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Photocopiers for Charities - 2018 Guide

Choosing a Photocopier for your Charity

This article will explain the benefits of having a photocopier within your charity organization, and what deals are available to charities from authorized photocopier dealers.

Benefits of Photocopiers for Charities

Charities and non-profit organizations tend to have one thing in common, which is that they are tied to financial constraints, so budgeting for office equipment can at times be difficult.

However there are many benefits, both financial and otherwise, to owning or leasing a photocopier machine.

Having an in-house printing and photocopying machine can increase efficiency around the office and lower administrative costs. Charities like Community Housing Associations and those dealing with the homeless, need access to a photocopier for outreach programs and marketing materials.

An onsite photocopier can help to cut printing costs if your charity has a service agreement that charges a minimal rate per copy. This allows them to print off the exact number of items required for a much cheaper rate than an outsourced printing company would charge. Similarly, by leasing a copier, charities can save on maintenance and toner costs too.

Additionally, charities can further benefit from the exclusive rates and agreements offered by authorized suppliers specifically to non-profits, which can help you keep costs down and productivity up.

By joining up with the National Council of Voluntary Organisations, your charity can begin to take advantage of photocopier discounts and preferred arrangements that have already negotiated to help non-profits get the best deal possible.

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Photocopier Rental Deals

Many UK photocopier suppliers offer a variety of rental benefits to charities, including servicing contracts at greatly reduced rates and agreements that are tailor made to fit your needs. Many will also arrange to invoice the lease of a photocopier on an annual basis, making it easier for your charity to budget the payment. Depending on the supplier, charities can get up to a 70% discount on photocopier rentals.

Deals include shorter rental periods if your charity only needs to make copies during certain times of the year, or if you are only funded for a short-term project. Suppliers offer charities the option for six month contracts instead of the standard yearly ones if that suits their needs better.

Some companies offer the ability to cancel your agreement by providing them with 90 days’ notice. Dealing directly with suppliers also means that there is no finance company involved and your charity can negotiate better terms for financing or renting a photocopier.

Short-Term Hire Deals

You can hire a photocopier machine for certain times, where you pay no rental charge, no charge for toner or parts and service, and where you are charged only by the number of copies made. However you should ensure that the supplier does not charge too high a copy charge as some will use this to help recoup costs.

Suppliers that offer these deals usually require a deposit covering three months of expected copy charges in advance. This type of agreement will often allow you to exchange your photocopier for an alternative model without penalty if the needs of your charity change.

Photocopier hire deals give you the opportunity to ensure that you have the right photocopier for your needs, while being completely tax efficient and helping to improve your charity's cash flow.

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