Top 6 Photocopier Companies 2019

By Lucy Crossfield | Editor

A photocopier is an essential piece of kit for any business, but trying to choose the right one can feel overwhelming to say the least. After all, they can be pricey, and cause havoc if they go wrong later down the line.

When finding the right photocopier supplier for your business, you want confirmation of the following:

  1. The supplier has a reputation for producing models that last
  2. It’ll be easy to get an engineer out if something goes wrong
  3. Their models are good value, as are the printer cartridges that go with them

The six UK photocopier suppliers on this list tick all these boxes. Read on to find out which one might suit you best, or pop a few details about your business in here to be matched with the best supplier for your industry and area.

Best Photocopier Suppliers in the UK

The best photocopier suppliers in the UK are: Brother, Canon, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Sharp and Xerox.

BrotherBest for low pricesRead Review
CanonBest for print qualityRead Review
Konica MinoltaBest for growing businessesRead Review
RicohBest for large corporationsRead Review
SharpBest for small businessesRead Review
XeroxBest for all in one printer/copiersRead Review

What type of copies do you need?

1. Brother

Best for low prices

Brother is a century-old brand that originally became known around the world for manufacturing sewing machines and dot matrix printers. It specialises in smaller models made for personal use or small businesses, which are among the most economically priced – and most versatile.

  • Very affordable, economical machines
  • Great range of options, especially for small businesses

2. Canon

Best for high quality images

Canon is a household name that’s often most associated with quality cameras. Few know that it’s actually the UK’s largest photocopier supplier, and photocopiers are in fact its biggest product.

Canon offers both monochrome and colour photocopying units, which come in a range of sizes to suit either home or office use. All photocopier models carry its trademark attention to detail, and offer some of the highest resolutions around – perfect for designers or other creative businesses that need to make lots of colour copies.

  • Very high resolution in both monochrome and colour
  • Perfect for businesses requiring great resolution

3. Konica Minolta

Best for growing businesses

Konica Minolta is very well regarded in the UK. All its photocopiers run on an open platform called Bizhub, which means that users don’t have to learn an entirely new technology when they upgrade or change their photocopier.

  • Bizhub software makes it easy to switch between machines without having to learn a whole new technology from scratch
  • Easy to call out an engineer – the phone number and reference number of your model are printed on the side of each machine

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4. Ricoh

Best for larger corporations

Ricoh is all about tailored solutions, and about offering more than just photocopiers. Explore your options by business size or industry to find the right option for you – or even better, speak to one of its advisors, who can set you up with the best plan.

  • Huge range of available products, from all-in-one office printers to high capacity production printers and 3D printers
  • Easy to request an engineer via an online form

5. Sharp

Best for small businesses

Sharp began making photocopiers in 1972, and it’s fair to say it’s nailed it. It offers a range of photocopiers that can handle differing volumes, speeds and colour copying options. Depending on the size of your business, it offers models best suited for personal use, SMEs, and even large corporate environments.

  • Wide selection of low volume options for small businesses
  • Can also cater for larger companies

6. Xerox

Best for all in one printer/copiers

Xerox is an American company that specialises in copying solutions, and at one point became synonymous with making copies, or ‘xeroxing’. Their photocopiers are well regarded worldwide, and are sold across the UK to all sizes of businesses.

Since Xerox is a research focused company, it specialises in the latest colour technology, and provides the widest range of colour photocopiers to suit your business needs.

  • Internationally recognisable household name, with the product selection to support its reputation
  • Good range of all in one options

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Expert Verdict

All the suppliers reviewed on this page are household names that have near perfected manufacturing photocopiers. It’s likely they’ll all have a machine that would easily cover the needs of your business, but finding the exact best fit is hard to do from reviews alone.

If you’re looking for one or several photocopiers or printer/copiers for your office, fill in this short webform with your location and requirements. We’ll do the leg work and match you with the most suitable options in your area, leaving you to sit back and choose your favourite.


1. How much do photocopiers cost?

If you’d rather buy a photocopier, you’re looking at £100 for the most basic model and upwards of £20,000 for an industrial photocopier. Check out our article on how much a photocopier costs for more info, or pop a few details about your business in here to get custom quotes.

2. Can I lease a photocopier?

You can indeed! In fact, this is an option many businesses choose to go for. Monthly payments start at around the £25 mark. Read our photocopier rental guide for a full cost breakdown.

3. What do I need to consider before buying or renting a photocopier?

Before making the decision to buy a photocopier, there are some things you should consider.

The first is how many copies the machine may produce per unit of toner. This information will be available on most models, and of course, the higher the value, the better. Aside from the amount of toner available, copiers will have a maximum volume of copies that they can handle per minute, hour or day.

There are some features that will only be offered by certain models, such as the ability to print double-sided or bind copies together. If you require these functions, then you should keep this in mind before you ask for quotes.

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