Photocopiers for charities: 2020 guide

By Dan Barraclough

So, you’re a charity. A charity that needs to make copies. Let’s help you with that!

If you’re looking for photocopiers for charities, you’re in the right place. Whatever your cause, you need an efficient and reliable machine that won’t break the bank. We’ve rounded up some of the top candidates for the job.

But before we start looking at models, it’s worth asking yourself whether you actually need to buy a photocopier outright, or if you’d be better off renting one for a few weeks or months. We’ll take a look at all three options, but if you already know what you need, fill in this short form to get tailored quotes.

Short-term photocopier hire deals

When you hire a photocopier in the short term you pay per copy, rather than a fixed rental and maintenance charge. You’ll also have to pay a deposit which will typically be around three months of expected copy charges.

You should think about hiring a photocopier in the short term if:

  • You already have a basic copier, but have a big event or donations drive coming up
  • You want to test out a model before committing to it
  • You’re not sure how much photocopying you will do, and want to work this out before buying

Hiring is a really easy short-term solution for charities, but paying by copy won’t prove cost-effective in the long run. For longer-term solutions, charities should think about renting or buying a photocopier.

What type of copies do you need?

Long-term photocopier rental deals

If you rent a photocopier for a longer period of time (normally upwards of six months), you’ll pay a fixed monthly rental price instead of a per-copy rate. This will normally include materials like toner and paper, as well as any maintenance costs. It’s always worth double-checking this is the case.

You should think about renting a photocopier on a longer term basis if:

  • You anticipate your copying needs changing in the coming months. When you rent a copier, it’s easy to upgrade or downgrade the model you’re using.
  • You need a copier for a temporary site or office
  • You don’t have the available budget to purchase a machine outright

Renting a photocopier is a hassle-free option for charities. If it breaks, the supplier will arrange for it to be fixed or replaced. That way you don’t have to worry about unexpected maintenance charges. It can be a cost-effective option in the long term.

Cheap photocopiers to buy

Are your copying needs fairly consistent? Do you have available budget? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ and ‘yes’ again, purchasing a printer outright will make the most sense for your charity.

Price is always going to be a concern for any not-for-profit, but it’s important to think carefully about which model is going to offer you the best value. If you do a lot of photocopying, there’s no point buying a £100 machine that will be slow and eventually buckle under the pressure.

With this in mind, here’s our top pick of the best value photocopiers for charities that require low, medium and high volumes of photocopying:

Best value low-volume photocopier for charities

The Canon i-SENSYS MF3010 offers excellent value to charities. It’s energy efficient, and very compact. It’s a no-frills machine that will cope well with low volumes of photocopying.

Price: around £140

Best value mid-volume photocopier for charities

The Dell Colour Cloud MFP H825cdw printer/copier is cloud compatible, fast and efficient. It can print in colour as well black and white, and has a large touch screen that makes it really user-friendly. This machine will work well with a regular workload.

Price: around £300

Best value high-volume photocopier for charities

The Xerox Workcentre 7855 photocopier offers great value for charities needing to copy much larger volumes of documents (think: flyers, donation drives, newsletters). It’s not the fastest machine on the market, but it’s pretty quick and a lot cheaper than it’s higher-volume counterparts.

Price: around £840

How charities can save money on their photocopier costs

UK charities can enjoy great rates for photocopier rentals, both in the short and longer term.

Your first port of call should be to make sure you’re signed up to National Council of Voluntary Organisations. That way your charity can begin to take advantage of great pre-negotiated deals and discounts.

The saying ‘you don’t ask you don’t get’ really applies here. Depending on the supplier, you could get a discount of up to 70% on rental costs. Even if they can’t reduce the cost, suppliers may offer charities favourable terms, such as shorter contracts or cancelation periods and less frequent payments.

Next steps: how to get your photocopier

If you’re ready to get your photocopier, simply fill in this short form with a few details about your charity to request your quotes. You can get quotes for buying, renting/leasing, or both if you haven’t decided yet. It’s quick, easy, and could save your charity a whole lot of time and money.

Dan Barraclough

Dan’s a writer for Expert Market, specialising in a range of cool topics. He loves web design and all things UX, but also the hardware stuff like postage metres and photocopiers.

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