of both accolades.

Customer Service and Security

Ricoh UK Ltd customer services are outstanding. They are based within the UK, so your issues will always be understood completely and dealt with as a priority. Customer security is also high on this company's list of priorities, and they will take the utmost care safeguarding information, running security checks and putting systems into place to ensure data is protected at all times.

Purchase or lease?

Before you make a decision about what kind of photocopier you may require, it is important to decide what functions, speed, paper size and other features you may require for your business. Typically businesses opt to either purchase their photocopier, or to lease a model for a number of years.

Purchase prices for new Ricoh photocopiers range from only a few hundred pounds for their most basic models, to several thousand for larger multifunctional models. Although this may seem a large investment to pay for up front, some benefits include a tax deduction for the year purchased, full ownership after the final payment is made, and the ability to sell it onwards if you are no longer happy with the model.

You should also check what deals an accredited Ricoh supplier may have at the time, and assess how your business will benefit from the investment.

Many businesses prefer leasing their photocopier for a number of reasons. Some of the benefits include outstanding customer service and maintenance contracts, the possibility of ongoing free supplies, upgrades as necessary and a replacement machine should yours unexpectedly fail, which can all too often be crucial when it comes to meeting deadlines.

Leasing can certainly alleviate the stress of investing in such a large piece of office equipment, and you won't need to lay out a large sum of money up front.

Features and functions

Once you have decided whether to purchase or lease a photocopier, consider exactly what your requirements are and what you really don't need. Models vary a great deal in size, copy output and features. Is high colour resolution really necessary for the type of printing you will be doing, or is a black and white model adequate? Consider what other functions, like scanning, faxing, connectivity, binding, etc. you may require before you talk to a supplier.

You should also decide how many copies you require printed per minute, and per month. These considerations, and more, could make a massive difference to cost.

What type of copies do you need?

Small Ricoh photocopiers

For the small office or home business, the flexibility of a desktop photocopier with only the necessary features means that you can do a majority of your copying in house, while saving on costly add-ons that you may not yet need.

Most small Ricoh photocopiers will print up to 20 pages per min (ppm), and are usually equipped with scanning and printing. You will also notice that Ricoh offers duplex (double-sided) copying on many smaller models, making them highly environmentally-friendly.

Mid-size Ricoh photocopiers

For the larger, faster paced office environment, you may require more speed and efficiency, but not all the bells and whistles of a professional printer. These mid-size models are all equipped for time-management, copying and warm-up speed, as well as efficiency of paper.

Most models are also customisable with features like scanning, faxing, hole punching, stapling, and others. Check with your accredited Ricoh supplier for more information.

Large Ricoh photocopiers

Large volume photocopiers are meant for very busy offices, but they can also diminish the need for several mid-size models within a large office. They are equipped with the latest technology, and have many functions beyond standard models in the Aficio range, such as touch screen displays, multiple paper trays and very impressive copying speeds.

They also offer connectivity and added encryption security so that your documents stay secure at all times.

Finding the best Ricoh photocopiers and dealers in the UK

Finding the top Ricoh dealers in the UK requires that you make sure you only compare prices between authorized Ricoh dealers as opposed to unauthorized ones.

Authorized dealers will have been officially trained by Ricoh to properly assess your needs and match your needs with the appropriate photocopier taking your budget into consideration. Unauthorized suppliers can be tempted to sell you the most expensive photocopier as possible.

Ricoh photocopier dealers could loose their dealership status if they practice unethical marketing where as unauthorized suppliers don't have a dealership to loose.

Dealers have access to preferential purchasing discounts according to their performance and reputations so they will not want to risk these benefits for a quick buck.

Unauthorized suppliers are more likely to sell you what they want you to buy rather than what you need.

Next steps

Expert Market can supply you with up to 4 free quotes from leading UK photocopier suppliers. By entering your business needs and details into the form at the top of the article, we'll be able to contact you to find out exactly what you need to maximise your results. We'll take everything you've told us, analyse it and then use it to find the suppliers best able to meet your needs.

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